(Updated: February 21st 2017)                                                TheÉ(eh)PC was created on August 5th 2001.                 map     français
theÉ(eh)PCfor social+economicjustice

theÉgalité(eh-gah'-lee-teh)logoParty of Canada
fordemocracy+prosperity(based on productivity)

anti-fascist 1. family - 1st!
anti-povertyy 2. women - 1st!
anti-corruptionn 3. business - 1st!
pro-woman 4. First Peoples - 1st!
pro-student 5. public interest - 1st!
pro small business
























raised middle finger
    sky blue     POWER! 2thePEOPLE     encircled equal sign

eh-revolution     mutual responsibility     blueberries     the polar bear     the goldfinch

the good life


_    the 5 equalities

 _    1.1 French Language Protection
_     1.2 
Public Interest - 1st!arrow
_ __      1. USA News
 ___      2. ZERO Gov't User and License 
 __        3. No Dual
ZERO Refugee, Immigrant Fees
          1. Canadian Citizenship 
 __            1. for University Graduates
 __            2. The Work Visa

 __        5. Fair Minority Representation
 __            1. Fair Ethnic Media Coverage

_ _        6. FREE Public Transportation
 _    1.3.1 Nationalization and Regionalization of ...
_          __1. 
Colleges and Universities
_          __2. Health Care Services
_          __    1. Mental Health
2. Regional Amalgamation
__           of Courts and School Boards

            1.4 INVESTING in thePEOPLE:
                    Guaranteed Income for ...
                    1. Athletes, Artists, Performing Artists
                    2. Poor Farm Families
                    3. The Handicapped
                    4. Mothers
                    Automatic Guaranteed Income (After
                    Automatic Employment Insurance) for
                    5. The Jobless
                    It will be adjusted for those living
                    in remote areas and in the North.
          1.5 Women - 1st!
                    Daycares Nationalized+FREE
 _    1.6  The New Law
 _    1.7 1. Unions 
                       1. The Office of the Unions (OU)
                  2. 4-day Week, 7.5-hour Work Day
                  3. Coffee Breaks
 _    1.8 Serving the Poor
1.9 $1,200 monthly for full-time  
                  college and university students;
                  *another* $1,200 for 12 months
                  living away from home - in Canada

_2. Family - 1st! 
       1. Legal Prostitution
       2. All Drugs Legal
       3. "infra dignitatem"
       4. The Handicapped
       5. Stay-at-home Moms
       6. Same Sex Marriage
       7. Common Law Same Sex Marriage
       8. A  Gun-FREE Canada
       9. 2% Rent Control
           1. 20% 
Rent Reduction;
               5-year Freeze

           2. Low-income Villages
      10. New Taxation
      11. Museums, Art Galleries, Parks .... : 
      12. Youth (19 years or younger) will NOT go to jail
FREE After-school Programs
             2. 16
ZERO School Suspensions, Expulsions
             4. Ashley Smith's 
Parliamentary Statue
3. Business - 1st!
1. Maximum Interest on a Loan
  4. Louis Riel Métis Day
  5. Kenneth.Selin+Ashley.Smith+Oscar Romero
  6. A North-American Party
Spanish: Canada's 3rd language
  8. First Peoples - 1st!
  9. Our Military 
10. No Sales Tax in Poor Regions 
11. No Freemasons in Gov't

12. Financial Mismanagement of Public Funds
13. Canadian Companies 
___Doing Economic Violence
14. A 10-year 10% Punitive Tax
      on Religious and Media Revenue

15. One National Police Force
16. The Canadian Information Agency
17. The Republic
18. The green Plan

19. The Environmental
.        Health Agency of Canada

theÉ(eh)PC promisedemocracy
clean Gov't
due to good design
NO lies
NO secrets
NO lobbyists
NO patronage
NO public relations (PR) firms

- debt-free
- donations
- statements
- helping women abroad
- anonymous financial support

the eh-list (the official membership list)

the oath
to join ... 1, 2, 3

membership card

eh-recruiter job
eh-recruiter list

election of ...
independent candidates
municipal or provincial leadersdemocracy


5 Taxpayer TRUTHS
1. The taxpayer is KING!

The taxpayer canNOT 
afford to have ...

2. people sick, in jail, living in poverty
     because it results in a tremendous
     lost of productivity. 
(Social violence is rooted in poverty
      the product of
social and economic
3. a "law and order" society where the
Gov't spending priority (25% of its 
    budget) is ....
     i. the Police
     ii. the judiciary
     iii. the prisons 
          (a) 55,000+ inmates ...
                - 25% teenagers
                - 20%
- nearly all native
          (b) 200+ jails
- cost per inmate
                   per year
: $200,000arrow
    THE CAUSE of unnecessary Gov't spending

2 Reasons for Poverty ...

#1. Social assistance is inadequate 
      (That's the fault of GOV'T 

#2. People are NOT earning a minimum 
      hourly living wage
      the fault of Gov't NOT in-
      creasing the minimum 
      hourly wage.)

          Note: in Toronto 150,000 children 
                           live in poverty.
                           Whose fault is that?

          Note: a person on social assistance 
                           in Ontario gets $600 a month, 
                           a family of four (4), $1,200

          Note: there has been NO construction 
                           of public housing for decades.

          Note: NO maintenance is done on public 
                           housing which is infested with
                           bugs and rats.

The É(eh)PC income security measures 
get rid of poverty

For 100% *financial* transparent

Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) magna cum laude
President/Party Leader

- theÉ(eh)PC slogan
lifetime membership
(for those 16 years of age -
  or older - living in Canada): $2

become an eh-recruiter
for *your* share of the pie
http://eh-ok.ca arrow













































                 encircled equal signarrow
                 The É(eh)PC is represented by a sky blue equal sign 
                 within a sky blue circle:

                 Let's "DEcriminalize" Government at all levels: municipally, provincially, and federally.. 

                 It means everyone is of "equal" value in the eyes 
                 of the É(eh)PC.





































                 sky bluearrow
                 The colour of the É(eh)PC is sky blue. 

                 It represents the idealism of the É(eh)PC 
                 of having a war-free, poverty-free, pros-
                 perous world where everyone can lead
                 a productive life.

















                 raised middle fingerarrow
                 The É(eh)PC sign, the raised middle 
                 finger in a clenched fist, means DOWN
                 WITH FASCISM UP WITH the good life.



















                 POWER! 2thePEOPLE arrow
                 The É(eh)PC slogan is POWER! 2thePEOPLE
                 because Canadians will be able to monitor Gov't
                 spending online: this creates A 100% FINAN-
                 GOV'T "BY DESIGN".

                 The É(eh)PC believes in le droit de re-
                 gard du Public, the right of thePEO-
                 PLE to check for themselves how well the 
                 Gov't is serving them. 




























































                 The É(eh)PC calls THE TRANSFERING 
                 OF THE POWER from the State to the
                 PEOPLE the eh-revolution. 

                 It's  a paradigm shift  whereby Canada 
                 goes from a BLOATED, CROOKED,
                 secretive, "behind closed doors",
                 FASCIST, Police state, "law and or-
                 der" Gov't whose spending priority 
                 is the Police, judicial system, and 
                 prisons (like in all Commonwealth 
                 countries run by the Freemasons)
                 to a 100% FINANCIALLY TRANS-
                 PARENT DEMOCRATIC Gov't 
                 that's 50% SMALLER and MORE 
                 EFFICIENT, monitored by the



























                 mutual responsibilityarrow
                 We have (as moral human beings) 
                 "a mutual responsibility" to look 
                 after each other: this can be done 
                 through the United Nations.

                 The É(eh)PC wants 75% of military 
                 budgets allocated to the United 
                 Nations for wealth redistribution
                 and all countries contributing to 
                 develop the strongest military 
                 force run by the UN. 

                 We can end war and poverty
                 with the UN. It's there for that.

                 Note: through good economic
                                   planning and develop-
                                   ment, the world popu-
                                   lation can live well in

                 Note: China's economic miracle
                                   is proof we can get rid of
                                   global poverty.

                 Note: China, today, is an impor-
                                   tant source of global















                 The plant of the É(eh)PC is blueberry because ...
                 1. its colour is sky blue
                 2. it represents A HEALTHY LIFE STYLE.

                 The É(eh)PC is all about PROSPERITY
                 thanks to JOB-CREATION, HEALTH, and EDUCAION.

                 By the way,
                 the President/Party Leader of the É(eh)PC spent his first 
                 14 years at Nassau Lake, (35 miles to the west of Hearst 
                 in Northern Ontario) : around Nassau Lake (which is in 
                 Canada's clay belt), is THE BEST PLACE to gather blue-
                 berries at the beginning of August. 






















                 polar bear
                 the polar beararrow
                 The animal of the É(eh)PC is the polar bear.  

                 It represents WE, THE NORTH 
                 of North America, BIG, STRONG, and FREE!