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The Eh-revolution
1. will allow thePEOPLEto monitor
1. the details of Gov't spending as it
1. happens

1. This means ...
1. - 20 %of your tax$$$s willNO
   1 LONGER disappearwithout a
1  . trace *every* yeardue to a lack
. of financial controls
1. - there will beNO MORE blind
    . taxationbecause you'll know
    . where your tax$$$s are going

2. will reward them with$5,000TAXFREEeach time
1. they report unnecessary spending,a criminal
1. offence

1. This will result in a100%financially transparent
1. democracythat servesthePEOPLE-100%.

The eh-revolutionis described assky blue
because it's colour the ofthe╔(eh)PC:it
representsthe idealism of the Party.

will*redesign* the Gov't
so *you*,thePEOPLE,will be in charge.

This is expressed in its slogan:

Cutting the Gov't75%

Right Away
A. eliminating
B. Freemasons
B. - Americans(with or without dual citizenship)
B.   for national security reasons
B. - thosewho came from the USA
B.   for national security reasons
B. - everyone from the same family
B.   except for one
B. - 20% of the cost of Gov't contracts
B.   by ending the practice of adding
B.   20% to the cost for bribes + kick-
B.   backs
B. reducing the fascist apparatus by90 %
B. - the Police
B. the judiciary
B. - the penitentiary system

C. automating Gov't services

D. implementing the following cost
D. reduction measures:
B. - implimentinga 4-day week
B. - implimentinga 7.5 hour work day
B. - limiting the maximum salary to$150,000
B. - eliminating collective bargaining agreements

- to becomea republicwithno provinces+no Senate
- achievedeither by referendum or withseven (7)
- ╔(eh)PCprovincial governments


   10%of your$$$will go to a gov't that
   is "designed" to serve you100%
   that is ...
   - 75%smaller
   - much more efficient
   - much more effective

1-click Access
to Financial Statements

   At the Web sites of ...
   - colleges
   - hospitals
   - universities
   - rental businesses
   - Gov't organizations
   - public corporations
   - public organizations
   - charitable organizations
   - appartment buildings and condo buildings

Santa*New* Annual Revenue:

Due tono more ...

        - tax shelters

        - tax deductions

        - tax exemptions

        - capital gains deduction

        - tax credits for political+
             charitable donations

         - tax incentives for such 
              things as R+D (research
, and mineral
              and gas/oil exploration

        - deferment of taxes by business

Due, also, to ...
       - a50%reduction in health care costs
            on account ofguaranteed income

       - the elimination ofcostly U.S.
            security measures

       - a90%reductionin our fascist Police
            state apparatusdesigned to put
            the maximum number of people
            in jail(without bothering to go
            after whitle collar crime):
            - the Police
            - the judiciary
            - the penitential system

       - to the elimination of the"illegal" financingof ...
            - public institutes
            - most political parties
            - secret Gov't operatives
            - full-time undercover cops
            - The Conference Board of Canada
            - The Canadian Taxpayers' Federation
            - First Nation, Inuit and MÚtis organizations
            - secret civilian cops working as store employees
            - unnecessary+extensive surveillance - especially of Muslims ...