All languages are structurally comprehensible.
- Kenneth Selin (say'lee

The human mind is
"pre-equiped" to deal with auditory
signaling stimuli
which it "needs" for it to develop its
guage-learning ability.
- Kenneth Selin

While doing my B.Ed. practicum in 1995 at Francojeunesse in Sandy Hill (where I lived in Ottawa), those in my Grade 2 class, and later, at Ste-Geneviève in Gloucester, those in my Grade 5 class, who had 3 languages were way ahead in "all" suject matters.

And when I taught my Grade 5 class a few easy words in Mandarin and Spanish, only those who had 3 languages, everyone, remembered every word.
- Kenneth Selin (say'leen)

At the University of Ottawa, I studied 11 languages: I earned a B.A.(Spanish) and a B.A.(Italian) magna cum laude; I completed half the B.A.(German) program.

And I'm only missing a 1/2 course for my B.A.(Linguistics).
- Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
Working in 3 or more languages makes for a strong memory
and "that" makes for a smart person


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Linguistics is the study of language in general.
A language is A SOUND SYSTEM.

It helps to note that THE BASIC UNIT
of any language is THE SYLLABLE.

  A syllable is stressed when there
is more than one syllable i
n a word.

And in words of many syllables, there
also be secondary stress.
Here's a well of linguistic information: