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le 27 mai 2022arrow
- le Président/Chef  duPÉC dit que c'est surtout la Chine
  qui détient LA CLEF DE PROSPÉRITÉ.
Les seuls pays qui comptent aujourd’hui ce sont ceux qui ont de l’argent à investir à l’étranger et ce N’est PAS les États-Unis. (Ha! Ha!) Biden aime faire du bruit à l’étranger afin de permettre les médias de dire chez lui que le Président des États-Unis est “toujours” vu comme quelqu’un important. Ce n’est PLUS LE CAS - MAINTENANT. Ce sont des jours d’antan : ces jours relèvent d’un passé assez éloingé. Pourtant, Macron agit comme son chiot faisant de lui l’homme du passé : “LA FRANCE RECULE” avec lui au lieu d’avancer, TANT PIS pour “les enfants de la Patrie”. La Chine EST LA NOUVELLE RÉALITÉ DOMINANTE DANS LE MONDE. C’est elle et elle seule qui détient LA CLEF DE PROSPÉRITÉ ainsi que - dans une certaine mesure - les pays musulmans bien nantis - financièrement. Allah ’akbar. الله أكبر :D Ken, Toronto, le CANADA

May 26th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says the
  people responsible for Zelinsky success in
  the Ukraine is the CIA; the people that tell
  him what to say + do, ALSO the CIA.
"FEATURED" COMMENT - from among 250
Zelinsky's coming to power was NOT AN ACCIDENT - by any stretch. It was (from the looks of things: we're talking "optics") a CIA "brainwashing" coup. WHO surrounds him + tells him WHAT TO SAY + DO? Ukrainian CIA handlers. THE AMERICANS promise "billions", but can they deliver? NOT LIKELY. IT MAKES FOR "GOOD PRESS" -though. In "decoding" what the U.S. President says, we must take into account from WHAT WE LEARNED with President Trump: the U.S. President when lie "instinctively" whenever it's convenient. And the irony about all this is that that was always the way it has always been. (Ha! Ha!)Trump only served to "highlight" THIS FACT: AMERICANS LIE. (THINK BACK regarding the "alleged" ARMS OF MASS DESTRUCION that Iraq "supposedly" had that served as the basis for THE "SECOND" U.S. IRAQI WAR.) THE GOV'T IS SO "UNBELIEVALBY" BROKE it might NOT be able to keep its doors open (not to mention all the U.S. military bases it has around the world) passed the month of September. We'll have to wait + see with "bated breath": get out the popcorn. THIS IS GOING TO BE A THRILLER made in the USA. (Ha! Ha!) Ken, Toronto, CANADA

May 25th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says the
  THE CROOKS in the Gov't took advantage of
  globalization to line their pockets racking up
  massive debt that now has to be paid in the
  coming decades
"FEATURED" COMMENT - from among 85
The whole idea of the ideal of globalization (global open market) was for countries to find + exploit their "competitive advantage" on a global scale + global prosperity would ensue. The slogan (hat no was allowed to question) was to "think globally, but act locally". THE GOAL (holy grail) was OPTIMUM - global - PROSPERITY which would allow for more gov't revenue from the creation of MORE companies + MORE jobs: it was all about MORE! Crookedly-run countries took advantage of this to spend MORE! MORE bribes. MORE kickbacks. They loved this whole "theory' of globalization that no one dared question. Ha! Ha! THE LOGIC WAS TO SPEND MORE: MAKE YOUR MONEY WORK FOR YOU. The crookedly-run, money-poor countries (those incurring HUGE DEFICITS) took advantage of this UNQUESTIONED, UNCHALLENGES NOTION to  mortgage their economic future by OVERSPENDING. They used the notion of globalization to forgive THEIR "UNBRIDLED" SPENDING in THE UNFOUNDED BELIEF that THE MONEY SPIGOT would open wider + wider + MONEY WOULD JUST POUR IN - down the road. THAT WAS THE "PERVERSE" LOGIC that THE CROOKS WHO RAN THE GOVERNMENTS used. UNBRIDLED CAPITAL SPENDING became THE NEW WAY as it could pay for itself in the future: DUBAI is THE BEST EXAMPLE OF THIS. It depends on PEOPLE WITH MONEY TO COME TO DUBAI. But when NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE have the money, WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO DUBAI? However, GLOBALIZATION has worked for China allowing it to finance A BASKET OF HUGE MEGAPROJECTS + money rich Muslim countries TO EXPAND + MODERNISE THEIR INFRASTRUCTURE because they had the money to do it without amassing HUGE DEBTS. THOSE HUGE DEBTS HAVE TO BE PAID. They will be A LOT LESS MONEY TO INVEST. This will SLOW DOWN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY AS IT WILL CONTRACT MORE + MORE ON EXPECTATION OF ECONOMIC GROWTH THAT WILL NOT COME ONLY EXACERBATING EVERYTHING MORE. THE VALUE of the equity markets is founded on the expectation of FUTURE REVENUE GROWTH. When the justification for such an expectation is NOT THERE the equity markets FALL! And FALL until there is REVENUE GROWTH. This horrifical economic environment NO ONE CAN SELL ASSETS AS NO ONE WANTS TO BUY ASSETS preferring to KEEP CASH + have LIQUIDITY. BANKS GO UNDER unless they have the necessary funds to deal with their bad debts due to their loans turning sour. In this scenario, ALL U.S. BANKS are GONE except for Toronto Dominion which the Americans now own. Retirement funds will only be able to pay a percentage to their retirees. BANKS WILL BE INVESTING AT A LOST. People will survive through cooperative living + THOSE WITH THE MOST FRIENDS + THE BIGGEST EXTENDED FAMILIES WILL SURVIVE THE BEST. The global economy will resurrect + be stronger + wiser once we have PURGED THE MASSIVE GLOBAL DEBT PROBLEM - perhaps, several decades down the road. Governments will have to DOWNSIZE + THE CROOKS IN THE GOVERNMENT WILL HAVE TO GO! (Ha! Ha!) Ken, Toronto, CANADA

May 24th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader explains
  the evil of inflation is that it diminishes the
  purchasing power of the consumer who is
  is "forced to pay more".
"FEATURED" COMMENT - from among 900
The thinking behind Japan's abenomics was that 2% inflation meant you had a reasonably strong economy. Less, would suggest a weakening economy + more, an inflationary economy. Abenomics is credited with a stronger Japanese GDP + resulted in the stabilization of the  Japanese Gov't debt. The inflation we NOW have has NOTHING TO DO WITH inflationary ECONOMIC GROWTH. It has to do with "limited" supply that forces prices up. The "added" inflationary force is the weakening of certain currencies whose international value is declining like the U.S. $, the British sterling pound, the EURO + the Indian Rupee reducing the consumer power in those respective countries as their respective currencies purchasing power diminishes. (As A SIDE NOTE: the 1973 OIL CRISIS resulted in HIGH INFLATION when the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries mounted an OIL EMBARGO in response to the Yom Kippur War.) The economic contraction that we entering due to lower economic activity due to governments having to pay MASSIVELY HUGE DEBTS will erase inflation resulting from economic growth. Weakening currencies will be THE MAIN INFLATIONARY FORCE in those countries with weakening currencies (due to weakening economies). THERE, THE PRICES (of goods + services) will CONTINUE TO GO UP as the value of the currencies go down. Unfortunately, this "deters" badly needed foreign investment. THE SOLUTION will be ECONOMIC GROWTH. MINDLESS U.S. SANCTIONS only serve to put the brakes on economic growth that the whole world badly needs to get out of this ECONOMIC FUNK. THE AMERICANS should no better, no? (Ha! Ha!) Ken, Toronto, CANADA

RESPONSE to remark by The Third Door
IF YOU HAVE the accompanying ECONOMIC GROWTH, it's NOT SO BAD (part of the pains of a fast growing economy); IF NOT, then you're IN TROUBLE: "we're in trouble." :D THE ECONOMIC TREND LINE IS DOWN - possibly for decades to come until we deal with THE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF DEBT. THE ONLY WAY OUT OF THIS ECONOMIC FUNK is GROWTH CREATION via consumer spending + foreign investments. [THOSE COUNTRIES with money to invest: China (which is ACTING AS A WORLD DEVELOPMENT BANK) + MONEY-RICH MUSLIM COUNTRIES.] Those without foreign investment
will GET DINGED (THINK, HERE: NATO countries - for their BELLIGERENT BEHAVIOR.) (Ha! Ha!) THOSE COUNTRIES that will do SUPER WELL: China, of course, + the Commonwealth of Independent States lead by Russia (that will become THE MOST IMPORTANT ECONOMIC BLOC). :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA (They're "all" Russian-speaking: it's time to learn Russian, no? OH, YES! DON'T FORGET TO INVEST IN THE Russian RUBLE.)

May 23rd 2022arrow
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader explains
  why social media makes him feel "amazingly
  positive" in his YouTube answer to the ques-
  tion: How does social media make you feel
  most of the time? Among 1,500 comment
  hs his answer is the "featured" comment
  at the very top of all others. :D

Social media has been GETTING A BAD RAP: there's A LOT OF ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA RHETORIC that gets repeated in a thoughtless way in the media because it seem the "in" thing to do + everybody seems to be doing it. (Ha! Ha!) You almost have to believe that IT'S A GOV'T CONSPIRACY (and probably is). HERE'S WHAT IS SO FANTASTIC ABOUT IT: it allows you to REACH OUT TO OTHERS who share your interests or who can provide you with advice regarding a predicament you find yourself in. MOST IMPORTANTLY, it can provide you with trouble-shooting answers like ... WHICH city should I move to, WHERE are some good places to visit abroad, WHICH university/restaurant/gym do you recommend? FROM THE GET GO, people were SO VERY HELPFUL ONLINE that the U.S. Gov't paid professional trolls (who tended to be cops) to counteract all THIS ENTHUSIASM; the Canadian Gov't followed suit: BOTH Fascist Police state governments with "ZERO" FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY (100% crooked). :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA

May 22nd 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  India's lifebuoy is China.
WHO KNEW India existed until President Modi came along? :D HE'S A VERY SMART POLITICIAN. He like to TEST THE WATERS + find what is THE SCORE regarding India on the International stage. What hurts him is that he "appears" to be JUST ANOTHER U.S. LACKEY like NATO. TO WIN BIG, he needs to be "GOOD" FRIENDS with China + Russia. India is "VERY" GUILTY OF A LOT OF ANTI-CHINESE UNTRUTHFUL RHETORIC that is designed to provoke the Gov't of China: THE AMERICANS JUST LOVE THIS. It's SHAMEFUL + STUPID. India is technically "still" a poor, backward country with a "serious" public sanitation problem, illiteracy problem - still, unemployment problem with youth protesting in the streets for lack of jobs, religious conflict due to the unfair treatment of non-Hindu religions, ... . Jobs, economic growth, prosperity can only come from Chinese investment. OTHERWISE, AS THINGS ARE GOING HE'S GOING TO BE IN TROUBLE. His traveling abroad keeps him from FACING THE MUSIC AT HOME: he caN'T hide abroad - forever. :D And after him, WHAT HAPPENS to India? NOW IS THE TIME FOR HIM to make amends with China + become A GOOD FRIEND OF CHINA. China will VALUE THE TIES OF INDIAN FRIENDSHIP for no other reason than it WILL MAKE THE WORLD A SAFER PLACE reducing a war with THE QUAD ALLIANCE (Australia, India, Japan, the USA) which THE AMERICANS ARE HOPING FOR + HAVE BEEN PREPARING FOR FOR DECADES. OTHERWISE, the status quo will DEBILITATE India resulting in SERIOUS, LARGE PROTESTS that the Gov't will NOT be able to control. India will LOSE FACE ON THE INTERNATIONAL STAGE coming off as a pariah state disabled more + more by ineffective politics that DOOMS the economy. THINGS WILL SPIRAL OUT OF CONTROL. India's lifebuoy is China. :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA

May 21st 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  the Russian military is "on target".

FROM MY POINT OF VIEW, the Russian military are "successfully" hitting THEIR TARGETS + getting rid of THEIR MILITARY JUNK allowing the Ukrainians to "brag" that they're winning the war: it just woN'T happen against the Russians as we - all - saw SO WELL + DEMONSTATED SO ELOQUENTLY by the incredible performance of the Russian military - small in size - who took on THE BAD GUYS, the U.S. massive military in Syria - FOR OVER A DECADE. A DECADE! (Ha! Ha!) Making President Putin "A HERO" in Muslim countries. :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA

RESPONSE to remark by Steven. :Square Peg: 

I'M NOT A "CRAZY" AMERICAN THAT BANKRUPTED THE USA (THE LAND OF "DAILY" MASS MURDERS WHERE VIOLENCE IS "THE NORM" ON TV + AMERICAN MOVIES CREATING A SERIOUS ADDICTION TO VIOLENCE among the U.S. population) BANKRUPTED due to costly, unnecessary, unprovoked, unjustified "shock + awe" wars IN SO MANY COUNTRIES like Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, NOW the Ukraine, generating A MINDBOGGLING DEBT OF $30 TRILLION that could have been avoided had the USA made the UN work. BUT NO! THE AMERICANS HAVE TO BOMB + KILL BECAUSE THEY ARE "PISSED OFF"! I'm a Canadian who believes (unlike YOU "CRAZY" AMERICANS WHO HAVE SHOWED YOURSELVES TO BE BAD NEWS FOR THE WORLD, NOW, FOR DECADES!) that war will NEVER BE THE SOLUTION. It's NO WONDER the U.S. $ is FALLING! It's NOT SURPRISING the USA has NO FUTURE. The USA is a BACKWARD country: the USA has NO SUPERSONIC MISSILES + the USA is POOR: it has NO BULLET TRAINS, but plenty of AMMUNITION TO KILL. (Ha! Ha!) SO TELL ME: how much ammunition do you have + how many guns. THE WORLD WANTS TO KNOW JUST HOW CRAZY YOU REALLY ARE. I'm curious. (Ha! Ha!) Ken, Toronto, CANADA (where it's safe to live + where we can go out at night without the fear of being killed)

May 20th 2022

- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says the USA
  is a POOR + BACKWARD: their presidents' foreign
  policy is to be blamed, AN INTENDED DISTRAC-
  TION because they've had less + less control of
  their domestic affairs with the continued inroads
  made by Oranized Crimes in running the Gov't
  facilitated by ZERO Gov't FINANCIALL TRANS-
  PARENCY that allows THE CROOKS to have
  their way.
WHY Obama did NOT OUTLAW white supremist groups who are ARMED is a mystery to me. BUT THE ANSWER lies in THE FACT they run the U.S. Gov't along with elected KKK Freemasons with THE CROOKS IN CHARGE of the U.S. Gov't that has ZERO FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY - JUST LIKE THE BRITS. (Ha! Ha!) SO, THE QUESTION IS THIS: is OLDMAN Biden prepared to do that: OUTLAW white supremist groups. THE ANSWER is NO! Consequently, the USA, a country with TOO MANY PEOPLE WITH TOO FEW JOBS + A FALLING DOLLAR (just like the Brits FALLING POUND) will CONTINUE (like the Brits) its DOWNWARD DECLINE. Both THE AMERICANS + THE BRITS are cut from THE SAME CLOTH: THEY BOTH HAVE TO HAVE THEIR WAY. Boris Johnson is NOT A MAN OF COMPRIMISE. Like THE AMERICANS he has to have his way. This UNCOMPROMISING ATTITUDE is ruffling feathers in the US + contributes to the DOWNWARD DECLINE of the Brits who are experiencing A SERIOUS FLIGHT OF FOREIGN CAPITAL as foreign investors seek to CUT THEIR LOSSES. HOW DOES ALL THE END FOR BOTH THE AMERICANS + THE BRITS? Not well - INDEED! They are LOOKING AT POVERTY - "IN THE FACE". :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA

RESPONSE to remark by James Crowder

THIS IS "CLASSIC" U.S. PROPAGANDA "brainwashing" RHETORIC that works with the leaders of NATO COUNTRIES - for some unexplained reason: "perhaps, just perhaps, they're UNDER SOME EVIL SPELL like the USA. (HA! HA!) The USA is protecting the "free world". I love THIS OVERWORKED CATCH-PHRASE because it's SO very FUNNY not to mention IDIOTIC! This is OLD FASHIONED COLD WAR RHETORIC that is OUT OF STEP with todays reality - just like NATO is. THE AMERICANS "insist" IN LIVING IN THE PAST in their Cold War psychotic rhetoric. As someone who was involved with spies during the Cold War, it was surprising to learn - right away - that THE PROBLEM WAS THE AMERICANS. We. in Canada,  DEFROSTED THE COLD WAR IN by NOT involving THE AMERICANS: THAT WAS "THE ONLY WAY". The COLD WAR IS OVER: you can THANK CANADA FOR THAT! The USA has A WAR ECONOMY and - the irony of ironies - THEIR $764 BILLION DOLLAR a-year MILITARY MACINE IS OUT OF DATE. (HA! HA!) Russia spends a mere $45 BILLION on its military + IT'S - BY FAR - THE BEST. They "armed" Iran SO WELL that the USA DOES NOT DARE ATTACK Iran: ONE OF ITS TOP INTELLIGENCE OBJECTIVES. It was President Putin who KICKED THE YANKY ASS - OVER A DECADE - IN SYRIA making him A HERO IN THE MUSLIM WORLD. YOUR TALK is DELUSIONAL like that of the rest of the U.S. Gov't who is - by the way - VICIOUSLY ANTI-CANADIAN + PROUD OF IT. It was a U.S. presidential tradition to put Canada down as THE FIRST ITEM OF BUSINESS. Kennedy did it. Shame! Ken, Toronto, Canada

RESPONSE to remark by Tru Blu

with a $30 TRILLION - IMPOSSIBLE - DEBT (due to costly, unnecessary, unprovoked, unjustified wars as a result of decades of warfare), WITH FALLING STOCK MARKETS BECAUSE THE FUTURE OF THE USA IS BLEAK! Perhaps, "foreigners are tripping over each other to come" + see HOW BAD THINGS "ALREADY" ARE - to get their jollies. :D SOON, you'll see Congressmen + Congress women panhandling + the President getting around Washington ALONE + IN DISGUISE: A REAL BIG TOURIST DRAW that will be. Yep! And MOST OF THOSE TOURISTS - I BET YAH - WILL BE RUSSIAN. (Ha! Ha!) Ken, Toronto, Canada

May 19th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says SUPER-
  SONIC MISSILES will decide the outcome of World
  War III: THE AMERICANS doN'T even have one. (Ha! Ha!)
WHY does NATO exist when China + Russia have SAID TIME + AGAIN that their "respective" military IS FOR DEFENSIVE PURPOSES - ONLY? BOTH have supersonic missiles; The USA does NOT EVEN have ONE NOR does it have ONE bullet train because THE USA IS SO POOR! Those Russian + Chinese missiles can hit every inch of the USA. World War III will only last a few days. The results will be CATASTROPHIC! The USA will be DECIMINATED! Interestingly, the USA uses the Ukraine conflict AS A MAJOR DIVERSION from domestic affairs where the President has little influence because the U.S. Gov't is run by KKK Freemasons + whites supremist groups + MOST IMPORTANTLY, by CROOKS because the U.S. Gov't has ZERO TRANSPARENCY meaning that it is A CROOKED, CLOSED-DOOR FASCIST POLICE STATE. The FBI fuels "the illusion" that there are NO CRIMINALS IN GOV'T. THIS IS "THE BIGGEST AMERICAN ILLUSION" (besides the USA being a great nation - WHEN was that?) when ORGANIZED CRIME IS TAKING OVER MORE + MORE OF THE GOV'T. Here, in Canada, we have A PROBLEM WITH THE AMERICAN HELLS ANGELS running about 25 cities including Toronto + the universities/colleges in Toronto including a hospital in the west-end of Toronto along with the world's second biggest drug trafficking network (after that in South East Asia), BOTH run by the CIA: the CIA set it up in Canada in the 1970s + is run by the American Hells Angels via the shelter system. THE AMERICANS may think that this is fine, but they have THE SAME PROBLEM "on their own turf" with ORGANIZED CRIME running ivy league universities like Harvard, hospitals, etc. Getting back to NATO, the USA knows using the CIA (It's A SPECIALTY OF THEIRS.) which Gov't officials to bribe in order to have THEIR WAY: the U.S. Gov't philosophy is that EVERYBODY IS A LITTLE WHORE that can be bought. That is how they run Guatemala, Columbia, ... and CANADA to a great extent - especially the Conservative Party of Canada + our oil/gas sector. With THE AMERICANS it's all about "HAVING THEIR WAY" (It's A POWER THING.): THAT'S ALL THAT COUNTS FOR THEM. THAT APPROACH IS "KILLING" THE USA. Sad, but true, because of 100% CROOKED Gov't which the President has lost control of, THE USA HAS NO FUTURE. The falling U.S. dollar + LACK of FOREIGN INVESTMENT only to serve to confirm this as everything in the USA goes down hill. THE BIG PROBLEM is that the USA has TOO FEW JOBS FOR TOO MANY PEOPLE. Ken, Toronto, CANADA

May 18th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says SUPER-
  SONIC MISSILES makes other military hardware
  dated. The USA does NOT have any because the
You caught on. (Ha! Ha!) They have SUPERSONIC MISSILES which renders most of "their" military hardware + those of all other countries DATED. The 3rd World War will last a very few days + be carried out with missiles. It will be CATASTROPHIC! THE AMERICANS have always been in favour of WAR as manifested by the unnecessary, unjustified, unprovoked wars "THEY" caused - PROVIDING "THEY" DON'T GET HIT. In the 3rd World War THE AMERICANS will be DECIMATED! And THAT IS THE WAY THINGS ARE GOING WITH NATO MEMBERSHIP that created THE EXPECTATION of a 3rd World War which is THE "astute" ASSESMENT of President Putin. KILL NATO to prevent World War III + SAVE THE WORLD. The U.S. military is OUT OF DATE: it's time for the USA to become A NEUTRAL COUNTRY + reassign their $764 BILLION MILITARY BUDGET to dealing with THEIR HOMELESS PROBLEM that is GETTING BIGGER BY THE DAY. The USA is NOW a relatively POOR (only 10 cities have some economic growth with the rest of the USA becoming AN ECONOMIC WASTELAND) + BACKWARD COUNTRY backward because it has NO BULLET TRAINS + relatively little construction projects going on in its cities: THINGS ARE ECONOMICALLY AT A STANDSTILL in the USA. THE FUTURE of the USA is BLEAK INDEED due to reckless, needless military spending + A WAR ECONOMY. Ironically, Obama wrote a book entitled "The Audacity of Hope" before he was elected + "A Promised Land" after he left political office. He was THE BIGGEST PRESIDENTIAL JOKER the USA ever had. (Ha! Ha!) Ken, Toronto, CANADA

May 17th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says President
  Erdogan of Turkey needs to stick with President Putin.
Turkey's Kurdish problem can be readily solved by offering them "dual citizenship" in those countries where they live. THE AMERICANS don't like President Erdogan for the same reason that they doN'T like President Putin: BOTH ARE VERY STRONG + VERY COMPETENT LEADERS. THE AMERICANS sought to undermine President Erdogan using an extensive network that was put in place by THE AMERICANS. The protest in Taksim Gezi Park where the young people stood motionless (probably ALL CIA agents just like the initial protests in the Ukraine) in THE SAME YEAR, 2014. THE GERMANS "jumped" on the Ukrainian conflict as an opportunity to keep Turkey out of the EU. I remember him NOT given a good reception around that time in Germany. I thought THE GERMANS dealt with him in a very rude way suggesting that in their eyes he was NOT THAT IMPORTANT. I was UTTERLY AMAZED with the very effective manner President Erdogan NEUTRALIZED THAT U.S. BACKED NETWORK meant to destabilized him + Turkey. It goes to show you HOW SMART THE TURKS REALLY ARE. I was stunned by his determination + ability TO RIP APART - over a period a time - that U.S.-backed network that was meant to do him political harm + create political instability. Like President Putin, President Erdogan is A REMARKABLE LEADER who is MORE IMPORTANT due to the Organization of Turkic States. It has to BE OBVIOUS to President Erdogan that NATO is out of control. It would be WISE + TO HIS GREAT CREDIT TO PUT THE SKIDS ON NATO. In fact, Columbia (The USA has 3 military bases there.) is ALSO part of NATO. How CRAZY is that, eh? The USA is an economic basket case with NO BULLET TRAINS whereas THE FUTURE BELONGS TO RUSSIA. It is in Turkey's BEST INTEREST to be friends with President Putin, his friend + drop the USA, the "undeclared" enemy of Turkey.
Çok yaşa Türkiye! :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA

May 16th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says the
  crooks that run the Gov't took advantage of
  a bad economic situation to spend even more
  burdening their respective countries with huge
  debts resulting in DEBT OVERLOAD.
For DECADES, irresponsible, crookedly-run countries increased their debt saying BETTER TIMES ARE AHEAD that will allow us to deal we our debt head on. Besides, SPENDING NOW is good for the economy. It was clearly GOOD FOR THE CROOKS. Reckless spending became THE STATUS QUO (THE NORM). NEARLY EVERBODY was doing it was THE JUSTIFICATION. It was reckless from the get go. THE CROOKS RUNNING THE GOV'T DIDN'T CARE. British commonwealth countries with ZERO FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY (100% crooked) (particularly guilty) took advantage of the situation. NOW, they're forced to face the music. Ken, Toronto, CANADA

le 15 mai 2022
- le Président/Chef  duPÉC dit que la CIA est une
  secte de menteurs diabolique.
Si les Français pensent que la CIA est crédible sont clairement des imbéciles de premier ordre. Les supposés fuites + la supposée colère de Biden, un vieux routier politique, ce ne sont que du subterfuge afin d’attirer le mire des médias sur sa politque etrangère, parce que sur le plan national, Biden ne peut rien faire. Et maintenant, vous avez - déjà - le crime organisé dans le secteur public qui continue à s’étendre son emprise sur le gouv. américain. Avec la CIA, c'est la dissemination de désinformation (des mensonges et rien d'autre). La CIA, c'est ni plus ni moins qu'une secte. La CIA est le principal trafiquant de stupéfiants au monde notamment au Canada et dans l'Asie du Sud-Est. En plus, la CIA est le plus grand trafiquant d’armes sur le marché noir au monde. La CIA cherche à créer des conflits afin de vendre des armes. En somme, la CIA est une organisation diabolique. Ken, Toronto, le CANADA  

May 14th 2022
3306 Kingston Road
Scarborough Village Residence
10:30 p.m.
- upon entering the premises, the CIA personnel
  refused to allow
theÉ(eh)PC President/Party
  Leader to go to his room until they saw what
  he had in his duffle bag: this was harassment.

theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader intends to
  visit the office of CSIS (277 Front St. W. - at John
  St.) + that of the RCMP in Toronto (255 Attwell
  Drive, Etobicoke) (905-405-3750) in the coming
  days to find out what they're going to do about
  the CIA running the shelter system + Toronto
  Housing for their benefit + what they're going
  to do about having the largest CIA community
  in Toronto: refusal to do anything will be BOTH
  treason + a very serious dereliction of duty

- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says the
  leading British magazine,THE ECONOMIST,
should have SOUNDED THE ALARM regar-
  ding war the "exorbitant" cost of war.
THIS IS JUST MORE BRITISH NONSENSE. Once the Russian military has taken out ITS INTENDED MILITARY TARGETS it move on. FACT: the Russians have SUPERSONIC MISSILES. They don't need military men + hardware on the ground to win. ZELINSKY was 100% created by the CIA + he is surrounded by Ukrainian CIA handlers. ZELINSKY claims he's going to win with NATO countries cheering him on when he CAN'T in a thousand years. Incidentally, Britain is bankrupt (like the USA) because of their UNNECESSARY INVOLVEMENT in the Iraqi war that was UNPROVOKED, UNJUSTIFIED + UNNECESSARY. THE AMERICANS wanted the Brits involved in order to do MAXIMUM ECONOMIC HARM which it DID! THE ECONOMIST should HAVE SOUNDED THE ALARM THAT WAR DOES NOT PAY, but it didn't, did they? NOW, LIKE THEIR MODEL, THE USA, it is bankrupt experiencing A SEVERE FLIGHT OF FOREIGN CAPITAL driving the British pound DOWN, DOWN, DOWN! But, like THE AMERICANS, they can PRETEND for a while that THEY HAVE $ + that THEY'RE IMPORTANT.  But they can only do that FOR A WHILE. GOD BLESS THE QUEEN. :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA

- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  the USA is NO LONGER a superopower:
  China + Russia "definitely" are.

The USA does NOT have any SPERSONIC MISSILES: China + Russia do + they can reach any part of the USA. Essentially, it's GAME OVER for the USA. Their annual $764 BILLION DOLLAR BUDGET is A WASTE OF $. It's time for the USA to become A NEUTRAL COUNTRY. :D Ken,   Toronto, CANADA

RESPONSE to remark by Superdon Youngy

WHAT you're alleging is NOT AT ALL TRUE - IN THE LEAST: your condescension + patronizing is TYPICALLY CLASSIC CIA rhetoric. LET'S PUT THINGS INTO PERSPECTIVE: HOW MANY BULLET TRAINS does the USA have? NONE! ZERO! It's BANKRUPT: can the U.S. Gov't keep its doors open from October 2202 onwards? Probably NOT! It's FINISHED! KAPUT! The U.S. "psychotic" illusion of being a world power is NOW HISTORY. Only 10 cities in the USA has some economic growth: the rest of the USA is becoming AN ECONOMIC WASTELAND. The U.S. dollar is FALLING! THE AMERICANS have repeatedly demonstrated in being involved in UNNECESSARY, COSTLY, UNPROVOKED, UNJUSTIFIED WARS to be THE BAD GUYS OF THE WORLD. BULLIES! They have ZERO CREDIBILITY outside of NATO countries. THE AMERICANS are on their way TO THE POOR HOUSE. They're on their way to becoming THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD. The joke will be this in countries around the world: HOW LOW is the U.S. $ TODAY? (Ha! Ha!) Ken, Toronto, CANADA

RESPONSE to remark by jeff

You're confusing "supersonic missiles" with something else - surely. (Ha! HA!) I know you find it hard to believe that the U.S. military is DATED - given that is spends MORE THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY - BY FAR. Most countries like Russia spend around $45 BILLION a year on its military: the USA, $764 BILLION! WHERE'S THE EVIDENCE TO "BACK UP" YOUR CLAIM? There isN'T any. FANCIFUL - AMERICAN - THINKING (like we're THE BEST; we're THE STRONGEST; everyone envies us) DOES NOT WIN THE DAY. (HA! HA!) In the USA, the bridges are FALLING DOWN like the U.S. $. :D Ken, Toronto, Canada

RESPONSE to remark by jeff

The range of the AGM-28 Hound Dog is "only"  785 miles: NOT FAR BY TODAY'S STANDARD by any stretch. On the other hand, the Russian + Chinese supersonic missiles have a "global" reach, NOT A "MERE" 785 miles. (Ha! Ha!)  THE AMERICANS are NO CONTEST for the Chinese + Russians militarily who have had joint military exercises a little while back. We saw the Russians outgun THE AMERICANS - for over a decade now - in Syria. As "a comeback", your response is FEEBLE.  :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA

RESPONSE to remark by jeff

The U.S. military is "dated": the Russian + Chinese military can "run circles around" today's outdated U.S. military which, by the way, is SYMPTOMATIC of a USA that is FALLING APART: bridges are FALLING DOWN; the U.S. $ FALLING; 1,000,000 Covid-19 deaths - already; MASS MURDERS EVERY DAY; Americans addicted to violence, the direct result of watching too much violence on TV + too many violent U.S. movies with the white supremacists + Organized Crime running the U.S. Gov't that has ZERO FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY. The USA: ONE BIG MESS! :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA

- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  JOB GROWTH is "the determining factor"
  regarding the existence of a recession or

HOW TO UNDERSTAND THE ECONOMY IS EASY: it has everything  to do with JOB GROWTH or LACK thereof. THE INFLATION that we have is AN ABNORMALITY because it is NOT TIED TO JOB GROWTH. We have inflation due to A LACK OF AVAILABLE GOODS pushing up the prices of those goods along with THE RESTRICTED AVAILABILITY OF OIL + GAS. Consequently, consumers are SPENDING LESS resulting in NEGATIVE ECONOMIC GROWTH due to THESE RECESSIONARY FORCES that encourages consumers to spend EVEN LESS! ALL THIS creates ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY which "reinforces" THE CONSUMER WILL DRIVEN BY A FEAR OF POVERTY to CONTINUE TO SPEND LESS! THE SOLUTION is THE ELIMINATION OF POVERTY through GUARANTEED INCOMES + A LIVING MINIMUM WAGE + REQUIRING - BY LAW - THAT BUSINESSES PROVIDE THE HIGHEST WAGES POSSIBLE (Japan needs to do this in order to turn things around: otherwise, it will be A POOR COUNTRY like its model, the USA.) :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA

le 14 mai 2022
3306, chemin Kingston
La Résidence village de Scarborough

- à son entrée dans l'immeuble, le personnel de
  la CIA refusa de permettre au
de se rendre à sa chambre jusqu'à ce
  qu'ils voient ce qu'il avait dans son sac de
  sport : c'était du harcèlement.

- le Président/Chef duPÉC a l'intention de visiter
  le bureau du SCRS (277, rue Front ouest - à la
  rue John) et celui de la GRC à Toronto (255,
  promenade Attwell, Etobicoke) dans les prochains
  jours pour savoir ce qu'ils vont faire au sujet
  de la CIA qui gère le système des refuges +
  Toronto Housing à leur profit + ce qu'ils vont
  faire en ce qui concerne la plus grande communauté
  de la CIA à Toronto : le refus de faire quoi que
  ce soit sera à la fois de la trahison + un très
manquement au devoir.

May 13th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  NATO countries are proving to be as stupid
  as the USA.
China + Russia have said - MANY TIMES - that their military is SOLELY FOR DEFENSIVE PURPOSES. There is NO RUSSIAN THREAT TOWARDS FINLAND - at all! ZERO! WHY, then, THE HYSTERIA? Incidentally, my paternal grandfather came from the middle of Sweden near the border with Norway where the family Selin (Viking) name originated + my paternal grandmother (maiden name: Kortti) from northern Finland. Hence. I had always EVERY REASON TO BELIEVE BOTH of these countries to be LEVEL-HEADED - TILL NOW. If Finland exists, today, it's because of Russia allowed it: Russia could have easily annexed it, but it didN'T. Russia is NO THREAT to Finland's national security - whatsoever. THE WHOLE IDEA OF WAR + ARMIES (MANIFESTATIONS OF POWER) was the product of MODERN ERA IMPERIALISM (the beginning of the 1500s Renaissance with initiated with THE FALL OF THE BERLIN WALL + THE END OF COMMUNISM), we are in A FRIENDSHIP (non-confrontation) SERVICE-MODE ERA highlighted my Chairman Mao Zedong's slogan, SERICE TO THE PEOPLE. NATO countries are (BACK IN THE MODERN ERA) OUT OF STEP with "today's" POST-MODERN REALITY with THE USA LEADING THE WAY - BACK TO THE PAST proving that THE AMERICANS ARE CRUDE "HILLBILLIES": THEY DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER. And the Europeans, (I'm aghast to say), THE SAME! (You would "expect" the Europeans to know better ... BUT NO!) (Ha! Ha!) Ken, Toronto, CANADA

May 12th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  Germany has been allowing the USA to usurp
  its European leadership role using NATO.
  Using "this backdoor", the USA, the world's
  most notorious bully, is having its way with
What I like about the Germans they let THE AMERICANS run Europe "into the ground" + they go along with it. IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE INTELLIGENCE OBJECTIVE to weaken Europe AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE + the Germans go MINDLESSLY along with this. It does NOT get ANY CRAZIER especially when Europe's future standard of living + economy is dependent - 100% - on Russia (+ NOT the USA). (Ha! Ha!) Ken, Toronto, CANADA

May 10th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  the World will punish NATO countries for
  the conflict in Ukraine.
We see U.S. hostility + NATO's towards Russia going all the way back to the Solchi Olympics. The U.S. using NATO has been to GANG UP ON RUSSIA. It needs to be pointed out that Presdent Putin has repeatedly said that he wants to be friends with the USA. NATO propaganda only serves to FAN HATRED OF Presdent Putin. That might work, but only with NATO countries. This conflict is giving NATO countries A BLACK EYE. The World will punish them. In the end, Presdent Putin wins the day earning MUCH GOOD WILL + ACCLAIM AROUND THE WORLD. NATO countries will NOT get BADLY NEEDED INVESTMENT from those countries that have PLENTY OF $ TO INVEST: namely, China + money-rich Muslim nations. Russia will. :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA

May 9th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader writes
  a French poem
le printemps

le 9 mai  2022
- le Président/Chef duPÉC écrit le poème,
  le printemps

May 8th
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  the Saudis are "finally" the friend of Russia.
Saudis are winning in Europe, but losing to Russia in Asia: it sounds like a tie situation to me. (Ha! Ha!) Russia is reaping THE REWARD OF BEING A PROVEN FRIEND OF MUSLIM COUNTRIES while the USA has shown itself to clearly + most definitely THEIR ENEMY obsessed with hurting MUSLIM NATIONS as much as possible. I thank Allah for Saudi Arabia "finally" coming to its senses in supporting its REAL FRIEND: Russia. :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA

May 7th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  that once the snow falls President Putin
  will win HANDS DOWN!
Ukraine has been a disaster for Russia: are you sure? The stock markets are going DOWN along with the value of the British pound, EURO, U.S. $, ... . There is A PERMANENT COST to NATO countries (who approved all this) of taking in Ukrainian economic refugees. Should this conflict last until the snow comes, President Putin wins HANDS DOWN! Russia becomes THE "ACKNOWLEDGED" SUPER POWER along with China + NATO countries are LOOKING - FOREVER - REDICULOUS. (It must be noted that when the USA was unjustifiably attacking Syria for over a decade (displacing 13,000,000 Syrians), NO NATO COUNTRIES OBJECTED. NOT EVEN the Pope told/asked the USA to STOP! SHAME! Ken, Toronto, CANADA

May 1st 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  THE BEST OPTION for India is to join
  China + Russia as partners.

India (like Canada+ all Commonwealth countries) is a "law + order" society run by the Freemasons who control the bureaucratic apparatus with 0% financial transparency: the result is 100% Gov't corruption where THE GOV'T SPENDING PRIORTIES are "always" THE SAME with Freemasons: the Police + the judiciary + the prison system + the military. THE SPECIALTY OF THE AMERICANS is its ability using the CIA to control GOV'T CORRUPTION to the extent it can. THE U.S. PROBLEM regarding the control of Indian Gov't corruption to the extent it can (It has VERY LITTLE LEVERAGE doing this in India unlike Latin America with Mexico + Columbia + Guatemala.) is that it CAN TRY. THE U.S. GOAL is - to be sure - to keep India from joining China + Russia as PARTNERS. This would be THE BEST SOLUTION for India's economic future whose GDP is 1/7th of China's. This would, ALSO, IMMENSELY REDUCE THE THREAT of WWIII. Hopefully, India will get rid of its military + become A NEUTRAL NATION respecting Gandhi 's wish of PACIFISM which is ONE OF ITS BEST ECONOMIC OPTIONS. JAI HIND. :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA

April 29th 2022
11:50 a.m
At the corner of Dundas and Parliament

É(eh)PC President/Party Leader was harassed
  by African-Canadian undercover cop well-dressed,
  clean shaven with short hair wearing a black jacket
  + a cap + light blue jeans + red Jordan running shoes;
  measuring 6', weighing 200 lbs; his Caucasian dark
  red hair female partner with a pony tail wore light
  blue jeans with a light blue sweater. Measuring 5'
  + weighing 145 lbs, she sported sun-glasses.
100% crooked Gov't is afraid of
the teen tittie/nipple revolution
    this summer.]

- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says

China will bring ECONOMIC SECURITY to Afghanistan like it does wherever it invests like in Canada + Latino + African + Central Asian countries among others: the USA (fearing China's STRONG ECONOMIC EXPANSION due to it VERY SUCCESSFULLY OPERATING as a world development bank) warned Sri Lanka that Chinese investment in their country was A TRAP! The Gov't of Sri Lanka bought into THIS U.S. TRAP that caused its economic collapse. The takeaway here is DON'T LISTEN TO THE AMERICANS. (Ha! Ha!) Ken, Toronto, CANADA

le 29 avril 2022
À l'angle des rues Dundas + Parlement

- le Président/Chef duPÉC fut harcelé par un policier
  en civil afro-canadien bien habillé, bien rasé avec
  des cheveux courts portant une manteau noir +
  une casquette + un jean bleu clair + des espadrilles
  rouges Jordan ; mesurant 6', pesant 200 livres ; sa
  partenaire, une femme blanche aux cheveux roux
  foncés avec une queue de cheval portait aussi un
  jean bleu clair avec un chandail bleu clair. Mesurant
  5', pesant 145 lb, elle arborait des lunettes fumées.
   [Notre Gouv. 100 % croche a peur de
    la révolution des seins/tétons
    des ados
cet été.]

April 28th 2022
É(eh)PC President/Party Leader updated his
  Web page:
To the Beach🌞TOPLESS!😎

le 28 avril 2022
- le Président/Chef duPÉC a mis à jour sa page
  Web :
À la plage🌞SEINS NUS !😎

April 27th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  the U.S.A. will NEVER be a friend of India
  because it's A RACIST NATION.
There was a time when what the American Gov't said counted - especially by China (according to an important Chinese intelligence friend of mine). But NOT any longer. Most Muslim + Latino countries NO LONGER BOTHER to pay them any attention because it's a waste of time. The USA wants India to join in a war they've been planning for decades with China whose goal is to kill as many Asians as possible using "limited nuclear warfare". In my "extensive" dealings with the CIA in Canada (including being beaten up several times) (Canada is home to the largest CIA community.) I notice they're SO CONDESCENDING + PATRONISING based on THE FALSE NOTION THAT THEY'RE SUPERIOR TO EVERYONE  - just like the village idiot. (Ha! Ha!) Part of this has to do with the fact that THE U.S. GOV'T IS RACIST because it's run by KKK racist Freemasons (Most of those in Congress are KKK Freemasons.) + white supremist groups (Most white cops + judges are members of white supremist groups.  (To work in the Gov't an American can join either of those two groups.) Therefore, do NOT expect the U.S. Gov't to like the Gov't of India: it's just NOT GOING TO HAPPEN no matter how hard + how often Modi hugs the U.S. President. :D (JAI HIND. LONG LIVE THE MEMORY OF MAHATMA GHANDI +
HIS PACIFISM. नमस्ते) Ken, Toronto, CANADA

April 26th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  the U.S. Gov't adoption of MISINFORMA-
  TION (fiction)
in the 1970s means it CAN-
NOT be trusted to tell the truth: THE BEST
  that Iraq had "weapons of mass dis-
  truction" which proved to be UTTER
  NONSENSE. They doN'T know what
  they're talking about.
WHAT  NONSENSE! The VERY EXISTENCE OF THE PENTAGON is TO PROMOTE WAR. OTHERWISE, those guys would NOT have A GOOD HIGH-PAYING JOB: THEY ARE "THE BIGGEST PROMOTERS" OF WAR. They are responsible for BACKRUPTING the USA with a $30 TRILLION DEBT which clearly means the USA is NOT a world power. As long as the World let's them, THEY CAN "PRETEND". (Ha! Ha!) Ken, Toronto, CANADA

April 25th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader writes the poem,
chirp! chirp!

le 25 avril 2022
- le Président/Chef duPÉC écrit le poème en anglais,
  chirp! chirp!

April 24th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader writes the poem,

le 24 avril 2022
- le Président/Chef duPÉC écrit le poème,
sapristi !
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  NO ONE "humiliates" President Putin.
TUT! TUT! NO ONE, but NO ONE "humiliates" President Putin: you wish. The Sterling pound keeps falling along with the EURO + the U.S. $ + the stock markets keep FALLING! WHO is getting "humiliated" are the NATO countries (who are NOT GOING TO GET BADLY NEEDED FOREIGN INVESTMENT FROM CHINA that will continue THE DOWNWARD TREND of the above mentioned currencies + stock markets). THEIR HUMILIATION will BE TOTAL + COMPLETE - once THE SNOW FALLS + IT'S GETTING COLD. AND BOY! Does President Putin know it. He SURE DOES. You, Brits, better START YOU BOO-HOOING - NOW! It will help reduce the stress of what's up ahead. (Ha! Ha!) There was BREIXT (a MOMUMENTAL MISTAKE by Boris Johnson, THE CLOWN, THE BRIT'S VERSION OF TRUMP), and NOW, THIS COSTLY WAR for NATO (lead by THE MOST DIABOLOICAL COUNTRY EVER: the USA) in the Ukraine + THE AFTERMATH of having to settle ALL THOSE those Ukrainian refugees that will cost for years to come. Apparently, the Brits are prepared to settle 85,000 when there are "already" 5,000,000 (less than the 13,000,000 Syrian refugees which NOBODY MADE A FUSS ABOUT). The Brits are PROVING TO BE AS STUPID as the Americans. An Iranian CIA agent confided in me, if you think the Americans are bad, THE BRITS ARE WORSE. This seems to be true. If NOT WORSE, certainly JUST AS BAD. (Ha! Ha!) Ken, Toronto, Canada

April 19th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
The AL Aqsa mosque is SACRED to TWO BILLION MUSLIMS. As long as Israel MISBEHAVES the Muslims, TWO BILLION, believe the Holy Koran gives them THE RIGHT TO WORK TOGETHER TO GET RID OF ISRAEL. The Holy Koran protects the Jews ONLY IF THEY BEHAVE. Israel incursion into the AL Aqsa enclave is A RED FLAG TO ALL MUSLIMS. According to this view of things, Israel can "only survive" PROVIDING IT BEHAVES. In this Zionist SUM-ZERO (ALL-NOTHING) GAME the Palestinians will win - ALL! THE TRUE FRIENDS OF ISRAEL ARE THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND ISRAEL "must" BEHAVE IF IT'S TO SURVIVE. Hamas does NOT WANT Israel to behave. As the Jewish character continues to diminish, now BELOW 40%, the Palestinians are - clearly - WINNING over time. The Muslims got rid of the crusaders by USING TIME TO THEIR ADVANTAGE. Now, THE SAME THING IS HAPPENING TO ISRAEL. It has to be said + resaid: FRIENDSHIP WINS THE DAY. CONTINOUS FIGHTING (THAT MADE SHARON + his buddies rich) ONLY ENSURES THE RUIN OF ISRAEL. The Jews will look back and  say THEIR BIGGEST MISTAKE was the 7-day "pre-emptive" WAR BASED ON THE LIE THAT ISRAEL WAS GOING TO BE ATTACKED BY ITS MUSLIM NEIGHBOURS. The Arab League of Nations have promised to recognize the State of Israel should it return to is pre-7-day war boundaries: THIS IS PROGRESS. IT ALLOWS FOR PEACE + PROSPERITY IN THE MIDDLE EAST. ISRAEL'S blind, unyielding PURSUIT OF ITS MILITARY OPTION (encouraged - AS THE WAY TO GO - BY THE AMERICANS) MEANS THE DEATH OF ISRAEL: it's JUST A MATTER OF TIME. CURRENTLY, with the provocative incursion into the AL Aqsa enclave during - of all months - the holy month of Ramadan, it "strongly" appears Israel is on the path of SELF-DESTRUCTION AND THERE SEEMS TO BE NO TURNING BACK FROM THE BELIEF THAT WAR IS THE VERY COSTLY ANSWER TO ITS SECURITY, but does it have ENOUGH $$$ TO KEEP ON THIS DEADLY COURSE? Let's HOPE NOT. שָׁלוֹם šālōm :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA

April 16th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  THE AMERICANS are to blame for the
   economic crisis in Sri Lanka.
MY UNDERSTANDING of this whole UGLY AFFAIR has everything to do with THE AMERICANS telling Sri Lankans that Chinese investment is A TRAP. Consequently, upon the advice of THE AMERICANS, the Sri Lankans PUT A STOP TO CHINESE INVESTMENT. (THE AMERICANS had to have known THE DIRE CONSEQUENCES that "THAT" would entail, but obviously didN'T care.) Had they NOT PUT A STOP TO CHINESE INVESTMENT everything would be JUST FINE. A case similar to this is Jamaica: the Chinese bought this + that + doing so put Jamaica on SUCH A SOUND ECONOMIC FOOTING that Jamaicans no longer care to leave their island. In short, the Chinese bring ECONOMIC STABILITY TO COUNTRIES: this, THE AMERICANS don't like. So THEY TRY TO STOP CHINESE INVESTMENT IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES which is exactly what happened in the case of Sri Lanka. THANKS TO THE CHINESE + NO ONE ELSE the World is enjoying GLOBAL ECONOMIC STABILITY as we go into a global economic contraction that will last several decades + economically batter especially NATO countries + deservedly so. :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA

April 15th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  the longer the Russian military incursion
  into the Ukraine lasts the more Russia
THE LONGER THIS CONFLICT LASTS, the MORE Russia wins. The TURNING POINT will be THE COLD WEATHER when it starts snowing that's when Europe will be BROUGHT DOWN TO ITS KNEES. :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA

April 14th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  President Macron could have STOPPED
  the Russian military incursion into the
  Ukraine. Instead, he (along with all the
  other NATO leaders) encouraged the
  Ukrainians to fight a suicidal war by
  giving them miliary weapons that
  only serve to increase the number
  of casualities + prolong the war.
Biden loses ALL CREDIBILITY with his hysterics when it comes to talking about President Putin. Macron could have INSISTED ON NO WAR. Instead he LET THE Americans have their way. SHAME! :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA

April 13th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  this funny Saudi Arabian skit mocking
  President Biden confirms that U.S.
  influence in the Middle East has fallen
  to ZEROOO!
BRAVO! :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA

April 10th 2022
- Instagram photos

le 10 avril 2022
- des photos Instagram

April 8th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader predicts

  distant future will be the Commonwealth
  of Independent States lead by Russia.
THE DISTANT FUTURE BELONGS TO RUSSIA. The hate-filled, lie-filled propaganda is coming from the NATO countries. NOT the Muslim countries as President Putin adroitly defended Syria for over a decade from U.S. military aggression proving that he's A GOOD FRIEND OF ISALM while the Americans have proven to be THE ENEMY OF ISLAM. The Latino countries (except for a few) BACK President Putin knowing that NATO provoked this "necessary" defensive military incursion into the Ukraine that is going after MILITARY TARGETS - ONLY! Russia had eight (8) years to "properly" prepare for this. LET'S NOT FORGET THE IMPORTANCE OF RUSSIA: Russia is NOT only THE BIGGEST NATION, but it's also THE HEAD of the Commonwealth of Independent States. It's influence (+ that of the Russian language) extends over 1/6th of the globe. The Central Asian nations speak both a dialect of Turkish + Russian: they form part of the Chinese Silk Road initiative that ensures their prosperity. They are NOT affected by NATO propaganda happy in the knowledge that they can trust + count on Russia as A GOOD FRIEND. This conflict only highlights how NATO countries are NOT RELIABLE + CANNOT BE TRUSTED. President Putin HAS ALWAYS MADE THE POINT that RUSSIA IS RELIABLE: RUSSIA KEEPS ITS WORD. Hysterical NATO propaganda only INCREASES THE AVERSION OF COUNTRIES WHO ARE FRIENDS OF RUSSIA towards ALL NATO COUNTRIES whose OBVIOUS INTENTION has always been TO GANG UP ON RUSSIA OUT OF SHEAR JEALOUSY BECAUSE under President Putin's leadership Russians are enjoying a high degree of PROSPERITY WITH MORE TO COME thanks to him. President Putin made it clear OVER A LONG PERIOD OF TIME that the Ukraine MUST NOT join NATO + preferably, NOT join the European Community either, otherwise Russia would be "forced" to go after THE MILITARY TARGETS in the Ukraine. NATO could have avoided this conflict by agreeing to President Putin's very reasonable national security demands. BUT NO! THEY WANTED THIS CONFLICT in the hope of making President Putin look WEAK in the eyes of the world + INADEQUATE in the eyes of the Russian People. In short, it's NATO that has the blood of the Ukrainian People on their hands, NOT President Putin. Ironically, THEY HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF THE UKRAINIAN REFUGEES THAT WILL COST THEM A LOT OF MONEY. In other words, by wanting THIS SHOWDOWN with President Putin they have "shot themselves in the foot". Let's NOT FORGET EITHER that NATO killed Ghadaffy within three (3) weeks when it was NOT NECESSARY + BOMBED Libya NON-STOP for SEVEN (7) MONTHS. How crazy it THAT, eh? This is PROOF that NATO definitely is EVIL! Слава России :D Kenneth, Toronto, Canada

April 7th 2022
theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader tweeted:
  BY AMERICANS due to the United States–
Mexico–Canada Agreement doing MAXIMUM
HARM to Canada.

  the American Hells Angels RUN the city:
  with the É(eh)PC, you'll know who are
  getting the contracts.

  Toronto Housing+the Toronto shelter system
  are run by African-American CIA agents FOR

  HOW CAN THE MAYOR JUSTIFY these 4 African-
  Canadian photos at Scarborough Village Resi-
  dence shelter by (angry "Uncle Tom") African-
  American CIA agents paid by the taxpayer?

- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  for the Japanese to be credible they have

  have to get out from under the wing of the
Homelessness + inability to look after the elderly "properly" can be blamed on the Japanese U.S. MINDSET DESTROYING JAPAN + undermining the credibility of the Emperor+his Samurais. It's causing the Japanese to regret that they are Japanese who are FED UP WITH THEIR BLOATED GOV'T that seem to take its orders from the USA whose intention is TO ALWAYS UNDERMINE THE JAPANESE PEOPLE. The Americans have been DOING A GREAT JOB IN THE REGARD. When will the Japanese Gov't ever learn that the USA is NOT their friend. AS LONG AS THE JAPANESE GOV'T "HIDES" UNDER THE WING OF THE USA IT HAS NO CREDIBILITY WHATSOEVER and the country continues on its DOWNWARD TRAJECTORY. Japan needs to get rid of the U.S. military bases in order to safe face. As things stand, the USA is having A JOLLY GOOD LAUGH at their expense. The Japanese need to realize THE AMERICANS DON'T LIKE ASIANS. I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel as long as Japan remain in its SELF-DESTRUCTIVE MODE induced by the USA. From the Chinese perspective, they look like A BUNCH OF CLOWN who can't be taken seriously. The Gov't of Japan seems to be in A SELF-INDUCED COMA. (Ha! Ha!) It's NOT THE GOV'T OF THE PEOPLE. Proof is the homeless + its inability to look after the elderly "properly".
頑張って :D Ken, Toronto, Canada

le 7 avril 2022
- le Président/Chef duPÉC a tweeté :
  CAINS à cause de l'Accord Canada–États-
  Unis–Mexique faisant UN MAXIMUM DE MAL
  au Canada.
  les Hells Angels américains dirigent la
  ville : avec le PÉC, tu sauras qui obtient
  les contrats.

Toronto Housing+le système de refuges
  de Toronto sont gérés par des agents
  afro-américains de la CIA POUR "LEUR"

  ces 4 photos afro-canadiennes au refuge
  de Scarborough Village Residence par des
  agents de la CIA afro-américains (des
  "oncles Tom" en colère) payés par les
  contribuables ?

April 4th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  that Saudi Arabia+
Iran were complementary
  forces in the Islamic world rather than being
  competitive as the U.S.A. would like to believe.
Yes, the Muslim World was divided chiefly between two (2) spheres of influence: that of Saudi Arabia + that of Iran. From my perspective they were COMPLEMENTARY FORCES (i.e. they were NEVER COMPETING with each other). American newspapers found reassurance in THE FALSE BELIEF they were enemies. There was an Iranian incident in Mecca that seemed to confirmed that. OF COURSE, THE AMERICANS WERE ALWAYS AFRAID OF A "UNITED" MUSLIM WORLD which we are  now seeing SUPPORTING President Putin in the Ukraine in gratitude for having defended Syria AGAINST A DECADE OF  U.S. AGGRESSION. Ken, Toronto, CANADA

April 3rd 2022
theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader tweeted:
The É(eh)PC demands A FORENSIC AUDIT of
  the City of Toronto books given that City Hall
  is "stuffed" with CIA agents.

  Students at Ryerson University (owned +
  operated by the CIA) come under THE BRUNT
  of the U.S. intelligence aparatus: the Gov't of
  Canada should NOT allow THIS INFRINGE-

  The Toronto Star, CIA owned + operated, "talks
  only about" the alleged abuses of Toronto's
  small black population IN ORDER TO STIR UP

  The Peter St. CIA-run homeless distribution
  centre (in downtown Toron) ensures that
  "only" CIA agents are sent to Scarborough
  Village Residence (SVR).

  At SVR the TV viewing consists of programs
  "stuffed" with violence, Buffalo City news +
  the old TV series, "The Waltons".

SVR (just like Seaton House where it all started)
  is a CIA centre for MULTIBILLION $ drug traffic-
  king with drug labs all over the place: a popular
  palce is the Scarborough Bluffs.

  There is a drug lab in the basement of SVR linked
  by a tunnel to the Super 8 Hotel beside SVR.

  I'm a Franco-Ontarian: my "repeated" requests for
  French services get ignored by the African-American
  CIA staff at SVR.
le 3 avril 2022
- le Président/Chef duPÉC a tweeté :
  livres de la ville de Toronto étant donné que l'hôtel
  de ville est "bourré" d'agents de la CIA.

  Les étudiants de l'Université Ryerson (détenue et
  exploitée par la CIA) sont sous la loupe de l'appareil
  de renseignement américain : le Gouv. du Canada
  ne devrait PAS permettre CETTE ATTEINTE À LA

  Le Toronto Star, détenu et exploité par la CIA, "ne
  parle que" des abus présumés de la petite population

  Le centre de distribution des sans-abri à partir de la
  rue Peter (au centre-ville de Toronto) est géré par la
  CIA ce qui assure que "seulement" leurs agents sont
  envoyés à Scarborough Village Residence (SVR).

  À SVR, l'écoute de la télévision s'agit d'émissions
  remplies "à craquer" de violence, des nouvelles de
  la Ville de Buffalo City et de la vieille série télévisée
  des Waltons.

  SVR (tout comme Seaton House où tout a commencé)
  est un centre de la CIA pour le trafic de drogue de
  MULTIMILLIARDS de dollars avec des laboratoires
  de drogue tout partout : un endroit populaire est à
  Scarborough Bluffs.

  Il y a un laboratoire de drogue au sous-sol de SVR
  relié par un tunnel à l'hôtel Super 8 à côté de SVR.

  Je suis franco-ontarien : mes demandes "répétées"
  de services en français sont ignorées par le personnel
  afro-américain de la CIA à SVR.

April 2nd 2022
theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader tweeted:
  The Police own + operate Toronto's shelter for
  homeless youth, Convenant House; young
  undercover cops live there, too, making it A
  POLICE TRAP. (Teenagers make up 25% of
  Canada's prison population.) An É(eh)PC
  Gov't will NOT send them to jail.

  facilitate by our Free-masonic "law+order" Gov't
  via THE ILLEGAL PRACTICE of 1. summary con-
  victions by a Justice of the Peace; 2. by trial by

  The É(eh)PC demands that the Gov't correctly
  recognizes that ALL SENTENCES by a Justice
  of the peace+by solely a judge are INVALID+
  therefore, need to be VOIDED!

  Prime Minister Trudeau likes to talk about "the
  Rule of Law", but it's PURE FICTION because
  1. we don't go after WHITE COLLAR CRIME as
  it's too difficult to get a conviction; 2. Gov't
  employees are NEVER CHARGED for any crime.

le 2 avril 2022
- le Président/Chef duPÉC a tweeté :
La police possède et exploite le refuge pour
  jeunes sans-abri de Toronto, Convenant House ;
  des jeunes policiers civils y vivent aussi ce qui
  en fait UN PIÈGE DE POLICE. (Les ados repré-
  sentent 25 % de la population carcérale au Canada.)
  Un gouv. PÉC ne les enverra PAS en prison.

  GRANDE AFFAIRE facilitée par notre Gouv.
  franc-maçonnique de loi+ordre par le biais
  de la PRATIQUE ILLÉGALE 1. des déclarations
  sommaires de culpabilité par un juge de paix ;
  2. de procès par juge.

  Le PÉC exige que le Gouv. reconnaisse correcte-
  ment que TOUTES LES PEINES prononcées par
  un juge de paix+par un juge uniquement sont
  INVALIDES+par conséquent, doivent être ANNULÉES !

  "La primauté du droit" est de la PURE FICTION
  parce que nous ne nous attaquons pas au CRIME
  EN COL BLANC car 1. il est trop difficile d'obtenir
  une condamnation ; 2. les employés du Gouv. ne
  sont JAMAIS ACCUSÉS pour un crime.

le 1er avril 2022
  L'Apport islamique

March 31st 2022
theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader tweeted:
  The Ukrainian conflict is - essentially - about
  THE RISE of Russia + THE FALL of the USA.

  When talking about the Ukrainian conflict,
  it's all "silly talk" with President Biden.

le 31 mars 2022
- le Président/Chef duPÉC a tweeté :
Le conflit ukrainien s'agit - principalement -
  de LA MONTÉE de l'influence de la Russie
  + LA CHUTE de celle des États-Unis.

  Lorsque le président Biden parle du conflit
  ukrainien, il débite que des stupidités.

March 30th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader predicts
  the adoption of the Russian ruble by Europe.
This "rash" response by the European Commission just PROVES TO ME - any way - that Europe (like the USA, their BOSS - Ha! Ha!) is in SELF-DESTRUCTIVE MODE: it's NO WONDER the EURO+U.S. dollar are FALLING! What is PARTICULARLY FUNNY ABOUT ALL THIS is Europe will be FORCED TO ADOPT THE RUSSIAN RUBLE as it goes UP+UP+UP in value as the EURO continues its DESCENT. AND, yes! President Putin WILL HAVE HIS LAUGH ALONG WITH all the other nations who are friends of Russia (That number just KEEPS GROWING.) WILL ENJOY A JOLLY, GOOD LAUGH as well - especially at the Brits+French+Germans. The Americans+Europeans have been TOO PRETENTIOUS - for far TOO LONG. :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA

March 29th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  China wins "hands down" over the USA.
THIS IS "A NO CONTEST" COMPARISON: the USA is BROKE (has NO MONEY). Consequently, it has NO BULLET TRAINS. In stark contrast, all Chinese trains are BULLET TRAINS. China operates as a world development bank for Latino, African + Central Asian countries: consequently, IT HAS MORE MONEY - BY THE DAY. Post-secondary education + health care are FREE in China; in the USA it is SUPER COSTLY. China's economy continues to get STRONGER while the U.S. economy gets progressively weaker as the USA continues to isolate itself. The Chinese yuan is getting STRONGER while the U.S. dollar is weakening. You want TO VISIT THE PAST, you visit the USA. You want TO VISIT THE FUTURE, you visit MIGHTY China. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO is like NIGHT +  DAY. Yeah, China; boo, USA. (Ha! Ha!) Ken, Toronto, CANADA

- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says    
  Turkey wins out over Saudi Arabia.
Turkey has "THE" LEADERSHIP POSITION in the Middle East thanks to its relationship with Germany through its Gastarbeiters. Historically, Turkey like many other countries like Germany, Romania, Iran, and Russia, looked up to France. NOW, Turkey, since the beginning of the 20th century, has been looking up to Germany. Its ONLY DOWNFALL is its war against the Kurds when it should be promoting A KURDISTAN WITH DUAL CITIZENSHIP in those countries where the Kurds reside (Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran). THE PROBLEM with the Saudis is ONE, the stick to themselves; TWO, they're friends with THE GREATEST ENEMY of Islam (which makes NO SENSE and is INDEFENSIBLE): the USA. Ken, Toronto, CANADA

March 28th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  President Putin is AN EXCEPTIONAL
President Putin is AN OUTSTANDING WORLD LEADER + A GREAT FRIEND OF MUSLIM NATIONS "elected" by the Russian People. Without HIS FIRM LEADERSHIP, Russia would have A DOUBIOUS FUTURE - indeed - as American agents, there, are doing their best to WEAKEN Russia. Ken, Toronto, CANADA

- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
President Putin STOPPED the Americans
  in Syria.

President Putin put an end to American military aggression over a decade in Syria. He will NOT fail either in the Ukraine thanks to his supersonic missiles. :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA

- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  NATO propaganda is without foundation.
KREMLIN WAS IN CHAOS? Come on. This is outrageous PROPAGANDA RHETORIC. Knock it off. Where's THE EVIDENCE to back this claim up, eh? Ken, Toronto, CANADA

- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  Biden doesN'T know what he's saying.
Biden is AN IDIOT: China + Russia have A DEFENSE TREATY. BOTH NATIONS had JOINT MILITARY EXERCISES a few months ago. The American propaganda message that Russia is isolating itself as the world turns its back on Russia is JUST A LOT OF NONSENSE. :D Ken, Toronto, CANADA

- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says the
  Ukrainian forces CANNOT possibly win.
Contrary to NATO propaganda, Ukrainian forces CANNOT win against the Russians. It's TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE for NATO to encourage them to fight when they CANNOT possibly WIN. In fact, it's downright EVIL! It's SHAMEFUL. NATO is SERIOUSLY HURTING the Ukrainians by encouraging this conflict. It appears that NATO LEADERS are heartless SOCIOPATHS. Ken, Toronto, CANADA

- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says
  Zelinsky is the one responsible for the
conflict+its devastating consequences.
This guy is responsible for the DEVASTATION of his country, the Ukraine. Ken, Toronto, CANADA

March 27th 2022
theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader tweeted:
  This conflict is - essentially - about THE FORCES
  OF GOOD (Russia) versus THE FORCES OF EVIL

  Russia will come out of this conflict STRONGER+
  the Commonwealth of Independent States MORE
  UNITED; NATO will be DEAD!

  Every Russian soldier killed is A NATIONAL HERO.
le 27 mars 2022
- le Président/Chef duPÉC a tweeté :
Ce conflit s'agit - essentiellement - DES  FORCES
  DU BIEN (la Russie) contre LES FORCES DU MAL

  La Russie sortira de ce conflit PLUS FORTE+la
  Communauté des États indépendants PLUS
  UNIE ; L'OTAN sera MORTE !

  Chaque soldat russe tué est UN HÉROS NATIONAL.

March 26th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says the
  Americans are EVIL!
The Chinese in Belgrade informed the Americans where they were located in the hope that they Americans would spare them. What did the Americans do - right after? BOMBED THEM. THE AMERICANS ARE EVIL! They want a war in Asia whose SOLE OBJECTIVE is to KILL AS MANY ASIANS AS POSSIBLE. WHY? BECAUSE they "hate" Asians. They see Asians as AN *INFERIOR* RACE. They believe OVER POPULATION is "the" problem + war is "THE" SOLUTION. Are the Americans crazy? After DECADES OF UNNECESSARY, UNPROVOKED, UNJUSTIFIED WAR (where every civilian killed is A WAR CRIME), the U.S. Gov't is BROKE! BROKE! BROKE! Is THAT smart or CRAZY? It's *TOTALLY* INSANE! ALL THIS BECAUSE they did *NOT* want to make the United Nations work: in fact, they "sabotaged" the United Nations TO THE EXTENT THEY COULD. Like A CLASSICAL DELINQUENT, they just wanted to have THEIR WAY - IN THEIR QUEST FOR WORLD DOMINATION. American society is VIOLENT; Americans are ADDICTED TO VIOLENCE due to violent TV programming + Hollywood movies CHOCK-FULL WITH VIOLENCE; they have MASS MURDERS EVERY DAY. (No other country has that, but the USA. Their society is *NOT* SANE: IT IS SICK "TO THE CORE". All those wars were A MURDEROUS RAMPAGE DRIVEN BY - American - MADNESS. Shame! Shame! Shame! Ken, Toronto, Canada

- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader says Biden
Calling President Putin a "butcher" for taking down "only" MILITARY TARGETS is CRAZY TALK by A MADMAN who
is A EUNUCH. :D Ken, Toronto, Canada

March 24th 2022
- theÉ(eh)PC President/Party Leader created the
  following Web page for those wanting to date:

March 23rd 2022