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3.a future meet people
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(suggested script)

          DO YOU WANT to give the Gov't 
          10% of your $$$  instead of 50%

          THEN, you want to join The Égalité
          (eh-gah'-lee-teh) Party of Canada,
          the É(eh)PC, for $5, the price of
          coffeecoffeeand a piece of cake.

          The É(eh)PC will give you a small,
          efficient, 100% financially trans-
          parent republicwithout the Senate,
          without the provinces because
          you'll be able to monitor the de-
          tails of Gov't spending in real
          time online: report unnecessary
           spending,a crime and get a
          $5,000non-taxable reward.

          The income security measures
          like a guaranteed income free
          college+university, paying college+
          university students $1,200 monthly
          tax-free, free daycare, free urban
          transit, $20 minium hourly wage,
          employment insurance based on
          full income, will give you THE
          GOOD LIFE.

          HOWEVER, the priority is the pro-
          motion of small business because
          small business creates 80% of the

          For a prosperous NEW Canada that 
          gives youTHE GOOD LIFE, join the
          É(eh)PC for $5, the price of coffeecoffee
          and a piece of cake.
          better yet,
become a promoter for $10
          a supporter for $20

          which do you want to do?

          If not interested,say
          Visit the Web site
          and come back to see me
          so I can sign you up.

          (Hand the person a copy of
          the pamphlet
          the card.)

          Thanks for your attention.

Enjoy your day.


Tip: print+usethe online recruiting form
          Tip: with a clipboard
          To sign you up I need
          6 things
          1. family name
          2. initials
          3. date of birth
               (year-month-day: 00-00-00)
          4. $5?or$10?or$20?
          5. take the oath by saying
               I refuse to be a crook!
          6. your e-mail address so you can be notified
                of the membership riding meeting to choose
               theÉ(eh)PC candidate at election time

               May I have
               - your family name?
               - your initials?
               your date of birth?
- $5?or$10?or$20?
- you say the oath
                  I refuse to be a crook!
               - your e-mail address?

               l'll send you
a thank-you e-mail.


Enjoy your day!

thank-you e-mail

subject line
      Thank you for joining theÉ(eh)PC.
      [Merci d'être devenu(e) membre duPÉC.]


      (La version française suit.)

      Thank you for joining the É(eh)PC,the Égalité (eh-gah'-lee-teh)
      Party of Canada.

      If your name does *NOT* appear at,
      after a week's time, please let me know.

      I'll use this e-mail address to notify you of the election of
       the É(eh)PC candidate that will represent the riding.

      Note: the hall size will determine the number of members
      Note: allowed in to choose the É(eh)PC candidate for
      Note: your riding.

      Je vous remercie d'être devenu(e) membre du PÉC,le Parti
      Égalité du Canada.

      Si votre nom ne figure*pas* à,
      après une semaine, veuillez m'en prévenir.

      Je vais m'en servir de ce courriel pour vous en aviser de la 
      réunion des membres pour choisir le/la candidat(e) du PÉC
      qui représentera la circonscription.

      Notez : la taille de la salle déterminera le nombre de
      Notez : membres admissibles pour choisir le/la can-
      Notez : didat(e) du PÉC de votre circonscription.

      your initials, your family name