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.dollarballons-balons your future

Anystudentat least16 years oldlivingin Canada
 (who is NOT even Canadian)can be for$20an
 eh-recruiterfor life.

 You're be
 1. investing in your future
 2. investing in Canada's future
 3. adding another job to your resume

Firstly, e-mail to getthe yes

 Copy+paste in the suject line eh-recruters

 In the body of the message,
Are you recruiting at this time?


 Anyone (16 years or older) living in Canada (who is
 NOT even Canadian) can be for
 $5a life member
 $10a promoter
 $20a supporter

for a
  - $5member, you keep $3;
 - the╔(eh)PC,$2

 - $10promoter, you keep $6;
 - the╔(eh)PC,$4

 - $20supporter, you keep $14;
 - the╔(eh)PC,$6.

The 5 Steps
          1. send an e-mailtothe╔(eh)PCPresident,
              Party leader:
          2. in the body of the e-mail messageinclude
              (a) your family name, then initials
              (b) followed by your date of birth(year-month-day: 00-00-00)
              Selin, KAJ., 53-04-25
          3. provide your e-mail address+your area which
              will appear onthe list of eh-recruiters
    , downtown Toronto              
              tip: get an e-mail just for recruiting
          4. do a$20INTERACe-transfer to
          5. attacha scanned copy of yourstudent card

The Sales Script

The 6 Steps
 The 6 recruiting steps are onthe forms.

 Sendthe scanned copiesan e-mail attachment.
With a Buddy
 Recruitwith a buddyto besafeand to havefun.
Your Tools
                        promo slips
                        t-shirt decal
                        sign-up forms
                        promo pamphlet
                        fold-in-4 counter display

                        You can hand out the promo-card
                        or the promo-pamphlet to any ony
                        that might be interested.

 Your Weekly Routine
Readthe eh-journal.
Send an e-mail to

                   Subject Line
                   eh-recruiterfollowed byyour name

                   eh-recruiter Maria Selin


                   Indicate the amount of theINTERAC
                   Attach *scanned* copies ofthe
                   online recruiting forms.

Your Collected E-mails
They will be posted at$/e-mails/your family name+initialwithout accents.htm

Your family name: Selin
Your initials: K.A.

Your e-mail Web pageof recruited members
will therefore be:$/e-mails
In case ofno replyto your e-mailby Fridaywith
the message,
Received your e-mail, thanks!
Your Online Authorization Letter
 Your family name: Selin
 Your initials: K.A.

 It will be$/letter/selinka.htm
 If unable to do the job ofeh-recruiter,
 you'll be notified by e-mail
 1. the reason why you'reno longer authorized
 1. to recruit
2. thatyour authorization letterhas been
 1. deletedfrom
The 1-year Rule
  Anyone NOT having recruited for one (1) year
will benotified by e-mailthat
 1. they'reno longeraneh-recruiter
 2. their authoriztion letterhas been
 1. deletedfrom
Corner Stores
                The besteh-recruiters will be able to recruit
                corner store owners.
Recruiting corner store owners is easy.

You only have to point out
1. that they (like all small businesses)
1. will pay20% (instead of35%) income
1. tax with the╔(eh)PC

2. if they're renting, their rent will never
1. by more than20%of their earnings
1. by virtue ofThe Commercial Rent
1. Ceiling Law
for each store owner: $100
  - you keep$80;
 - the╔(eh)PC,$20.
The name+e-mail+riding+location of the corner
eh-recruiters appear
at boutiques.htm.
The Corner StoreRecruiting Tools

                                                             sign-up forms
                                                             promo pamphlet
                                                             fold-in-4 counter display

Providing these tools to the owners
the easiest way to recruit them.

Once recruited, the eh-recruiter must
1. inform them of thethe weekly procedure
  1. for reporting the members they've recruited
 2. explain to them thatall the information
 1.  can be found$/fun.htm
Riding Presidentarrow
  At election time,the╔(eh)PCPresident/Party Leader
  chooses an eh-recruiter by ridingto bethe Riding Pre-
  sidentin charge of the election ofthe╔(eh)PC

The Eh-machine
The workings ofthe╔(eh)PCare detailed in
 the eh-machine.
The Guarantee
Anyeh-recruiterharassedwill get a good Gov't job.