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magnifying glass - loupeImpossibleto have democracy without 100% financial transparency.

100% Transparency by Design

What does that mean?

That means this.

If there
is no 100% financial transparency in the Gov't,
it's *NOT* your Gov't, it does NOT belong to you because
it does *NOT* serve you 

Then, to whom the Gov't belongs? The crooks!

For the Gov't to serve you 
100%, it has to be 100%
financially transparent.

With the É(P)C the Gov't. will belong to you because
you will be able to monitor the details of its expenses
in real time as it happens using the Internet.

You'll know
1. who is making financial decisions
2. who they are associated with
3. who are benefiting from their decisions
4. who they are associated with.

Thus, the Gov't will be 100% "clean" by design.

That is what is meant by the É(P)C slogan "POWER!

  Expenses will be presented in terms ofcostsl+their expected
  benefit according to a preseselected level of service within
  a management by objective framework.

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The É(eh)PC
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to be continued