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small swordSLASHINGCosts
The goal is to reduce the size of Gov't by 75%.

The Gov't,
designed to give you the MAX,
will be
more effective and more efficient thanks
to automation.

All costs must
1. put thePEOPLE*1st*
2. be necessary

3. made in terms of expected benefits.
The Auditor Generals: the Problems
Though each province has one including the
federal Gov't ...
1. 20% of your tax $$$s disappears every 
1. year without a trace
2. nobody ever goes to jail for having abused
1. the public purse.

Their Blind Spots

They do NOT look at two (2) places where
Gov't costs are "always" out of control:
our FASCIST Police state"law and order"
1. apparatus
    - the Police
    - the judicial system
    - the prison system
2.  our health care system

do NOT look atParliamentary costs/expenses:
those of the Senate, the House of Commons, the
members of Parliament (MPs), the Senators, the
various provincial legislatures NOR those their
elected members.

In short, Canada's auditor generals seems to
be a cosmetic fascist defence shield for
our crooked FASCIST Police state.

Slashing the Size of Gov't50%-Twice
The╔(eh)PC will reduce the size of Gov't
50% twice!

Right away.

And a 2nd time when Canada becomes a
without provinces
+a s
enate). (See: 17. )

Gov't Salaries Reduced

Until the economy returns to 3% growth
or more,
the╔(eh)PC will impose a
salary ceiling
outside of Parliament of
$150,000 and nobody will work more
than 7.5 hours a day, 4 days a week
resulting in a
20%reduction in their

Limited Military Budget
The military budget will be limited to
$20 billion:
currently, it's
$80 billion.

Police Salaries
Police salaries must NOT be greater
than those paid to teachers.

Collective Agreements Voided
Collective agreements in the public
will be voided.