Date: Monday, 11 Sep 2001




Subject: Grand Chief Crucified by Slandermonger in
_______Association with the Ottawa Citizen Newspaper

Att.: Editor of the Ottawa Citizen

This letter is in response to your article on page A17 dated Wednesday,
September 5th, 2001 "Native Affairs: Look again, Grand Chief."

Right off the title is meant to "belittle" in my view. Why?

It suggests -- at least "unconsciously" -- that Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come
is giving himself "airs" and "pretensions" of greatness by choosing to behave
that he has in Durban, South Africa.

Then again, right away in the very first paragraph his behavior is described
as "antics". The "intentional" negative achieved by the choice of this term
seems to be further "intensified" by adding the demeaning term, "braggadocio"
at end of the sentence. This "heightens" the damning sentimental effect of
the author who seems intent on portraying the Grand Chief as being childish,
if NOT silly eunuch. The underlying intention throughout the article and as
is evident at the very beginning is to humiliate the native leadership and the
Grand Chief in particular intimating that they are NOT worthy of the
NEITHER of the Canadian non-native population, but the very
they serve.

Obviously, the intent of the article is to suggest that he had NO RIGHT to
make the declarations that he did regarding the HISTORICAL and
MISTREATMENT as evidence so very recently in the Burnt
Church, New Brunswick,
renewed confrontations with the Department of
Ocean and Fisheries and
non-native population.

The self-righteous quasi-sanctimonious KKK White Supremacist tone is set at
the very outset of the article, I feel. For me it is reminiscent of White (racist)
Americans horrified by the pacific African-American population
civil rights
movement that wanted "equality" and the "same chances" as
White America.

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that this article at the very beginning is
MOTIVATED BY RACISM. I sense it's has all the ingredients of classical HATE
LITERATURE and deserves prosecution to the full extent that our criminal law
on hate literature will allow.

The second paragraph is even MORE INSIDIOUS as it suggests that the
of native people being "beaten up" is laughable when in fact it
has been a
fairly common occurence through Canadian history, most
notably in the
Winnipeg area with both Métis and native people. It is also a
fact of
Canadian life that native men and women getting beaten and/or
roughened up
especially if inebriated and laying on the street. This is NOT
NOR something to be taken lightly as the author would have
us believe. In
fact, at the very end of the article he suggest that such
allegations are
"FALSE TALES of victimization and oppression". Yet, the
author, Lee
Morrison, chooses to make light of this as if it's amusing by
that the Chief's comments were meant "to warm up his
audience" as if he
was a comedian, an entertainer and thereby deriding
the seriousness of
the Grand Chiefs comments of their poignancy and
voiding them of inherent
horrific value. The Grand Chief comments are
not made for comedic effect
as he grossly intimates. There is nothing
funny about the humiliation and
mistreatment suffered by the native
population at the hands of the
Canadian Government. A native person
could NOT change his window frame
without the permission of the
Department of Indian Affairs. They were
totally and utterly SUBJUGATED
the very outset of British rule it seems when one
looks back on Canadian

The third paragraph suggest that the "reputed" $7.2 billion dollars spent by
the Canadian Government on native affairs is WASTED thanks
to the allegedly
incompetent and irresponsible leadership of ALL
NATIVE CHIEFS according to
Mr. Morrison. By his
calculation every native SHOULD BE GETTING $9,800.
With $9,800 "the
native population should be rolling in money". Even if what
he suggests
were true, that they should each be getting that amount of money,
reality Mr. Morrison forgets that the cost of living in the far flung reserves is
"exorbitant" and therefore his alotment of $9,800
is in fact MERE PITTANCE. By
arguing in this fashion it illustrates
that he is ignorant of the realities of the native
population. They
are nor ever have been wealthy under British occupation/forced
The native population live in shacks and their leaders do NOT live in
Hollywood mansions either. Anyone visiting a reserve will readily understand that
the native population is an OPPRESSED POPULATION and
that the Canadian
Government is to blame and NOT the native leadership
as Mr. Morrison would
have us wantonly believe.

The forth paragraph states categorically AGAIN WITHOUT ANY PROOF
WHATSOEVER that there is an elite (organized) class of "crooked" native
politicians and administrators. Surprise! Surprise!

However, Canadian bureaucracy at all three levels have such a "crooked"
class. I believe they are FREEMASONS both in the public and parapublic
sector. What does the Ottawa Citizen or Mr.Morrison have to say about that?
I believe the FREEMASONS with their hands on the controls of
who were the ones responsible for Canada's active genocide
policy in the
1930s whereby native and Inuit women were forced to have
their tubes tied
whenever they visited a hospital so that they would

The fifth paragraph states that the Chief has a SIX FIGURE salary. Now is that
FACT or FICTION? My understanding is that the "salary"
itself is about $80,000
which is the salary of "a", ONE member of

In paragraph six he states that a chief's salary is $44.234. (And how many cents?)
Really! In the far recesses of Canada that constitutes
almost subsistence living.
The author in his naïveté seems to think
that is a lot and leads me to think that
Mr. Morrison is a fairly
young person who is seriously misinformed about the
daily oppressive,
desolate reality faced by the First Nation Peoples of whom
Mathew Coon Come is an excellent spokesman and defender contrary
to this assertion that the Grand Chief is NOT only incompetent and NOT worthy
of respect NEITHER of non-native Canadians, NOR his very
own people, but
MOREOVER he's really some sort of buffoon.

In paragraph seven the use of the expression "the most disgusting example of
native leaders taking care of themselves" aims it appears
to evoke disdain for
the native leadership in general.

In fact, given my nine (9) year experience on Parliament Hill the combined
words, "native leaders", could be replaced by the one
word "politicians" and
then it would ring true.

Incidentally, contrary to the UNSUBSTANTIATED RAMBLINGS of Mr. Morrision
the Innu community leaders of Labrador have worked very
hard to get a fair
deal with Quebec Hydro that will greatly help
their community.

Mr. Morrison's tone and condemnation throughout this article is nothing short
of that of a propagandists a as he offers no substance
to his very irrationally
strong, acerbic, and false allegations that
unconscionably irresponsible towards
their own people.

It is this paragraph in particular that is so blatantly deceitful and wrongfully
condemnatory that classifies his whole article as
a work of hate literature
in my opinion.

Mr. Morrison should be reminded that the Innu leaders IMPOSED ON Prime
Minister Chrétien in order to solve the addiction problem of their teenage
population and the Prime Minister's positive response celebrated
in the
national Canadian media was such that it helped him clinched the
So contrary to what Mr. Morrison is alleging, the native leaders
in Labrador
have demonstrated that they are very responsible and concerned
their people. Surprise! Surprise!

Then, in paragraph six he throws in the Health Canada Virginia Fontaine
treatment centre debacle. Ironically, I have come to view Health Canada
as having the greatest infestation of FREEMASONS and consequently the
most corrupted of government ministries: I have worked there a number
of times in the past. To blame the debacle on the native community is
erroneous. Health Canada is to be blamed for that as far as I'm concerned.

Mr. Morrison should know that the Canadian Government had its own hotel
in Paris for political junkets and all politicians at all levels of government have
availed themselves of political junkets as an UNSPOKEN
PERK for being a
"crooked" politician: at least that's how I interpret
that. I suspect that Mr.
Morrison is just "projecting" onto the native
community the "crooked practices"
of the Canadian politicians being a
FORMER MP. This is TOO MUCH as it
borders on the hilarious. What
political junkets did he avail himself of? How
crooked was he as a
politician? Very? So-so? Just a little bit? How little?

Let me suggest to Mr. Morrison that if there are native leaders AS CROOKED
as our politicians they are "VERY FEW indeed percentagewise".
It is my view
that the mess that the native population finds itself
in of which the Chief wants
to extricate his People is the making of
the making of the native leadership
as Mr. Morrison would have us INCORRECTLY
believe. In fact, only
until the last part of the last century we could have prime
who were NOT FREEMASONS. The Judiciary, Parliament, and ALL
of government bureaucracy were run by these "BUREAUCRATIC
They had the run of the mill in my view. Today, we can now
put them
behind bars where they belong along with Mr. Morrison. Ha! Ha!
In paragraph seven there are allegations of fraud, nepotism, and breach
of trust. Well... well.

And what pray tell is the Heritage Ministry about? Is it NOT a PORK BARREL
for the children of the members of the Liberal Party?
And the Auditor's Report?
Does it NOT itemize bureaucratic fraud
(overspending/misspending) and yet
no one goes to jail. What does
Mr. Morrison have to say about that? Is that
NOT criminal
negligence? And that is NOT a breach of trust? What about
those who have to go on welfare who get a measly $520 for an individual
when that amount does NOT even cover the rent?
The is a crime under
Article 228 of the Criminal Code "the
killing of the mind" and contrary to
Articles 7 and 12 of
the Canadian Charter of Rights and Liberties. So our
programs are NOT only inadequate, but criminal. That is NOT a
breach of trust by the Canadian Government? That is also
negligence committed by the Canadian Government.
And add to that
the historical mistreatment and neglect of
the First Nation Peoples you
have a history of criminal
negligence committed by criminals running
the Canadian Government.

In fact, important government bureaucrats get HUGH wage increases at the
end of the year. I remember I'd get a 3% wage increase in the
Senate of
Canada while those above me who were in a position to
take advantage
of the system like find plum jobs for their children
upon university graduation
were getting 6% increases. Is that

I suggest to Mr. Morrison that the FREEMASONS who run government in
the Commonwealth have always practiced nepotism. And the Government
has always broken its breach of trust towards the First Nation Peoples all the
way back to Sitting Bull who sought refuge in Canada. What
about Chief
Tecumseh? He was promised land for his people when he
fought in the
War of 1812 against the Americans. If Canada is a
separate nation today
it is thanks in no small part to him. Where
is his statue on Parliament Hill?
Does Mr. Morrison realize that
the First Nation Peoples World War I and II
war veterans were NOT
eligible to receive war veteran pensions. That's
NOT racism?

SHAME on you, Mr. Morrison, and DOUBLE SHAME on the Ottawa Citizen
for publishing such an amateurish, irresponsible, slanderous article that
openly denigrates native leadership on the one hand and challenges

the competence of Chief Matthew Coon Come on the other.

In paragraph eight HE mentions that natives have contacted members
of Parliament to complain of native leadership. So what? They are "reportedly"
fed-up about corrupted practices. O.K. Like what? This
is clearly anecdotal in
the first place and secondly seeks to defame,
slander, and vilify ALL NATIVE
LEADERS not to mention to tar and
blacken their reputation as bona fide leaders.
in his accusations and using ONLY INNUENDO, I think,
Mr. Morrison
is DELIBERATELY fanning the flames of hatred toward ALL NATIVE
stating seemingly that native leaders act in bad faith and only for
personal gain: this is pure ribaldry.

In paragraph nine he puts in doubt Chief Matthew Coon Come's assertion that
MOST BANDS are well managed. How can Mr. Morrison expect to be
given the overtly slanderous nature of this article. The intent
of the article does
NOT SEEM TO INFORM, but is PERNICIOUS in its intent
CREDIBILITY of native leadership in general and to
Chief's COMPETENCE in particular suggesting
throughout the whole article
that the Chief in fact does NOT have
the authority to make any statements
outside of Canada and intimates
in short that he should SHUT UP.
I would like to point out to Mr. Morrison that the native population had only
one defence against their systemic government-generated abuse:
SILENCE. And now that they have found competent chiefs of whom I
Chief Matthew Coon Cone is one of the MOST COMPETENT you want
shut him up?

The emblematic native person who has been pushed around and kicked
down for far too often and for far too long and of whom the Grand Chief
is representative wants to stand up and DEMAND JUSTICE for his People,
NOT favours, handouts, just justice. And that is exactly what Chief Matthew
Coon Cone bent on doing and obviously Mr. Morrison and people
of his ilk
don't like it. However, remember one important thing:
the World is watching,
listening, and applauding. And I applaud him.

In paragraph ten, the expression "violation of native rights" is open to mockery
by suggesting that the only time that it is used is by
"crooked, inept native leaders"
who want to hide their incompetence
and who do NOT want to be scrutinize.
Ironically, what Mr. Morrison
is admitting to is that the Department of Indian
and INTIMIDATE native leaders on false pretexts if it
chooses to do so.
In fact, its Minister, probably another FREEMASON, made
an open threat
to Chief Matthew Coon Cone when in Durban, South Africa
in order to
rein him in like a dog.

In paragraph eleven, it's obvious that the Minister of Indian Affairs would like to
have natives eating out of his hand rather then have to
deal with the native
leadership that gets extensive media attention
outside of Canada and who
have been quite effective at furthering
the native agenda, an agenda that the
Government rather NOT deal
with as the native leadership more than any other
entity can oblige
the Government to be accountable and clean up its crooked
past as
corroborated by the Auditor's Reports provincially and federally. Of course,
Mr. Morrison sees the Minister as being "reasonable" as
I suspect he quite possibly
paid Mr. Morrison to write his article
and the Citizen to have it printed. (I'm just
guessing, but wouldn't
be surprised if it was the case. Ha! Ha!)

(How about a little investigative journalism to find out if this is the case? Did
Mr. Morrison write this article on his own? Was it
commissioned by a THIRD
PARTY? Did he get paid to write this article?
If so, how much? Who all is
involved with this article? I'd like to know:
the answers or lack of answers
would tell a lot in and of themselves. Was
anyone in the Ottawa Citizen bribed
to publish this article? How is it
the Ottawa Citizen thought this WAYWARD
ARTICLE could have any merit?
Did the Government pay the Ottawa Citizen
to have it published as part
of an organized smear campaign?)

In paragraph twelve, the rhetoric reaches its FULL CRESCENDO in the alleged
affirmation that "Canadians and MOST natives" have been
"A-B-U-S-E-D by the
I-N-D-I-A-N I-N-D-U-S-T-R-Y". His last sentence
suggests that the Chief's behavior
was so appalling that it would
hopefully generate reform whereby perhaps the
Department of Indian
Affairs will be able to run the native population right into
ground without being buffered by their native leaders. Is this the kind of
reform that Mr. Morrison is wishing for: the annihilation
of the First People
Nations? Hitler tried that with the Jews. Was
he a racist? Is Mr. Morrison a
racist - down deep? And the Ottawa
Citizen for publishing such UNINSIGHTFUL,
is it not guilty of fanning the flames of hatred
LEADERS? I think so. You bet! Big time!

The Ottawa Citizen has been caught with its pants down. And its Canada's capital
number one newspaper which makes this HATE
the native leadership all the more
heinous. This begs the question again: was
the Government
involved in the publishing of this article? I suspect so as the
Ottawa Citizen is often seen to be propaganda organ
of the federal government.
I say: let's find out.

But the BEST PART of this INSIDIOUS, WORTHLESS DIATRIBE is at the very end
and confirmed in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that this is
a piece of hate propaganda
when the author states that the
words of Chief Matthew Coon Cone are nothing

This is tantamount to saying that native abuse and oppression by the Canadian
Government exists only in the realm of fiction
when in fact the GOVERNMENTAL
SUBJUGATION of the native population
has been both endemic and systemic.
Sadly, it's very much a hidden
part of the very dark, dark side of Canadian history.

The native populations were roundly subjugated, dispossessed, and relegated to
barb wireless INTERNMENT CAMPS known as RESERVES in
Canada's hinterland
to be forgotten for good where many starved
and died from neglect. The
missionaries tried to help them; the
Government did NOT. Yet the missionaries
were forced by the
Government to betray the native population by having them
with the sending of the native children to far away schools for the sole purpose
of FORCED ASSIMILATION. Ironically, it is those
children today who can best defend
native rights and concerns.
What is so sad is that the native population have been
time and again by almost everyone. And for Mr. Morrison to lay the blame
solely on the shoulders of the native leaders is
neither today nor yesterday.

What is SO INDESCRIBABLY HORRIFIC about this article is that it is a BETRAYAL OF
AFFAIRS by making light
of the systematic genocide of First Nation
Peoples who are forced by the Canadian
Government to live in the
most squalid of conditions, one-room shacks, that was
meant to

It is my personal belief that the native leadership is doing every thing it can so
that their people will have a bright future. Being
of partial native ancestry myself,
I personally salute them and wish
them every success as should EVERY
CANADIAN including Mr. Morrison.

However, Mr. Morrison, former Reform MP, AND the Ottawa Citizen ought to be

as this article obviously purported to have its readers believe that the NATIVE
POPULATION and NOT the Canadian Government. The article does this by
ridiculing and slandering ALL NATIVE LEADERS as self-conceited oppressors
who care for no one but themselves and in whom the non-native and native
populations of Canada can have NO CONFIDENCE. Without facts and good
examples to support such outrageous allegations Mr. Morrison has FABRICATED
an article of HATEFUL PROPAGANDA that wants to make the
Department of
Indian Affairs look good and the native leadership and
the Grand Chief in
particular look bad.

I assert that Mr. Morrison and the Ottawa Citizen, the number one newspaper
in Canada's capital have perpetrated a crime of hatred and
libel upon ALL
NATIVE LEADERS and the Grand Chief in particular. I
hope they will ask for
financial compensation for the damages suffered
to their reputation and
the publication of THIS LETTER, MY LETTER, in
the Ottawa Citizen in addition
to an apology and a retraction by the
Ottawa Citizen for falsely accusing the
native leadership of what
amounts to allegation of gross incompetence.
Mr. Morrison's article should have explored to what extent the Canadian
Government is deserving of condemnation in line with
the comments of
the Grand Chief. This could have lead to AN
vis-a-vis the historical
mistreatment of the native/Inuit/Métis
population. It could have been an
important step towards
Canadian Government
to the native population for broken promises of
the past and
a history of neglect and abuse. I'm sure that was the intent
of Chief Matthew Coon Cone comments in the former Land of Apartheid.

The Grand Chief is NOT only a VERY SMART MAN, but has demonstrated
by his person that he is deserving of THE GREATEST OF TITLES: THAT
OF "G-R-A-N-D C-H-I-E-F". For Mr. Morrison to MALIGN the Grand Chief
is NOT only reprehensible, but unfortunately consistent with the kind of
PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE native chiefs had to put up with.

What is poignant about this article is that it makes a mockery of Nelson
Mandela's honorary Canadian citizenship. I hope Mr. Mandela
in an act
of solidarity with the First People Nations of Canada will
be invited to
PUBLICLY RESCIND IT in light of my letter as I'm sure
he does NOT
want to be seen to be A PARTY TO THE DERISION OF THE
LEADERSHIP OF CANADA to which the the Ottawa Citizen has

associated itself by the publication of Mr. Morrison's.

Perhaps, the Canadian Government is even implicated either directly or
indirectly. Canadians need to know if their Government had anything

to do with the publication of this MOST HEINOUS ARTICLE that tarnishes
the good reputation of the native leadership with half truths at best and
uses a broad brush of innuendo that plays upon the stereotypes of
peoples as being more or less stupid and AT BEST NOT TOO SMART.

These dreadful stereotypes conveyed by a very irresponsible, CYNICAL
CANADIAN PRESS lends itself to this kind of nefarious propaganda against
the native population. This article published by the Ottawa
Citizen coincidentally
confirms this.

Mr. Morrison's villainous article would have the reader believe that the natives
themselves (or more specifically the native leadership
which amounts to the
same thing) are to be blamed for their misery
and NOT the Canadian Government,
NOT the Canadian population, and NOT
the cynical Canadian Press - God forbid!

Hitler said the same thing of the Jews. It said that the Jews were the problem: NOT
Germany. And that the Germans had to get rid of
the Jewish problem. Mr. Morrison
is saying the very same thing
about his comments at directed at the native leadership
that the native leadership is the problem and let's get rid of this problem and
hopefully this "reform" will do away with this
native leadership problem. This is
PROPAGANDA to my mind. It is
meant to heap scorn and derision on the oppressed
native population
and EXONERATE THE GUILTY: the Canadian Government and its
in crime, the Canadian Press. SHAME ON THE OTTAWA CITIZEN! S-H-A-M-E!!
What "reform" is Mr. Morrison alluding to at the end of this shameful and most
distasteful article? The one by the Department of Indian Affairs?
Did the Department
of Indian Affairs put him up to this article? Did they
LEADERSHIP? If so, how much?

Was anyone in the Ottawa Citizen bribed by the Government to have this article
written? If so, how much?

It has been my view that BRIBES and KICKBACKS have ALWAYS BEEN a
So how much bribe-money
did the Ottawa Citizen get for the publishing
of this article? What DIRTY

I think ALL CANADIANS want answers: how could such a CRIMINALLY
ARTICLE get published in number one newspaper of Canada's
capital. Do
we need yet another royal commission to get to the bottom of
this? Let's
get answers so this is NEVER REPEATED AGAIN: NEVER.

Does Mr. Morrison have a psychiatric past, history, and/or problem?
The person at the Ottawa Citizen who had the unmitigated gall and who
manifestly displayed very poor judgment in allowing the publication
of what is tantamount to hate literature, what is her/his problem? Does
s/he have a psychiatric past, history, and/or problem?

Questions need to be asked and people at the Ottawa Citizen need to be
fired and the truth of how come this RACIST ARTICLE got to be published
in Canada's MOST IMPORTANT NEWSPAPER needs to be told. Do we
need yet
another royal commission to get to the bottom of this? Let's get

I don't like the smell of this article. Because what is so sad is the fact that
being born native or Métis or Inuit is a "definite liability"
in Canada and it
shouldn't be.

These children should be "happy" and "proud" to BE NATIVE, MÉTIS, and
INUIT and it's NOT easy thanks to people like Mr. Morrison, a spineless
Canadian Press, and a criminally-run Government.

I cry for these native children. Their inalienable right to a FAIR CHANCE
at success and EQUALITY is molested by the likes of Mr. Morrison and the
Ottawa Citizen who seem to want the Government to SPEND LESS on them
if they were dogs and NOT people. Remember the time when the African-
Americans were treated like dogs? We in Canada do NOT treat our
population that way, Mr. Morrison? How smug can you be?

Why? So the Government can go and splurge its money on bribes to the
Press and MORE political junkets for its mandarins, their family members,
and friends?

And Mr. Morrison does NOT think there is NO NEPOTISM in the Government.
The Government is riddled with nepotism in my opinion. It's the old story of
government mandarins living beside each other and one saying to the
you hire my son and I'll hire yours and I'll give the exam answers
to you so
that they'll pass with flying colours; we'll arrange it so we
can't lose. (Wink!)
And so the story goes.

Perhaps, Mr. Morrison believes the Government works on merit and has
big generous heart and that there is a Santa Claus after all. But let's be
cheap with our native population. Is that what he is saying? We are
too much money on them?

Perhaps, Mr. Morrison believes our native population can live in SMALLER
1-bedroom SHACKS and ON A DIET so the Government can save more
money so
that it can waste it somewhere else?

Perhaps, Mr. Morrison was NOT aware that when the train was built the
native population out West was dependent on the Government for food
and the Government was responsible for the starving of many a native
person. Is that what Mr. Morrison is recommending? Is this the "reform"
he has in mind?

The native population appear to be victims of a pornographic horror
story whereby they are treated like dirt and Mr. Morrison seems to
feel HE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE, but has the gall to gratuitously blame
the native people for their abject conditions -- or should I say, he blames
the native leadership which is pretty much the same thing.
Thus, he ROBS
the native leadership of THEIR RIGHTFUL DIGNITY in
this wicked article and
Citizen chooses to associate
itself with such written pornography?
How low can the Ottawa Citizen go? And
they wonder why the paper
is going down the toilet?

(Well, what do you do with excrement? You flush it!)

So who will call Mr. Mandela and ask him to renounce his "h-o-n-o-r-a-r-y"
Canadian citizenship? (Now that's laughable!)

Mr. Morrison? <grin> Ha!

Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Adm.,
B.Comm., B.A.(Italian)
magna cum laude
Leader (and only member <grin>) of the Égalité Party


P.S.: Please note this letter which is meant to be a rebuttal of the article
written by Mr. Morrison is being sent to the Editor
of the Ottawa Citizen at
the behest of Mr. Jean Larose, Communication
Director of the Assembly
of First Nations, after explaining to him how
upset I was by the article. Even
though I explained that it would probably
NOT get publish, he said that it
would be useful to send him a copy. I am
NOT only sending him a copy
but also to other national native/Métis
organizations including the High
Commission of South Africa in the hope
that a concerted effort will be
undertaken to have the article publicly
condemned by the political
leaders of Canada and hopefully eventually
debated in Court.
P.P.S.: I was told to get on the gravy train at the Senate of Canada in the
Summer of 1983 or else I would lose my job. Six months later I received

a 6-month termination notice though I was by then a permanent employee.
The reason given for my termination was that I was a "contractual" employee
which was NOT true. I requested from Mr. Lussier, the Senate Clerk, for a
grand father clause only to be ignored. I then turned to the Union and helped
to singlehandedly get the PSAC (Public Service Alliance of Canada)
union in
on Parliament Hill with the help of union activist Yolande Viau.
I still lost my job,
however, into my seventh month of unemployment, I was
asked by PSAC to
do my union steward course though unemployed. I did it in
March 1985 andarrow
was the only one unemployed doing it and I have the
certificate to prove it.