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a strongeducatedCanada
brain power
"University+collegeeducationwill beFREE!"

"Educationgives youthe competitive
 advantage.That gives youjob security."

"Smart jobsrequiringa lot of educationwill

"To ensure Canada's
prosperity, we need
  university-trained thinkers."

"The highest paid profession in the Gov't
  (outside of Parliament) will that of the
  university professor."
"Full-time students will be paid$1,200
  monthly+an extra$1,200for 12 con-
  secutive monthswhen studying away
  from home in Canada. "

"WiththeÉ(eh)PC, Canada will be an
  education-centric, productivity-based,
  Kenneth Selinsay'leen
  É(eh)PC President/Party Leader

  The foundation of
 - innovation
 - job creation
 - research+developmentis
 Kenneth Selinsay'leen
 É(eh)PC President/Party Leader

 Your futurehas everything to do with
 how much


 We mustvalue3things
 1. friends
 2. education
 3. the desire to builda better world

     2. impacts on 3.

 Your most important asset is
 lots, lots ofeducation.

Here's the big contrastbetween
 having a lot of things (like$$$)
 +education: onlyeducationcan
 - inspire us
 - keep us young
 - make us enjoy life more
 - give us intellectuel pleasure
 - can quench our thirst to im-
 - prove our quality of life+our world.

 Unlike things (like$$$),education
 has*intrinsic*(real) valuewhich things
don't have: this makes it

 That there isthe *BIG* contrastbe-
 tweentangible things+the intangible
 which iseducation.

 - our mobility
 - our job options
- our quality of life.

 Your job market value*appreciates*
 as your acquire more*formal*edu-
 cationcertified bycredentials: the
 moreeducationyou have, the bet-
 ter  are your chances of working.

 Your job market valueis*unaffected*
 by a bad economy. :o)

 (So what's the point ofowning
lots of thingsthat become
   *worthless*in a bad eco-
   nomy because you caN'T
   sell them, eh?)

 Incidentally,innovationis the

 Themoreeducationpeople have,
 themoreinnovationthere'll be,
 themorewe'll all enjoy abetter

 The 2nd Priority
 Educationisso importantfor
 theÉ(eh)PCthat theÉ(eh)PC
 has made it its 2nd priority
 (afterjob creation)because
 our future depends on it.

 For Canada to havea bright
 future,educationhas to be
 free !

 TheÉ(eh)PC will therefore

- keep librarie
sopen 24/7

 - nationalizecolleges+univer-
 - sities in order to offerFREE
 - education

 - put quality controls in place
 - in order to offerthe best
 - *quality*educationpos-
 - sibleto *prepare* gradu-
 - ates for the job market+
 - for creating their own
 - business

 - students taking at least four
 - (4) coursesat a time atcol-
 - lege or universitywill get
 - $1,200TAX-FREE monthly

 - for those living away from
 - home in Canada, they'll
 - get anadditional$1,200
 - TAX-FREE monthlyauto-
 - maticallyfor 12 conse-
 - cutive months

 - the highest paid civil ser-
 - vants will beuniversity
 - professors.

 FortheÉ(eh)C,it means that
  the joblesswill be able to be
 productiveby going back to
 school to*upgrade*them-

 Productivityis thecornerstoneof

 A Trained Eye
 Educationgives usa trained
 eyethatasks questions+
 helps us to*better*see+
 *better* understand things.

 A trained eyeallowsthe
 blind(the uneducated)
 tosee clearly the truth
 arrived at thanks totheir

 (Holy Scripturesaysthe
    blind will see!)

  A trained eyecancast
  lighton a dark, cloudy
  situation that
 1. can lead to its resolution
 2. to a correct evaluation
     by discussing+looking
     at it from different an-
     gles (a  Gestaltist ap-

 A trained eyealso allows us
 to figure things out in order
 the trajectory of humanity+
 where it's heading.

 This allows us to knowwhat
 corrective actionneeds to
 be taken in order to lead
 humanitytowards a world
 of social+economic justice
 that will give uspeace+

 Educationis clearlythe cornerstoneof civilization becauseit *pushes* huma-

 Educationhelps us under-
 standwhowe are,what
 we're about, how much
 we all have in common.

 (Did you knowwe all share
 99%of the*same*DNA, the

 Education,in other words,
 teaches us to be*more*hu-
 makes us*more*sensitive
 towards others by making

 Educationmakes us*rea-
 lize*thatwe doN'T live ina
 bubble+makes usaware
 how globally dependent
 we areon others+on the

 Education,in fact, has al-
 ways beentheunderpin-
 whose purpose is tonou-
 rish the human spiritso it

 Educationis*the* most
 powerfulliberating force
 we have: we must, there-
 fore,harness itbecause
 it offers usgreater degrees
 of freedomfor a life with
 more options, a life that's
 more FREE!

 Why isliteracy(the goal of
 education)*so* important?

 hurtsthe economic growth
 of a countryby*reducing*its
 ability to be competitive.

  Paradigm Shift
 We are experiencingtoday
 is due tothenew econo-
 mic realityof*fewer*and
 fewer jobs that aretempor-
 ary - lasting months(NOT

 Paradigm shiftdefined:

 Toaccomodatethis new
 realitywe are forced to
 go froma materialistic
 societyto one that's cen-
 tred oneducationwhich
 has become*the vehicle*
 of social success+social
 mobilityrather  than acqui-
 are seen ascumbersome
 more than anything else.

 It's a new perspective that
 allows forgreater mobility.

 Thisparadigm shift*saves*
  the planetdyingfromover-
  consumptionbecause it
  *dramatically*reduces our
  need to consumethings
  whichnever make us happy.

 What does make ushappy
  isthe *quality* of our soul
 (according to religion)+
 dingof the nature of things

 In thisparadigm shift,
 valuable assetthat you
 can have replacing*the
 market value*of your
 material wealth as*the*
 symbolof power+status.

 Consequently, it's no 
 longerhow muchyou
 have that counts, nei-
 therwhoyou know, but
 how much you *know*:
 that’s your*real*power

 The goalis no longer to
 accumulatethings, but
 *credentials*that prove
 *your ability*to solve

 With thisparadigm shift,
 it's clearknowledge is

 Agent of Change
 Yourlevel ofeducation
 will determinethe extent
 of your influenceon the
 destiny of humanity
 as an agent of change.

 The extentyou'll be able
 to influence the worldis 
 the extentyou'll become
 a hero, heroinewho helps
 preservethe human race.

 Move Things Along
 In the job market,your ability
 (thanks toyour credentials)
  to move things alongequals
  your likelihoodof getting a job.

  That'sthe new reality
  of thisparadigm shifttoday.

 Post-modern era began with
the fall of the Berlin Wall in
 November 1989.

 It is all about
 1. service
 2. personal relationships
 3. the question:what can I do for you?
 3. (within the context ofbesmart+friendly
 3. +play nice)

 That's whereyour credentialscome into

 pot of gold - pot d'or
 WiththeÉ(eh)PC,you'll bepaidto
 acquirecredentialsthat will give you