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- just10%of your$$$will go to the Gov't;
- you get thenewway:democracyprosperity.
for theMAX!
a4-daywork week
a7.5-hourwork day
The income security measures
will create
     The2 reasonsforPOVERTY
     1. inadequate social assistance(THE BLAME: the Gov't)
     2. NO living minimal hourly wage(THE BLAME: the Gov't)
We haveGov't-sponsoredpoverty.

"Where there ispoverty,there isno freedom."
Kenneth Selinsay'leen╔(eh)PC President/Party Leader
 "The early Christian communities practicedWEALTH REDISTRIBUTION:
  we need to do the same thing in 
order to avoid the collapse of the global
economy (faced with a possible 40-year economic contraction).The
  ╔(eh)PCwill achieve this throughstrong income security measures
  thatwill protect you against poverty and unemploymentandreduce
  your cost of living at the same time."
  I came so you might have abundant life. (John 10:10)
  Kenneth Selinsay'leen╔(eh)PC President/Party Leader
 7 new national holidays
            1. New Year's Day
                       January 1st
            2. Bishop Oscar Romero Social Justice Day new
                        March 24th
            3. Good Friday
                       April xxth
            4. Easter
                       April xxth
            5. Easter Monday
                       April xxth
            6. President Selin say'leen Day new
                        April 25th
                        (replacing Victoria Day)
            7. Aboriginal Day new
                        June 21st
            8. Quebec Day
                        June 24th
            9. Canada Day
                        July 1st
      10. Day of the Acadians new
                      August 15th
      11. Labour Day,
                      September xth
      12.End Poverty Day new
                      October 4th
       13. Thanksgiving Day
                      October xxth
      14. Ashley Smith National Teen Holiday new
                     October 19th
      15. Louis Riel MÚtis Day new
                      November 16th
      16. Christmas Day
                      December 25th
      17. Boxing Day
                      December 26th

 Low Wages+Poverty
 Poverty(due to inadequate levels of social assis-
 tance)+low wages(less than$20/hour)hurt our
 economy: it's the result of theFASCIST economic
 slaveryofour CROOKED Police state Gov't.

 Both are serious barriers toproductivity+
 prosperityin Canada.

 The╔(eh)PCwill counter this with
 1. strong income security measures
 1. like guaranteed income
 2. a living hourly wage salary of$20.

 This will
 1. get rid of poverty
 2. get rid of slave wages
 3. make the economy stronger
 4. incease domestic consumption.

 Plus, the first$20, 000of earned income
 will beTAX-FREE.

 "Democracygives yousocial+economic
(by way of wealth redistribution)
  +that gives
you prosperity."
  Kenneth Selinsay'leen
  ╔(eh)PC President/Party Leader

 What's the point?
 What's the point of each province having an auditor
 general+the federal Gov't if NO Gov't employee
 goes to jailfor financial mismanagement,(That
  is to say for having stolen from the taxpayer)?

 Financial controls are NEVER put in place to pre-
 vent 20% of taxpayers' $ from disappearing with-
 out a trace every year: that's why the Gov't
 is 100% CROOKED!

 What keeps Gov't spending in check? NOTHING.

 *NOT* the auditor generals - that's for sure:
 they're WORTHLESS!

 "Democratic accountabilityhas everything to do
   Kenneth Selinsay'leen
   ╔(eh)PC President/Party Leader

 A gov't is legitimate only to the extent it's financially

 Withthe╔(eh)PC, you will have100%transparent
 democracythat serves you100%because you'll be
 able to monitor the details of Gov't spending in real
 time online.

 You'll know whoare making the financial decisions+
 with whomthey're associated+whois benfiiting from
 their decisions+with whomthey're associated: to
 hide that information will bea criminal offense.

 Unnecessary spending+unnecessary activity(unne-
 cessary policing+unnecessary surveillance)by the
 Gov't will bea criminal offense: the Gov't will not
 be allowed to waste taxpayers' money.

 The Canadian Information Agency (CIA)will reward
 those who report unecessary spending or activity
 by the Gov't at their Web site with$5,000TAX-

 The Gov't will be50%smaller.

 There will beno tax formsto fill out.

 Thejudicial systemwill be reduced80%.

 There will beone small national Police force.

 Canada will bea bilingual republic (without pro-
 vincial governments+without Senate)with Spa-
 nish as its 3rd (non-official) language.

 Hospitals+universities+colleges will benationalized+
 regionalizedin order to reduce bureaucracy.


 Canadians will be able to contribute Canada's
 prosperitybecausethe╔(eh)PCwill dofive
 (5) important thingsfor them: it will
 1. reduce Gov't size by75%
 2. give them100%trans-
parent Gov't because
they'll be able to moni-
     tor Gov't spending on-

 3. give them enough$$$so
    they can lead productive
    - $1,200/month for
    - college/university students
    - $20/hr minimum wage
    - guaranteed income
    - generous employment
    - insurance
 4. reduce their cost of living
    - FREEdaycare
    - FREEyouth centres
    - FREEcollege/university
    - FREEurban transportation
    - FREEpublic entertainment
 5. create20%more jobs because
    no one will work more than7.5
    hours a dayfor not more than
    four (4) days a week.

 Those receivingunemployment insurancewill
 receive theirfull salaryautomaticallythe second
 week following their last work week under THE

 Two (2) years later it will be replaced by The
 Guaranteed income Program.

 They'll be able
 1. to take avantage of
     - the Office of Employment Help+Training
FREEself-serve Gov't used-clothing stores
FREEself-serve Gov't used-furniture stores
FREEself-serve Gov't food banksopen 24/7

  2. towork at a part-timeorat a temporary job of
     three (3) months or lesswithout any financial

 That's how Canadians will berich+happywith

 Students Paid by the Gov't
 Students will go to college or university forFREE.

 If they take at least 4 courses at once, the Gov't
 will give them$1,200TAX-FREEand an ad-
 ditional$1,200TAX-FREEfor 12 months at
 a time so they can study any where in Canada.

 A jobless person will get$1,900TAX-FREE
 guaranteed income every month.

 S/he will be able to work at a part-time job or
 a temporary three (3) month job without any
 financial penalty.

 guaranteed income
 - for athletes representing Canada
 - until age 36 for self-employed
artists+performing artists who
   1. graduated from university
   2. have five (5) years of profes-
        sional experience

 Because farming is the foundation of any economy,
 farm families earning$100,000or less (after ex-
 penses) in a year will getTAX-FREE$2,400
 guaranteed incomeand$250for each child 12
 months at a time.

 In a bad year due to the environment, the Gov't will
 ensure they get the average income of the their last
 10 years.


 The Handicapped
 Those with a handicap that prevents them from
 working will get$2,400monthlyTAX-FREE
 guaranteed income.

 The Office of the Handicapped run by the han-
 dicapped will provide the most-up-to-date support.

 Those that can work will benefit fromaffirmative

 There will be only2 types of sentences
     1. up to 2 years for non-violence
     2. up to 10 years for violence

 There will be no probation+no appeals of judicial

 Nobody will go to jail because of drugs.

 However, those found guilty of selling illicit drugs
 will lose their assets.

 Those who go to jail will receive the professional
 training in a residential fenced-in setting.

 A person found guilty will not necessarily go to

 Teenagers will not go to jail, but may require psy-
 chiatric treatment.

 Those in the sex trade+their clients will not go to
 jail either.

 People can only be brought to trial if it's in the
 public interest+only with jury.

 Pardons will be automatic after two (2) years of
 good behavior.

 Currently, there are 55,000 inmates, 20%wo-
 men (nearly all 1st Peoples - native), 25%tee-
 nagers, at an average yearly cost of$200,000
 per person with a penal population that grows
 year after year.

 Most are there on account of a summary con-
 viction by a justice of the peace because of

 The priorityofthe╔(eh)PCisjob creationby
 helping Canadians have their own small business+
 promoting their products+services because small
 business create80%of the jobs.

 Small business pays35%tax on their revenue:
 withthe╔(eh)PCall businesses will pay20%.

 For democracyprosperity

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