*your*share of the pie
en français
income $ecurity

 Canada has a *crooked "behind
 closed door" (secretive) law+order
 surveillance-based fascist Police
 state gov't  that serves *firstly* ...
 1. theRich
 2. the Police
 3. the judicial system
 4. the crooked bureaucrats

 (*20% of *your* tax $$$ at all levels
   of Gov't., municipal+provincial+
*disappear* annually
   without any trace)

 with theÉ(eh)PC,
 you'll get 100% financially
 transparent democracy ...
 - *by* thePEOPLE
 - *for* thePEOPLE

 theÉ(eh)PC goal:
 to *help* you become productive+wealthy

 why theÉ(eh)PC?
 for ...
 1. jobs
 2. prosperity
 3. democracy
 4. income security
 5. *your* share of the pie
 6. 4 new national holidays ...
     1. Bishop Oscar Romero
         Social Justice Day

     2. Aboriginal Day
     3. Ashley Smith National
         Teen Holiday
     4. Louis Riel Day

 A.  through wealth redistribution via
         huge tax savings by doing 3 things...
         1. cutting the size of Gov't by half
         2. dismantling our *fascist* Police
            state apparatus

         3. making unnecessary Gov't spen-
            ding a criminal offence

         wealth redistribution will be done
         through *strong* income security
         measures that will achieve 2 things ...
         1. eliminate poverty
         2. allow *you* to have
          a *productive*, quality live

 B.  by giving you receptive+responsive
            +100% open+democratic Gov't that
            works for you (rather than against
            you - which is *currently* happening)


            by having allowing *you* to monitor
            the details of Gov't spending in real
            time - online

            "We don't know *specifically*
               where our tax dollars are
               going because we have
               crooked *fascist* Police
               state Gov't operating be-
               hind closed doors."

             "With theÉ(eh)PC,you
               will have a 100% open de-
               mocracy that allows *you* 
               to monitor the details of
               Gov't spending in *real*
               time - online."
               - Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
          founder of

 C.  by making the promotion of small
*the* priority of Gov't be-
        cause they create 80% of the jobs


        by allowing Canadians to start their
        small business by going to free places
        where there'll be  free kiosks where
        they'll be able to sell their products+

        the Gov't will - do its best - to promote
        their products+services

 what does *this* mean?
 theÉ(eh)PC gives you ...
 1. jobs
 2. prosperity
 3. *democracy*
 4. income security
 5. *your* share of the pie

 3 reasons for joining

 1. redesigning gov't - the savings
 for a $5,000 reward
 - because with theÉ(eh)PC, you'll be able to
Gov't spending in *real* time-
  you'll be
able to report unnecessary Gov't
ding at (the yet-to-be created) Canadian
  Information Agency
Web site: accountants
  with Police enforcement
power will look into
  the matter+get back to you 
at their Web site -
  weekly - about what they've found

  if it's a case of unnecessary Gov't spending,
  you get a $5,000 tax-free reward+the Gov't
  employee responsible goes to jail for 2 years

  (expenses will be presented in terms of costs+
their associated expected benefits in a manage-
   ment by objective
framework with preselected
of service)

   the end result:
   a 100 % financially transparent

 2. dismantling our *fascist*
     Police state apparatus 
- the savings
*the* spending priority of our
          *fascist* Police state (law+order)
          behind closed doors (crooked)
          Gov't is ...
1. the Police

      2. the prisons
      3. the judiciary

 with theÉ(eh)PC,
 *the* priority will
 be income security

 for the taxpayer
 no lobbyists

 - bilingual Web sites

 no patronage appointments

 no Gov't user fees+no license fees

 - 1-click access to financial statements

 - money owed the Gov't will be *forgiven* after 3 years

 no income tax form to fill out because ...
*all* revenue deductions on salary+business+
    investment income will be done "at source"

  2. there will be no ...
      - tax shelters
      - tax deductions
      - tax exemptions
      - tax credits for political+charitable donations
      - tax incentives for such things as R+D

  3. there will be no more capital gains deduction
(taxes are paid *only* on 50% of capital gains)

  4. there will be no more deferring payment of taxes
          note: Canada has a *regressive* tax
because it allows the
                 Rich to pay the *least* taxes
                 through all kinds of tax shel-

"The *hallmark* of a fascist
state is the corro-
   sive bleeding of the lifeblood
   of the taxpayer by *continu-
   ously* increasing taxes while
   offering theRich all sorts
   of tax shelters."
      - Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
         founder of theÉ(eh)PC
 no more Crown corporations
    unless it's in the public interest
    note: theÉ(eh)PC believes that
           *most* of the lesser-known 
                 Crown corporations serve
                 only to give those well-con-
                 nected to the Gov't jobs (it's
                 hidden nepotism)

 - 80%
    cost reduction
    in policing+judicial+prison costs
    (current cost: 1/4 of the budget)

 - 25%
    on property tax
    because policing
    will *not* be a municipal responsibility

 50% reduction
    in Gov't size+costs
    due to...
  1. the *automation* of services
  2. The 1-civil-servant-per-family Law

    health care
    cost reduction
    due to the elimination of poverty thanks
    to the *strong* social policies of theÉ(eh)PC

 no pay bonuses

 - the salary ceiling
    in the Gov't (outside of Parliament)
    will be $120,000 until the economy
    returns to at least 3% economic growth

 - the ceiling for the military budget
    will be $20 billion (it's currently $35 to $50 billion)

 - several billion $$$
    in savings with the *elimination* of Canada's
    secret+*illegal* undercover Police force

 several billion $$$
    in savings with the *elimination* of the
    financing of non-governmental organizations 

 $7 billion
    in savings with the *elimination* of the national
    security budget used to illegally spy on Canadians

 for inmates
 A. Policing
          one Police force unarmed+
           *university-trained*  ...
             a. the Canadian Police Force (CPF)
         b. who sees policing as an
         *extension* of social services
          - in all minor cases,
            the Police must make sure that the person ...
            a. knows the law
            b. was given warnings

 B. Crown Attorney
          - charges can only be laid only if
    it's in the public interest

 C. sentencing ...
          no more probation
          - up to 10 years for a violent crime
          - not more than 2 years for a non-violent crime
          - *automatic* pardon 2 years after having served a sentence
          - a guilty verdict will *not* necessarily mean a jail sentence
          - nobody goes to jail for consuming illegal drugs
          - nobody goes to jail for selling illegal drugs,
           but will lose the $$$ earned+will also get a criminal record
          no teenager goes to jail,
        but will be treated as a *psychiatric* patient - if necessary

 D. jails ...
        - no more
        solitary confinement
        - no more
        institutional charges
        no more
        American companies running our prisons
        - no more
         pigsty jails, but residential
       jails run by unarmed personnel
        - inmates will get job training for the job they want
        number of jails: 200+
        note: the Gov't is building
                     bigger jails in order
                     to reduce the number
                     of jails

        number of inmates: 55,000+
         - a yearly *increasing* number
         - 25% are teenagers *not* going to school
                      (read about teen, Ashley Smith)
         - 20% are women - mainly First Peoples
         note: the mentally ill are 
                *illegally* incarcerated
                (because, for there to be
                  a crime, there has to be
                  *criminal* intent: a men-
                  tally ill person is incap-
                  able of *criminal* intent)

        average annual cost per inmate: $200,000

        total cost: $200,000 x 55,000 = $11 BILLION

        the *expected* total cost
        with theÉ(eh)PC: $1 BILLION
        (total savings: $10 BILLION)

  3. *strong* income security
- redistributing
the savings

 for the public
 - free municipal transportation

 - municipal libraries open 24/7

 for public organizations
 - bilingual Web sites

 - 1-click access to financial statements

 for religious organizations
 - tax-free salaries

 - bilingual Web sites

 a 20% flat tax on investment revenue

 for youth
 - the voting+drinking age will be 16

 - free (Gov't sponsored) after-school programs
  in each community

 for students
 - free college+university

 - no ancillary fees

 - forgivable student loans

    education is so important because
    it affects the amount of money we
    earn+our job options+our job mobility+
    our quality of life+our self-esteem

    in fact, we rely on education for inno-
    vation which not only enriches our life,
    but also creates new jobs

    obviously, the most educated country
    will have the competitive edge+the
    best jobs: with theÉ(eh)PC that
    will be Canada (see your future) 

 for college+university staff
 - no contractual positions

 - becoming Gov't employees
     (without the right to stike: unions
     will have an advisory role - once the
     É(eh)PC nationalizes our colleges+universities

 for health care staff
 - tax-free salaries

 - no contractual positions

 - becoming Gov't employees
    without the right to stike: unions
    will have an advisory role - once the
    É(eh)PC nationalizes our health care facilities

 - increasing hospital nursing staff by a 1/3

 for the environmentalists
 - any business
    harming the environment will be
    *automatically* nationalized - without compensation
 - *every* organization
    will have a green council
    which will be connected to the
    National Network of green Councils (NNGC)
 the Gov't will promote
    green technology in order to create green jobs

 for businesses
 no loans

 - no subsidies

 no outsourcing
    outside of Canada
    (only in Canada *provided* ...
     1. it results in no job loss
      2. employees are paid *top* wages+benefits)

 no pay bonuses

 - bilingual Web sites

 no more capital cost allowance

 no more deferring payment of taxes

 - 1-click access to financial statements

 - 20% flat tax on revenue
    (corporations - a good
   number of them which are *not*
 Canadian - pay 15% while small business pays 35%)

 - any business
    refusing to offer
    the best wages+
    social benefits they
    will be nationalized+sold to those who will

 - no business
    will be allowed to hire
    contractual or part-time employees
    for more than 90 days (with very *few*, important exceptions)

 - no business
    will be allowed to hire
    contractual (which the hospitals
    are doing) or part-time employees
    (like the grocery+department stores+fast-food restaurants
      are doing) instead of hiring them full-time with *full* benefits

 - no unpaid internships

 - no workers on call (ready to work
    just waiting for the call) without being paid

 for resource-extraction businesses
 - 20% royalty fees
    for mineral resource extraction
    (currently: 3% to 18% - depending on what's extracted)

 for Canadian businesses abroad
 - any business
    refusing to offer
    the best wages+
    social benefits will be
    nationalized+sold to those who will

 for the jobless: jobs!
 - 20% more jobs
    because everyone will work a 4-day week

 *the* priority of theÉ(eh)PC Gov't:
    the promotion of small business,
    they create 80% of the jobs

 for women
 -  free daycare
   (subsidized by the Gov't - if necessary)

 - $1,200 a month tax-free
    for stay-at-home mothers
    with preschool children - paid every 2 weeks

 - $1,800 a month tax-free
    for stay-at-home *single* mothers - paid every 2 weeks

 - working women with children
    will have the option of working 1/2 a week

    of *all* jobs- 
    at *all* levels -
    of the Gov't (where possible) will be allotted to women

 for divorced parents
 - shared custody

 for the handicapped
 - the disability pension:
    increased to $2,400 
    a month tax-free - paid every 2 weeks

 for farmers earning $65,000 - or less
 - a monthly guaranteed income
    of $1,200 tax-free - paid every 2 weeks

 for athletes representing Canada
 - a monthly guaranteed income
    of $1,200 tax-free - paid every 2 weeks

 for artists+performing artists
 - until age 36
 a monthly guaranteed income
    of $1,200 tax-free - paid every 2 weeks
    for ...
    1. university graduates
    2. professionals with - at least - 5 years experience

 for poor families requiring housing
 - low-cost
    mortgage houses
    in *villages* - *without* property tax

 for those in a rental dwelling
    rent reduction
    +5-year rental *freeze* 

 for those with loans
 the maximum legal interest on a loan: 2+ prime

 for hourly workers
 - minimum wage
    will go up to $15,
    then to $18, finally,
    to $20 within 5 years (subsidized
    by the Gov't - if necessary) giving them a living wage

 for EI recipients
 - employment insurance (EI):
    automatic+100% of salary ...
      6 months of EI for 4 months work
  8 months of EI for 1.5 years work
    12 months of EI for 2 years work or more

 for social assistance recipients
 - free dental

 - free monthly bus passes

 - social assistance:
    doubled+automatic - once EI runs out

 - will be able to work
    at a part-time job or
    at a temporty job without being penalized financially

 free self-serve food banks: fully stocked -
    without restrictions+open 24/7

 - free self-serve used-clothing stores
    note: all used-clothing stores will
                come under Gov't control

 - free self-serve used-furniture stores
    note: all used-furniture stores will
                come under Gov't control+will
                specialize in furniture repair

 - the Office for Job Training

 for those in poor regions
 - they'll live income tax-free

 after 5 years of operation
    the business tax will be go down from 20% to 10%

 for immigrants
 - no Gov't  fees

 speedy processing

 - *no* Canadian experience requirement for getting a job

 for First Peoples+the Métis
 - social assistance tripled

 - the settling of land claims

 - moving towards self-government

 - an economic plan for *each* community

 for a bilingual Canada
 - immigration
    will be *mainly* from
    French-speaking countries

 - all levels
    of Gov't will be bilingual
    as demanded by the Constitution of Canada

 for ...  
 1. prosperity
 2. *democracy*
 3. *your* share of the pie

 even better,arrow
 be an eh-recruiter