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To go where you want to go,
will put$$$inyourpocket by ...
1. cuttingthe Gov'tby half
2. redistributingthe wealth
3. automatingGov't services
4. doing awaywith income tax forms
5. eradicatingneedlessGov't spending
6. reducingthe Police+judicial+prisons90%
7. eliminatingfines+user/license fees+needlesstaxes
8. providingfreedaycare+college+university+
               urban transportation
9. givinguniversity
+college students$1,200 tax-free
monthlyfor taking 4 or more cases at a time
$1,200 tax-freemonthlyfor 12 months
for those living away from home
What does a communist call a *capitalist*?

A crook!

Someonesaidan American!
thatmakes Latinos laugh.(Ha! Ha!)

{USA Take-over of Canada:
the Story}

The spectator says to the captain of the USA team:
"You cheated!"

"I know,
butdid wewin?" he asks.

The spectator then goes over to the captain
of the Canada team and says:
"You lost!"

"Yes! But we played fair, didn't we?"
asks the Canadian captain.

"Yes! But gee! you lost! Didn't you?",
asks the spectator.

(In Chris de Burgh's song, Spanish Train,
 Christ loses at poker withthe Devil who

President Obama's
Phony Interview

{Our Story}
BECAUSE we're all family sharing 99% of the same DNA,

WE MUST make our story a good one worth telling.