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Note: "the majority" of the political parties in Canada
Note: are financed by the Gov't.
a.your share of the pie
10%of your$$$will go to the Gov't.
The╔(eh)PCwill make life affordable.

for theMAX!
a4-daywork week
a7.5-hourwork day

Guaranteed income
will maketheECONOMYSTRONG!
  The 1-2-3 Approach
 1. redesigning the Gov'tso thatthePeople
                            can monitor the details of Gov't spending
                            online in real time: the result is a100%finan-
                            cially transparent democratic gov't serving
                            *all*thePeople,but, however, is50%smal
                            ler, highly effective+efficient in delivering ser-

                            (The FASCIST "backroom" crookswill no
                                 longer run the Gov't.)

                          Note: unnecessaryGov'tspending
                                                            will bea criminal offence: the
                                                            person reporting it gets $5,000

                            The╔(eh)PCcalls this redesign of
                            the Gov't that gives100%democratic
                            accountabilitydue to100% transpa-
                            rencythe sky-blueeh-revo-
                           lution (sky-bluebeing the colour of
                            the party).

                            PuttingthePeoplein charge
                            of the Gov't is reflected in its
                            slogan: POWER! 2thePEOPLE

 - one, small national Police
 - an intelligence agency that
           investigates unnecessary
           Gov't spending
 20%tax on investment+
           business income
 - notax credits, notax de-
           ductions, notax loopholes
 - notax return to fill out
           (This representsbillions of $$$
     in savings for the taxpayer.)
 - TAX-FREEincomefor 
           Members of Parliament+health
           care workers
 - the nationalization of colleges,
           universities, hospitals
 - FREEcollege, FREEuniversity,
          for college+university students
   taking 4 courses
or more at a
          for 12 consecutive months
          for those living away from
          home in Canada

   (Students studying abroad
    are excluded.)

 - the maximum Gov't salary will
          be fixed at$150,000(except
          for Members of Parliament)
          until the economy improves
 - The Guaranteed Income Program
          will replace The New Unemploy-
          ment Insurance Program two
          years later.
          Note: it's the employer who will
                                           apply for employment in-
                                           surance on behalf of the
                                           employee (who will get
          Note: his/her next employer will
                                           inform the Gov't that s/he
                                           has been hired for more
                                           than three (3) months:
                                           this will end his/her
                                           guaranteed income.
 - the minimum hourly wage will
           be$20:a living wage
 - the 1st$20,000 earned each
          year will beTAX-FREE

 Thisredesignwill reduce
 - health care costs by50%
 - Police+judicial+prison costs by90%

 These are the 2 major costs:
 each over$50 billiona year.

 2. redistributing the wealthof the nation through
                            strongincome security measuresthat includes
                            guaranteed income.

                            Note: the redesigning of the Gov't
                                                           +wealth redistributionwill
                                                           give Canadianssocial+

 3. encouraging the creation of small businesses:
                            they create80%of the jobs

                           Note: this will beTHE PRIORITY
                                                            of Gov't. This means free
                                                            places where there are free
                                                            kiosks where people can
                                                            sell their products+services
                                                            TAX-FREE: the Gov't 
                                                            will do everything to pro-
                                                            mote those businesses+
                                                            their products+services.

                            Note: the promotion of small busi-
                                                            ness will createprosperity.

the unemployed will automatically get
their first
employment insurance (UI) cheque 2 weeks
after leaving the job:
 1. their last employer will
                 apply for UI on their behalf
 2. they'll get the full amount
                 of their salary.

 TWO YEARS LATER, it will be replaced by the
 The Guaranteed Income Program.

 The jobless will get a cheque every two (2)

 They'll be able to work at a temporary job
 [three (3) months or less] or at a part-time

 Theirguaranteed incomewill end
 when their next employer informs the
 Gov't they have a full-time job lasting
 more than three (3) months.

 They'll be able to take advantage of FREE
 Gov't stores offering used clothing+used
 furniture+basic food.

 The goalis to make yourich+happy.

 This means you'll get
 - the maximumvalue
     for your tax$$$s
 - lesstaxationdue to
                   - nogrants
                   nocorporate welfare
                   nosecret Gov't operatives
                  - nounnecessarysurveillance
                                        (We adopt USA security measures 100%:
                                          what a waste of $$$!)
                   nounnecessaryCourt cases
                   noPublic-Private Partnerships
                   nosecret undercover cop Police force
                   - 50%reduction in military costs
                                                     ($20 BILLION limit)
                   - 90%reduction in judicial costs
                   - 40%reduction in hospital costs
                   - 70%reduction in intelligence staffing
                   - 100%reduction in unnecessary spending
                   - 80%reduction in the number of psychiatric

                   - 90%reduction in Police deployment numbers
                 - zerosubsidies
                 zeronepotism: 1 person per family in Gov't
                 zeroGov't  boards, councils, appeal courts,
                 zerofinancing of political parties
                 zerofinancing of public organizations (like
                                                 public institutes)
                 no morebogus political partiesfinanced by
                                                                       the Gouv.
                                                                       (Most of the political parties
                                                                  are financed by the Gov't.)
                 noone goes to jail for taking illicit drugs
                 - pushers found guilty by a jury will lose
                                                                        their$$$,but will not go to
                 - prisons: noprobation
                                                                           - 2 kinds of sentences
                                                                                            i. 2 years (or less)
                                                                                                     for non-violence
                                                                                       ii. 10 years (or less)
                                                                                                     for violence
                                                                          - prisoners will live in a
                                                                                 residential setting get-
                                                                                 ting the professional
                                                                                 skills for the job they


20%mineral resource extraction royalty

 - 50%increase in revenue arising from a
   50%reduction in bureaucracy

 - 20%or more increase in revenue due
   to the elimination of tax exemptions+
tax credits+tax loop holes

 - 5%
or more increase in revenue due to
   10%penalty tax on religious+media re-
   venue for having supported fascism

 - excessive bureaucracy due to rampant
   nepotism - possibly66%

 - 20%of tax$$$go missing at all levels
   of Gov't due to a lack of financial controls

 - too *many* police forces (with way too
   much staff) whose activities are *never*

 - a multibillion$$$*illegal* (outlaw) net-
of *secret* Gov't operatives+another
   of under dercover cops

   Note: operatives are used by
                                           our FASCIST Gov't as
                                           a control+propaganda
                                           mecanism. They're in
                                           charge of student cam-
                                           pus newspapers, stu-
                                           dent radiostations, the 
                                           anti-poverty movement, 
                                           strikes, protests, hun-
                                           dreds of public institutes,

   Note: about Canada's network
                                           of *secret* undercover
                                           1. their original purpose
                                                         was to infiltrate orga-
                                                         nized crime
                                           2. they are used to over
                                                         police the POOR+
                                           3. they're found wherever
                                                         there is subsidized hou-
                                                         sing, foodbanks, shelters,
                                                         for the homeless, soup
                                                         kitchens, ... 
                                           4. they criss-cross the 
                                                         country under the pre-
                                                         text of looking for crimi-
                                          5. they'll lie+use entrap-
                                                         ment to get their con-
                                                         viction rates

 - *illegal*multibillion$$$financing
   of public boads+institutes+organiza-
   tions - 
propaganda organs

 - *illegal* financing of most of political
that are registered with Elections
 - too many *bogus* court cases without
   due process
that can only be attributed
   to malicious prosecution

   Note: withthe╔(eh)PC,all
                                           court cases must be
                                           in the public interest 
 - the entire budgets *all* Gov't depart-
   gencies are *all* spent by the end
   of the fiscal year even when it's *not*

 - simplification in the presentation of

 - one smart, small, national Police force:
   the Canadian Police Force

 - *unnecesary* spendingwill be a criminal


 - salaries (except those of the Members of
   Parliament) will be
capped at$150,000

 - elimination of bonuses+incentives

 - elimination of the *illegal* network
   of secret operatives+*illegal* net-
   work of secret undercover cops

 - elimination of U.S. Homeland Se-
   curity Measures

 - administrative *regionalization* of 
   health care institutions+the judicial
   system+school boards+colleges+

 - departments+ministries+organiza-
   tions+agencies will be *ranked*
   in terms
of the
$$$left in their
at the end of the fiscal year:
   they'll be 
rewarded with public re-
tion for their good financial ma-
 - you will be rewarded$5,000TAX-
FREE each time you find unnecessary
   Gov't spending 
reported at the Ca-
   nadian Information AgencyWeb

The Promise
 Withthe╔(eh)PCthere will be
 - noovertaxation
notaxpayer abuse.

 You'll getthe maximum!

 1. leGRANDvirage

                     It means Canada will go from a secretive,crookedfascist
                     Police state BIG BROTHER Gov'twithno accountability, 
                     no transparencytoa100%financially transparent

 2. leGRANDdÚgagement


                     It means Canada willcompletelydisengage
                     from the USA.

                     SeeCanadiana Law.

 3. le virageasiatique
                     It'sFrenchforturningtowards Asia.

                     It means Canada willlookto Asiato develop
                     its economy.

Canada's future is with Asia.


Knock! Knock!

Who's there?

Xi Jinpin.


I don't recognize the name: GO AWAY!

Knock! Knock!

Who's there.

Xi Jinpin, THE GUY WITH THE$$$.

WHY didN'T you say so in the 1st place?

Come right in.

Make your self at home.

Note: Xi Jinpin is the President of China.

Note: the Chinese have$
29 trillionin savings
Note: and they want to invest in a Canada.

 The╔(eh)PCwith transform Canada into a multicultural,bilingual
 republicwithSpanishas its3rdunofficiallanguage.

 The Republic of Canadawill havea 1-chamber parliament
 (no Senate)known asCanada Place.

 There will beno provincial governments:
a25%savingfor the taxpayer.

 The Repubicwill have seven (7) Regional Offices
 1. the Maritimes
 2. Quebec
 3. Ontario
 4. the Prairies
 5. the Rockies
 6. the North-West
 7. the North-East

 Among other things, they will
 1. approve municipal contracts
 2. provide infrastructure support.

 All serviceswill be deliveredthrough those seven (7) offices.

 Withthe╔(eh)PC,you geta democraticCanadadesigned to
 serve you 100%!

 You geta NEW Canada.

 Kenneth Selinsay'leen
 B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Admin.,
 B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian)magna cum laude
 President/Party Leader
 for theMAX!