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 WARNING: the following information
                    is "CLASSIFIED"!

 Reporter:                  Is it your intent, President Obama, to invade Canada?

 President Obama:   NOT under my watch; NOT now and only if we have to.

 Reporter:                  Does it "look like" you might have to?

 President Obama:   We have to be *READY* - JUST IN CASE.

 Reporter:                  Are you getting READY?

 President Obama:   YES!

 Reporter:                  Does that explain the CIA build-up over the past few
                                    decades already in Canada and in Toronto - in particular?

 President Obama:   THAT INFORMATION is "CLASSIFIED"! Why do you ask?

 Reporter:                  Because, I'm CANADIAN!

 President Obama     NOT for long. (smiling)

 Reporter:                  She starts singing - to herself - Cee Lo Green's song,
                                   "FUCK YOU"! (smiling)

 NEWS BULLETIN:    theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says:

                                              "I'm so anti-American that I make President
                                              Fidel Castro of Cuba look like a good friend
                                              of the USA, the Land of the KKK.

                                              Besides, its warmongering national anthem
                                              scares me: when I hear it, I want to put my
                                              hands over my eyes when I hear that the
                                              rockets are bursting in the sky.

                                              I say to my fellow North Americans: give it
                                              up, give peace a chance.

                                              Let's make the UN work, NOT war: it's a lot
                                              cheaper. You'll save $$$: now, that makes
                                              A LOT OF SENSE!"


 NEWS BULLETIN:    The USA has called off its planned invasion
 NEWS BULLETIN:    of Canada on account of theÉ(eh)PC.

 NEWS BULLETIN:    Police will be out - in FULL FORCE.
 according to theÉ(eh)PC, 1/3 of CIA resources - at
 all times - are dedicated towards the takeover of  
 Canada creating the largest CIA community in
 Toronto where it has the most property - including
 Ryerson University