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theÉgalité(eh-gah'-lee-teh)logoParty of Canada
theÉ(eh)PCfordemocracy+prosperity(based on productivity)

- anti-fascist 1. family - 1st!
- anti-poverty 2. women - 1st!
- anti-corruption 3. business - 1st!
- pro-woman 4. First Peoples - 1st!
- pro-student 5. public interest - 1st!
- pro small business
























raised middle finger
    sky blue     POWER! 2thePEOPLE     encircled equal sign

eh-revolution     mutual responsibility     blueberries     the polar bear

prosperity*your*share of the pie

the good life

   $5,000 tax-free reward (See: 12.)




 _    1.1 French Language Protection
_     1.2 Public Interest - 1st!
_ __      1. USA media news - set apart
 ___      2. ZERO Gov't User and License 
 __        3. No Dual
ZERO Refugee, Immigrant Fees
          1. Canadian Citizenship 
                     for university graduates

 __        5. Fair Minority Representation
_ _        6. FREE Public Transportation
 _    1.3.1 Nationalization, Regionalization of
_          __1. 
FREE Colleges+Universities
_          __2. Health Care Services
_          __    1. Mental Health
2. Regional Amalgamation 
__           of Courts and School Boards

 _    1.4 Guaranteed Income for ...
_       __1. Athletes, Artists, Performing Artists
_       __2. Poor Farm Families
 _    1.5 Women - 1st! FREE Daycare
 _    1.6 The New Law
 _    1.7 1. Unions for Fair Wages Reasonable Profits
                       1. The Office of the Unions (OU)
                  2. 4-day work week: 20% MORE JOBS
                  3. Work Breaks
 _    1.8 Serving the Poor
1.9 $1,200 monthly for full-time  
                  college and university students,
                  *another* $1,200 for 12 conse-
                  cutive months living far from
                  home - in Canada

_2. Family - 1st! 
       1. Legal Prostitution
       2. All Drugs Legal
       3. "infra dignitatem"
       4. The Handicap
       5. Stay-at-home Moms
       6. Same Sex Marriage
       7. Common Law Same Sex Marriage
       8. A  Gun-FREE Canada
       9. 2% Rent Control
           1. 20% 
Rent Reduction;
               then, 5-year Freeze

           2. Low-income Villages
      10. The New Taxation System
      11. Museums, Art Galleries, Parks ...
      12. Youth (19 years or younger): will not go to jail
FREE After-school Programs       
             2. 16
             3. ZERO School Suspensions, Expulsions
             4. Ashley Smith's 
Parliamentary Statue
3. Business - 1st!
1. Maximum Interest on a Loan
  4. Louis Riel Métis Day
  5. Selin+Ashley.Smith+Oscar Romero
  6. A North-American Party
Spanish: our 3rd language
  8. First Peoples - 1st!
  9. Our Military 
10. No Sales Tax in Poor Regions 
11. No Freemasons in Gov't

12. Financial Mismanagement of Public Funds
13. Canadian Companies 
___Oppressing the Poor Abroad
14. A 10-year 10% Punitive Tax
      on Religious and Media Revenue

15. An Educated National Police Force
16. The Canadian Information Agency (CIA)
17. The Republic
18. The green Plan

The É(eh)PC

thanks to good design
NO lies 
NO secrets
NO patronage

modus operandi
anonymous financial support
helping women outside of Canada

the eh-list: the official membership list

to join ...
the oath
membership card with $100 donation

 the job
 the list 

election of ...
independent candidates 
municipal/provincial leader


of TODAY'S Politics

1. The taxpayer is KING!

The taxpayer canNOT afford to have people sick, in jail, living 
    in poverty:  it's on the one hand, too costly, and on the other 
    hand, a tremendous lost productivity: we have to recognize
social violence is rooted in poverty 
which is rooted in
   social and economic injustice
The taxpayer canNOT afford a "law and order" society where
the priority regarding Gov't spending (25% of its budget) is 
    the Police, the judiciary, and the prisons (55,000+ inmates - 
    25% teenagers; 20% women
- mainly native); 200+ jails; it 
    costs $200,000 per person per year
The priority with the É(eh)PC prosperity-based Gov't will 
      be jobs by pro
moting the creation of small businesses; 
      its emphasis will
be productivity; its goal: to help Cana-
become rich.]
4. The taxpayer canNOT afford to have a Government that acts
__in secret, behind closed doors
The taxpayer canNOT afford blind taxation (overtaxation
    and unnecessry Gov't spending that's related with all that).

For democratic gov't
thanks to 100% transparency

support the Égalité (eh-gah'-lee-teh) Party of Canada.

Important question: does anybody look for crime in the 

Of course NOT! How absurd!

With the É(eh)PC, unnecessary Gov't spending will be 
considered a criminal offense resulting in lost of job, 
benefits, and 2 years in jail.

The É(eh)PC will redesign gov't so that it's 50% smaller 
that allows Canadians to monitor "in real time" - online - 
"the details" of Gov't spending: this will give Canadians
gov't thanks to good design
. (See: Canadian Infor-
mation Agency
, CIA)

Essentially, the É(eh)PC gives thePEOPLE the power 
to verify Gov't spending: for this reason, its slogan is

With this redesign of gov't that the É(eh)PC calls the 
taxes will go DOWN! Services, UP!

Here are some facts to make a point.

Under Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Right and
Freedoms the Gov't of Canada promises to look after
the security of *ALL* Canadians and under Section 12
to keep them from "cruel and unusual punishment".
(See Canadian Charter of Right and Freedomsdetails.)

When an adult requires $18,000 annually to live in
Canada and the Gov't only gives 1/3 of  that to live,
admittedly, the Gov't is NOT looking after his/her
security and it's certainly cruel and unusual punish-
ment.  In fact, it's proof that the Gov't has a "ge-
nocidal" policy towards the poor

A country so rich as Canada that gives so little to
the Poor is guilty of criminal negligence.

With the É(eh)PC ...
- free daycare
-  free college/university
-  free public transportation
- libraries open 24 hours a day
- the 1st $20,000 will be tax-free
- there will be no tax form to fill out
- the jobless will get $1200 a month tax-free
$1500 as soon as the Gov't can)
- social assistance levels will be doubled
- money earned by those on social assistance
   working part-time or at a temporary job will
   NOT affect the money they get from the Gov't

- Canada's Freemasonic "shadow Gov't" will
   be gone: no Freemason will be allowed to
   work for the Gov't
(See: No Freemasons)
   [Historically speaking and even today, the
    Freemasons control *ALL* aspects of the
    Gov't including the judiciary like in all other
    Commonwealth countries making Canada
    a - de facto - CROOKED (abusive) FASCIST
    POLICE STATE that serves them, the Police,
    the judiciary (many of whom are Freemasons),
    and the Rich.] 
the Gov't will put a stop to illegally financing
Gov't operatives, the anti-poverty movement,
   phony political parties, institutes, and organ-
that cost the taxpayer BILLIONS
BILLIONS of dollars

there will be just one Police force (See: the
   Canadian Police Force, CPF)
there will be no unnecessary, unjustifiable,
   costly surveillance (Mindless surveillance
   is like fising in a pond where there's no fish:
   it's so stupid!)

With the É(eh)PC, Canadians will be prosperous,
productive, and happy because they'll have
income security.


Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
Party Leader
B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish),
B.Admin., B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) 
magna cum laude
Democratic Gov't
- by thePEOPLE
- for thePEOPLE













































                 encircled equal signarrow
                 The É(eh)PC is represented by a sky blue equal sign 
                 within a sky blue circle:

                 Let's "DEcriminalize" Government at all levels: municipally, provincially, and federally.. 

                 It means everyone is of "equal" value in the eyes 
                 of the É(eh)PC.





































                 sky bluearrow
                 The colour of the É(eh)PC is sky blue. 

                 It represents the idealism of the É(eh)PC 
                 of having a war-free, poverty-free, pros-
                 perous world where everyone can lead
                 a productive life.

















                 raised middle fingerarrow
                 The É(eh)PC sign, the raised middle 
                 finger in a clenched fist, means DOWN
                 WITH FASCISM UP WITH the good life.



















                 POWER! 2thePEOPLE arrow
                 The É(eh)PC slogan is POWER! 2thePEOPLE
                 because Canadians will be able to monitor Gov't
                 spending online: this creates A 100% FINAN-
                 "BY DESIGN".

                 The É(eh)PC believes in "le droit de re-
                 gard du Public", the right of thePEOPLE 
                 to check for themselves how well the Gov't is
                 serving them. 




























































                 The É(eh)PC calls THE TRANSFERING 
                 OF THE POWER from the State to the
                 PEOPLE the eh-revolution. 

                 It's  a paradigm shift  whereby Canada 
                 goes from a BLOATED, CROOKED,
                 secretive, "behind closed doors",
                 FASCIST, Police state, "law and or-
                 der" Gov't whose spending priority 
                 is the Police, judicial system, and 
                 prisons (like in all Commonwealth 
                 countries run by the Freemasons)
                 to a 100% FINANCIALLY TRANS-
                 PARENT DEMOCRATIC Gov't 
                 that's 50% SMALLER and MORE 
                 EFFICIENT, monitored by thePEOPLE.



























                 mutual responsibilityarrow
                 We have (as moral human beings) 
                 "a mutual responsibility" to look 
                 after each other: this can be done 
                 through the United Nations.

                 The É(eh)PC wants 50% of military 
                 budgets allocated to the United 
                 Nations for wealth redistribution
                 and all countries contributing to 
                 develop the strongest military 
                 force run by the UN.















                 The plant of the É(eh)PC is blueberry because ...
                 1. its colour is sky blue
                 2. it represents A HEALTHY LIFE STYLE.

                 The É(eh)PC is all about PROSPERITY
                 thanks to JOB-CREATION, HEALTH, and EDUCAION.

                 By the way,
                 the President/Party Leader of the É(eh)PC spent his first 14 years at Nassau Lake,
                 (35 miles to the west of Hearst in Northern Ontario) : around Nassau Lake (which
                 is in Canada's clay belt), is THE BEST PLACE to gather bleuberries at the begin-
                 ning of August. 






















                 the polar beararrow
                 The animal of the É(eh)PC is the polar bear.  

                 It represents WE, THE NORTH 
                 of North America, BIG, STRONG, and FREE!
































                 The É(eh)PC will replace our CROOKED, FASCIST, 
                 Free-masonic-run "law and order" behind closed 
                 doors Police state Gov't with a 100% FINANCIAL-
                 LY TRANSPARENT Gov't monitored by thePEO-
                 PLE online.

                 Canadians will go from having a BLOATED, DIRTY,
                 self-serving FASCIST Gov't to trustworthy CLEAN,
                 DEMOCRATIC GOV'T BY DESIGN, 50% smaller, 
                 serving everyone equally and efficiently.

































































                 the good lifearrow
                 With the É(eh)PC, YOU'll get ...
                 1. equality (no poverty)
                 2. 100% financially transparent democracy
                 3. prosperity (thanks to JOB CREATION
                       and INCOME SECURITY that allows 
                       Canadians to live a productive life ). 

                 Canada will go from a "law and order", free-
                 masonic-run society with an unnecessary
                 $250 BILLION a year FASCIST  Police
                 state apparatus that scams the taxpayer
                 to A TRANSPARENT DEMOCRACY mo-
                 nitored by YOU ONLINE whose priority is 
                 and whose goal is to help YOU be rich.

                 With the É(eh)PC, YOU'll get the good life.

                 It's therefore in *YOUR* INTEREST to support,
                 run for, vote for, join theÉ(eh)PC for $2.

                 Better yet, become an eh-recruiter TODAY!



















































































                 "The fundamental premise of the É(eh)PC 
                 is 'the principle of equality for all' persons.
                 Every person deserves to be treated in a 
                 non-threatening, fair, respectful, and non-
                 prejudicial manner by the Gov't."
                 - Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
                    President/Party Leader of the É(eh)PC
                 E.1 The first equality is that of gender. This Party seeks 50% female 
                           representation in all levels of public and para-public sector activity
                           prescribed by law.

                 E.2 The second equality is that of English Canada with French Canada
                           and the Canada of the Aboriginal Peoples as promised by the
                           British in the War of 1812 to win the their full participation in the
                           defense of Canada against American attack.

                 E.3 The third equality is French-English equality. To reinforce the lin-
                           guistic equality of both French and English Canada, bilingualism
                           will be mandated in all spheres of activity with Spanish given semi-
                           official status as "Canada's third language".

                 E.4 The fourth equality is the right to NOT be incarcerated except when
                           proven to be necessary for safety reasons by "several" competent
                           authorities who will be held liable in the event of "wrongful" incarcer-
                           ation and subject to judicial prosecution.

                 E.5 The fifth equality is the right of First Peoples to play "an active up
                           front role in Canadian society" starting with the opening of Parlia-
                           ment in a native tongue followed by a brief native ceremony
                           televised nationally.
                           Note: Canadian schools will be expected to teach an
                                             appreciation of First Peoples' culture and history
                                             along with French-Canadian Métis culture in their
                                             respective historical context and how this impacts
                                             on Canada today.
                           Note: in the spirit of equality of all Canadians the Party is
                                             committed to the abolition of the Senate of Canada.arrow


















1.1.1_French Language Protectionarrow
    _  ___In order to respect Canada's dual constitutional 
    _  ___reality of a French Canada on an equal footing 
    _  ___with an English Canada, the following measures 
    _  ___will be taken.

    _  ___1.1.1 All levels of Gov't will be bilingual.

    _  ___1.1.2  All schools, colleges, and universities must 
                         do their part to promote the second national 
                         language (French outside the Province of 
                         Quebec and English inside the Province of 

    _  ___1.1.3  These Web sites will have to be bilingual:
                       i) those of corporations;
                         ii) those of charitable organizations;
                          iii) those at all levels of the Government.

    _  ___1.1.4  The Government will give priority to French 
                          immigration so that francophones can live 
                          in French outside of the Province of Quebec.

    _  ___1.1.5  Cities outside of the Province of Quebec will 
                          each have an affordable federally funded 
                          French bookstore.arrow


















1.2_Public Interest - 1st!arrow
_  __ FULL DISCLOSURE of Government 
_  __ financial transactions and expenses:
_  __ everything has to add up and check out;
_  __ 1-click access to business financials and 
_  __ financials of non-profit organizations
_  __ (including places of worship)
_  __ Note: the Gov't has always spent 
_  __ _  __ more on the military than on 
_  __ _  __ social services. 
_  __ A. Government
_  _ _ _  The É(eh)PC will reduce bureaucracy by 50%.

_  _ _ _  The É(eh)PC will  prevent unnecessary incarceration.

_  __  _  The É(eh)PC will offer FREE college and university so 
_  _ _  _  Canadians can have the best jobs possible.

_  _ _ _  The É(eh)PC will help Canadians create and promote
_  _ _  _  their small businesses so they can be independently   
_  _ _  _  wealthy, the ultimate goal of its political platform. 

_  _  _ _  Because members of Parliament are to serve everyone
_  _  _ _  without prejudice, lobbyists will be illegal.

_  __ A.1 Any company NOT offering good salaries and social benefits  
_  __   _  risks being nationalized and sold to a buyer who cares for the 
_  __   _  workers. The Office of Nationalization under the CIA (Canadian  
_  __   _  Information Agency) will be created for this purpose.

_  __ A.2 The Government of Canada will stop funding the "illegal" 
_  __   _   network of undercover police, bogus political parties, think 
_  __   _   tanks, anti-poverty organizations, organizations allegedly 
_  __   _   defending the public interest and any so-called "independent" 
_  __   _   organizations.

_  __ A.3 No more than two (2) persons from any family will be able  
_  __   _   to work for the Government whether it be at the municipal,  
_  __   _   provincial, or federal level.

_  __ A.4 The maximum salary (including overtime pay) in the Govern- 
_  __   _   ment outside of Parliament Hill will NOT exceed $120,000.

_  __ A.5 The salary and benefits in the public sector canNOT be greater 
_  __   _   than those in the private sector for the same job.

_  __ A.6 The details of the financial decisions made by the Government, 
_  __   _   the identities of those who made them and those who benefitted 
_  __   _   from them, and who they are all associated with, this data will be 
_  __   _   posted online for "public review" so that Canadians can ensure 
_  __   _   that their Government is serving them to the best of its ability. 
_  __   _   That is what is meant by the É(eh)PC slogan: "POWER! 2the 
_  __   _   PEOPLE".

_  __ A.7 The É(eh)PC will ensure that the Government implements 
_  __   _   independent third party bank-branch auditing practices for 
_  __   _   all government agencies to be done by outside auditors who 
_  __   _   will work with the "policing auditors" of the Canadian Infor- 
_  __   _   mation Agency (CIA), an elite, specially-trained group.

_  __ A.8 All public employees will be obliged to make public their 
_  __   _   affiliation to any "outside" association like the Freemasons, 
_  __   _   Club Richelieu, Islamic Brotherhood, etc. Failure to do so 
_  __   _   will result in termination of employment.

_  __ A.9 A basic public employee profile will be accessible to the 
_  __   _   public online which will include "affiliations to outside 
_  __   _   organizations" and level of education.

_  __ A.10 No public employee is to "prejudicially favour" the employ-
_  __   _     ment of one employee over any other. To do so will result in 
_  __   _     termination of employment.
_  __ A.11 The reports of the auditor generals along with corrective 
_  __   _     measures to be taken will be posted online for public review.
_  __   _     The reports of the auditor generals will result in employee
_  __   _     dismissals where necessary, and reassignments or demo-
_  __   _     tions where warranted.  Proven abuse of the public purse 
_  __   _     will result in loss of job and two (2) years jail time as well as 
_  __   _     forfeiture of "non-native" Canadian citizenship.
_  __   _     Note: the auditor generals of Canada do NOT
_  __   _     _  __    look at two (2) Government sectors where 
_  __   _     _  __    costs are out of control: the health care 
_  __   _     _  __    sector and the judicial system
_  __   _     Note: the Auditor General of Canada canNOT
_  __   _     _  __    look the expenses of the members of
_  __   _     _  __    Parliament (MPs) NOR the expenses of
_  __   _     _  __    the senators NOR the expenses of the
_  __   _     _  __    House of Commons NOR the expense
_  __   _     _  __    of the Senate. 

_  __ A.12 All federal international agencies will be amalgamated under 
_  __   _     new organization called "Canada Abroad" in order to on the 
_  __   _     one hand further peace and prosperity and on the other hand 
_  __   _     to better serve Canadians abroad.
_  __   _     Note: in lieu of "embassies" abroad, Canada 
_  __   _     _  __    will have "government offices" to serve 
_  __   _     _  __    its citizens and those wanting to visit 
_  __   _     _  __    Canada or do business with Canadians. 
_  __   _     _  __    Foreign countries will be asked to close 
_  __   _     _  __    their embassies in Canada and open 
_  __   _     _  __    "ordinary" government offices.

_  __ A.13 Any Canadian with dual citizenship that works for a foreign  
_  __   _     intelligence agency will have his/her citizenship revoked. 

_  __ A.14 Any public servant working for a foreign intelligence 
_  __   _     agency will lose his/her job and benefits.

_  __ A.15 All Government Web sites - federal, provincial, and muni-
_  __   _     cipal - will be bilingual. 

_  __ A.16 All Government ministries, departments, agencies, orga-
_  __   _     nizations and Crown corporations including the Senate 
_  __   _     and the House of Commons must provide 1-click online 
_  __   _     access to their financials. 

_  __ A.17 The expenses of elected officials including members of 
_  __   _     Parliament (MPs) and senators will be posted online - 
_  __   _     weekly.

_  __ B. Unions

_  _ _ _  Unions exist to express the concerns of the workers
_  _ _ _  they represent.arrow

_  __ B.1 Unions must provide 1-click access to their financials.

_  __ B.2 Unions must provide 1-click access to the pay and 
_  __   _   bonuses of the executives.

_  __ B.3 Unions - in the public sector - will only have a consultative  
_  __   _   function regarding salary and work conditions.

_  __ B.4 Any union failing to meet the norms of transparency will  
_  __   _   be dissolved by the Government allowing its members 
_  __   _   to join a "more legitimate" union.


_  __ C. Businesses and non-profit organizations
_  _ _ _  (including places of worship)

_  __ C.1 Businesses and non-profit organizations (including places 
_  __   _   of worship) must provide 1-click access to their financials.

_  __ C.2 Businesses and non-profit organizations (including places 
_  __   _   of worship) must provide 1-click access to the pay and 
_  __   _   bonuses of the executives.

_  __ C.3 Businesses and non-profit organizations (including places 
_  __   _   of worship) must NOT use the same public auditors.

_  __ D. Membership Organizations 
_  _ _ _  All membership organizations (whether political, religious, 
_  _ _ _  charitable or any other) must provide 1-click online access 
_  _ _ _  to their membership lists.arrow


























1.2.1_USA News - apartarrow
__      __All USA media news (in print,
on TV, or on the radio) must 
               appear in a separate section 
               under the heading "USA 





































1.7.2_4-day work week:arrow
__      __20% MORE JOBS
__      __In order to create 20% more professional 
__      __jobs, the É(e)PC will reduce a person's work 
__      __week from five (5) days to four (4) days.

__      __The 20% loss in salary will be compensated 
__      __by a better quality of life.
__      __Note: this will NOT apply 
__      __             to the working poor
__      __             who canNOT afford
__      __             a 20% reduction in 
__      __             salary.




































1.2.2_ZERO Gov't Userarrow
                     and License Fees 
                     An É(e)PC Gov't will try
                     to reduce Gov't user
                     and license fees to 
                     ZERO! (See 1.2.4)




































1.7.1_Unions for Fair Wagesarrow
__      __Reasonable Profits
__      __Because unions protect workers from unjustified
__      __dismissals and help to ensure that their members
__      __get the best  wages and social benefits possible,
__      __there will be no Government impediments to 
__      __unionization.

__      __The Government will encourage sectorial and
__      __industry-wide master contracts as an effective
__      __way of ensuring the best wages and social
__      __benefits possible for the largest number of 
__      __employees.
__      __Note: É(eh)PC President/Party Leader, 
                            Kenneth Selin (say'leen), single-
                            handedly got the union on Parlia-
                            ment Hill in 1984 with PSAC union 
                            organizer, Yolande Viau. In March 
                            1985, he did his Public Service 
                            Alliance of Canada (PSAC) Union 
                            Steward course.

__      __(a) No apprentice programs will exceed 16 months.

__      __(b) Union dues will NOT be able to be more than $20
                     a month.

__      __(c) Seniority will be portable from one unionized 
                     company to another.

__      __(d) An employer will NOT be able to fire an employee 
                     acting on behalf of the union or requesting a union 
                     certification vote.

__      __(e) An employee will be able to request a union cer-
                     tification vote which must take place no later than
                     the 30th day after the request has been made:
                     however, a union certification vote can only take 
                     place once every 12 months.

__      __(f) Any unionized worker will be able to monitor - 
                    online - all the expense details of those expenses 
                    made by each Head Union Office staff member.

__      __(g) Union spending (other than the "regular" salaries
                     of the union head office staff) must be ratified by
                     at least 66% of the union members.arrow

__      __(h) Any Head Union Office personnel who misrepre-
                     sents union expenses will lose his/her job and 
                     do two (2) years in jail.

__      __(i) Unions will have to use a different financial auditor
                    every year.

__      __(j) Patronage jobs in the Head Union Office will be il-
                    legal. (Otherwise, the Government will replace the
                    union leader with an interim one until another is 
                    elected by the members on the last Monday of

__      __(k) Head Union Office jobs will have to be filled in an
                     honest, open, and transparent way. (Otherwise,
                     the Government will replace the union leader with
                     an interim one until another is elected by the mem-
                     bers on the last Monday of September.)

__      __(l) Union negotiators canNOT be paid more than
                    $120,000 a year.

__      _(m) The union leader's salary will be TAX-FREE, but
                    limited to a maximum of a $175,000 a year.

__         (n) Union leaders must be elected by all union mem-
                    bers in a transparent election every five (5) years
                    on the last Monday of September.

_ _        (o) On the last Monday in January, every union will 
                    have a decertification vote: if 50% or less vote 
                    in favour of decertification, the union will NOT 
                    be decertified.

__         (p) Because the assets of a union belong to its 
                    members, every member will receive his/her 
                    fair share of the money from the sale of union 
                    assets upon its dissolution.

__         (q) More on unions.



































































 Office of the Unions (OU)arrow
__      _      _All local union offices will be considered as being 
__      _      _part of the Union Head Office.

__      _      _1.The Office of the Unions will be a major division 
                         of the Canadian Information Agency (CIA).
                         (See 23.)

__      _      _2. The OU will preside over:
                         a. the annual decertification vote [See 1.7.1 (o)]
                         b. the election of union leader every five (5) years 
                             [See 1.7.1 (n)]

__      _      _3. The OU will ensure that union members can readily 
                         monitor - online - all the union expenses made by 
                         each person in the Union Head Office. [See 1.7.1 (f)]

__      _      _4. Union members will report any misrepresentation
                         of union expenses at the OU Web site. 
                         [See 1.7.1 (h)]

__      _      _5. If proven to be true, the OU will instruct his/her Union 
                         Head Office to give that person a $5,000 reward and
                         will instruct the Police to lay charges of fraud against 
                         the person responsible in the Union Head Office for 
                         the false expense claims.

__      _      _6. Each union umbrella organization like the Canadian 
                         Labour Congress will have to justify its existence every
                         year to the OU in terms of costs and benefits to the union 
                         movement in a memorandum on September 30th.

__      _      _7. If unsatisfied with their response, the OU will explain 
                         why the OU is requesting its dissolution on the last 
                         Monday in January when union members vote for
                         decertification of their union in a letter addressed to 
                         all affiliated union members posted prominently on 
                         the home page of the Web site of each union affiliated 
                         with the union umbrella organization.

__      _      _8. The union umbrella organization is NOT dissolved if 
                         50% or less of the union members vote in favour of arrow
                         its dissolution.











































































































































1.2.3_No Dual Citizenshiparrow
__      _   Naturalized Canadians can have 
__      _   only Canadian citizenship and 
__      _   no other.

__      _   Any Canadian working for a for-
__      _   eign gov't will do two (2) years
__      _   in jail and never work for the
__      _   Gov't of Canada; in the case 
__      _   of naturalized Canadians,
__      _   they'll lose their Canadian 
__      _   citizenship.











































































































































1.2.4_ZERO Refugee,arrow 
                     Immigrant Fees (See 1.2.2)
                     There is no justification for refugee, im-
                     migrant fees according to the É(eh)PC: 
                     they are discriminatory and abusive. 

                     It means only those refugees and im-
                     migrants that have the money can 
                     apply to come here.

                     That's so unfair. 

                     The role of Gov't is to serve NOT to 

                     Background Information
                     The Gov't of Canada has been char-
                     ging refugees and immigrants a
                     "Right of  Landing Fee" (a "head 
                     tax") [now referred to by Immi-
                     gration Canada as " Right of
                     Permanent Residence Fee 
                     (RPRF)] since 1995: an adult, 
                     $975 (reduced to $490 in 2006
                     by the Gov't of Prime Minister
                     Stephen Harper though Prime
                     Minister Paul Martin promised 
                     to get ridof it.)

                     Chinese immigrants from 1885 to 1923
                     had to pay the Chinese Head Tax: $50
                     in 1885 raised to $100 in 1900, then to
                     $500 in 1903.

                     Should the family arrive in Canada on
                     its own, it has to pay an additional 
                     non-refundable "processing fee":
                     $500 per adult; $100 per child.

                     They can get a "head tax loan" from
                     the Gov't providing they can demon-
                     strate they can pay it back within
                     one (1) year during which time they 
                     are NOT allowed "travel documents" 
                     and are even denied citizenship un-
                     til the loan has been repaid though 
__      _   they've been given “landed” status.

                    The Right of Permanent Residence Fee
                     (RPRF) has to be paid before the refu-
                     gee or immigrant can get his/her visa
                     to come to Canada.

                     Then, there are all the "other" proces-
                     sing fees that have to be paid inclu-
                     ding the non-refundable embassy's
                     application processing fee. arrow
__      _   http://www.canreach.com






































































































































                           for university graduates
                           Foreign students (other than the USA)
                           who graduate from a Canadian uni-
                           versity as of 2016 will be able to get
                           Canadian citizenship just by applying.





















































, Regionalization ofarrow 
                            FREE Colleges+Universities
                            Education is the key for creativity and innovation
                            that will make Canada strong.

                            (a) The É(eh)PC will nationalize colleges+universities.
                                     Note: no college+university will have a
                                                       board of governors nor a senate.
                            (b) The É(eh)PC will make post-secondary education
                                     Note: education has become more im-
                                                       portant than money.
                                     Note: the key today to real power and                          
                                                       social status is education be-
                                                       cause the higher the level of
                                                       education, the easier it is to in-
                                                       fluence others.
                            (c) The É(eh)PC will make strikes at colleges+universi-
                            (d) An É(h)PC Gov't will forgive college+university stu-
                                    dent loans of students who have not found suitable
                                    employment that allows them to pay back the loan 
                                    easily after having left college or university for five 
                                    (5) years.
                            (e) The É(eh)PC will amalgamate the services of the col-
                                    leges universities wherever+whenever possible.
                            (f) The É(eh)PC will ensure that students will derive the
                                    maximum benefit from on campus businesses.
                                     Note: every province will have at least
                                                       one (1) French university and
                                                       college run by native franco-
                                                       phones whenever possible.
                            (g) The starting salary of teaching assistants, research
                                    assistants, and course instructors will be $30,000
                                    with no tuition and no ancillary fees.
                            (h) The starting salary of contractual professors will be
                                    $80,000 and after 2 years teaching, they will become
                                    full-time professors with a starting salary of $100,000.arrow






























1.4.1_Guaranteed Income for Athletes,arrow 
                     Artists, Performing Artists (See 1.4.2)
                     Self-employed artists and performing artists [who are university graduates 
                     or who have been working professionally five (5) years] and athletes re-
                     presenting Canada will get a guaranteed income from the Gov't till the age
                     of 36 or until the person is no longer working as a self-employed artist or
                     performing artist of $1,200 TAX-FREE month, paid every two (2) weeks.

                     In the case of both spouses being self-employed artists or performing ar-
                     tists or athletes, they will get $2,400 TAX-FREE a month, paid every two 
                     (2) weeks. 

                     If the other spouse is NOT working, they'll get an amount determined by 
                     social assistance level for the size of their family and $1,200TAX-FREE
                     a month, paid every two (2) weeks. 

                     In this way, the É(eh)PC ensures the success of the artists, performing
                     artists, and athletes that support our cultural life and sport.



















1.5_Women - 1st!arrow
              FREE Daycare
              The É(eh)PC has a "Women FIRST!" policy 
              because it believes a society is only healthy 
              to the extent it treats its women well.

               5.1 The É(eh)PC is dedicated to the well- 
                        being of women.
               5.2 The É(eh)PC will ensure equal female 
                        representation (50% male, 50% female) 
                        where possible in the Govèt. 
                        (See 1.6.A.6)
               5.3 The É(eh)PC considers the sexual ex-
                        ploitation of women at work to be a 
                        very serious crime for which the em-
                        ployer is legally liable. 
               5.4 The reporting of sexual exploitation 
                        whether in the public or private sec-
                        tor will result in an "automatic" foren-
                        sic audit of the establishment by the 
                        CIA (Canadian Information Agency) 
                        and the results of the audit along 
                        with its recommendations will be 
                        posted at its Web site.
               5.5 In each case of marital violence or 
                        divorce, the Court must ensure the
                        wife is NOT a victim of sexual ex-
                        ploitation at work for which her em-
                        ployer would be criminally liable. 
               5.6 In divorce cases, custody of the 
                        children wll be shared equally 
                        and fairly.
               5.7 The Gov't will no longer finance 
                        the termination of any birth.
                        7.1 The É(eh)PC believes the
Gov't does NOT have the
right to encourage abor-
                                 tion by paying $700 for 
                                 each abortion for those 
                                 that are sexually irrespon-
                                 sible. Today, in Canada 
                                 one (1) in three (3) babies 
                                 is aborted: for every two 
                                 (2) births, there is one (1) 
                        7.2 The É(eh)PC believes the 
                                 Gov't should do every-
thing to help a single mo-__        
ther offer her child up for
adoption rather than en-
                                 couraging her to end her
                                 pregnancy: this will help
                                 reduce Canada's reliance
                                 on immigration.
                        7.3 Single mothers unable to 
keep their babies will be
encouraged to put them
up for adoption all the 
while being entitled to in-
                                 formation from the adop-                                 
                                 tive parents regarding the
                                 child's care and develop-
                                 ment until the child be-
comes an adult living on 
                                 his/her own.
                        7.4 Single mothers' guaran-
                                 teed monthly income will 
                                 be TAX-FREE in order to 
                                 allow her to look after her 
                                 child while preparing her-
                                 self to return to work in 
                                 good spirits.
               5.8 The É(eh)PC believes that any woman
                        with pre-school children will be able to
                        stay home to raise them with financial
                        help of the Gov't without fear of losing
                        her job.
                        8.1 Married women will get the guaran-
                                 teed monthly revenue equivalent 
                                 of an unemployed person, $1,200 
                                 TAX-FREE, paid biweekly. 
                        8.2 Single stay-at-home mothers will
get 50% more, $1,800 TAX-FREE. 
                        8.3 By law, if they want to, mothers
with preschool children will be
able to work half (1/2) days for 
which her employer has to find 
and pay for daycare she finds 
                                 suitable which will be SUBSI-
                                 DIZED - if necessary.
               5.9 Her employer (not her) will pay and
                        be responsible for finding daycare
                        that she finds suitable (which will
                        be SUBSIDIZED - if necessary).
           5.10 The É(eh)PC encourages women
                        to run as É(eh)PC candidates for
                        public office.
           5.11 The female É(eh)PC members of 
                        Parliament will defend women is-
                        sues in Canada and abroad. 
           5.12 The É(eh)PC will make affordable 
                        social housing a Gov't priority.arrow























1.6_The New Lawarrow
              "The Gov't exists to lift the People 
up (to help and support, NOT to 
                 put them down)."
                 - Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
                 É(eh)PC President/Party Leader

              All É(eh)PC legislation will be re- 
ferred to as The New Law.

              Under The New Law, our fascist 
              police state judicial system will be 
replaced by a much smaller, less 
expensive one with an emphasis 
              a more efficient, cost-effective 

              With the É(eh)PC, the judicial sys-
tem will be designed to serve the 
People by ensuring that those
sent to jail are sent in the public
interest so they can get the jobs
skills for the job they want in an 
              enclosed residential setting. 

              In this way time spent in jail will
              be productive because it will be
designed to equip the inmate to 
lead a productive life.

              In most cases, they'll pay a fine
              or lose their assets instead of
going to jail: consequently,
few will be incarcerated: incar-
ceration will be a last resort 
              because it cost $200,000 
              year per inmate. 

              A person found guilty could be
              given a two (2) year criminal re-
              cord without going to jail.

              There will be no institutional 

              There will be no solitary con-

              There will be no probation. 

              Currently, there are more than
55,000 persons in more than 
200 jails, 20% of whom are
women (nearly all indige-
              nous), 25% of whom are teen- 
agers costing the taxpayer 
              more than $10 billion a year. 

              The total cost (including judicial 
              and policing) of our "law and or-
der society is over $50 billion: 
              the É(eh)PC expects to reduce 
              these costs by 90% under the 
              New Law.

              Here are the six (6) parts of
              The New Law ... 
               A. legal reform
               B. reform of the criminal code
               C. prison reform;
               D. the Canadiana Law;
               E. the 1-civil-servant-per-family Law;
               F. the Canadiana Media Law.

               A. Legal Reformarrow

               A.1.1 It will be treason to hide:
                            .i who makes financial decisions 
in the Gov't and who they are 
all associated with outside
                          .ii the details of those decisions;
                         .iii who are benefiting from those
decisions and with whom  
                                 they are all associated.
                                 Note: Gov't contracts 
go to organized
                                                  crime; American
                                                  Hells Angels are
                                                  taking over or-
                                                  ganized crime.
                       .2 Anybody guilty of hiding any in-
                            formation will either lose his/her
job in the Gov't and go to jail for 
two (2) years or never do busi-
ness with the Gov't again.
                            Note: all PPPs (Public Private 
Partnerships) will have 
to conform retroactively
                                             because Canadians have
                                             the right to know the de-
                                             tails involving their mo-
                            Note: the Gov't of Canada is
                                              NOT accountable to the 
taxpayer because it con-
ducts its affairs behind
closed doors: because
Canadians doN'T know
                                              what is going on in their
                                              Gov't, they're victims of
                                              BLIND TAXATION.
               A.2 Any Gov't employee guilty of "need-
lessly" spending public funds will
lose his/her job and go to jail for
                         two (2) years in jail.
                        (See 12. Financial Mismanagement
                                             of Public Funds)
                        Note: the reward for finding
                                          unnecessary Gov't
                                          spending will be $5000
                                         TAX-FREE each time._  ___
               A.3 Auditors with Police enforcement 
powers from the Canadian Informa-
                        tion Agency (CIA) will:
                        .1 (hand in hand with Canadians)
                              monitor the Gov't for financial
                        .2 prosecute the criminels in the
                              Gov't .
                        Note: Gov't employees
                                         doN'T go to jail
                                         because there is
                                         no Police force
                                         nor intelligence
                                         agency that looks
                                         for criminal activ-
                                         ity in the Gov't
               A.4 The practice of political patronage
will be illegal.
               A.5 Because members of Parliament
are to serve everyone without 
prejudice, lobbyists will be ille-
               A.6 It will be illegal in the Gov't to arrow
NOT have equal representation