extending our reach around the World
 Thanks to technology,
 - the People can monitor the details of Gov't spending for
   a 100% transparent democracy
 - we can redistribute the wealth saving the global economy
   from collapse

High-Tech Expert

 Kenneth Selin (say'leen), É(eh)PC President/Party Leader
 was a high-tech troubleshooter of
 - the Internet for Sympatico
 - the Compaq presario PC
 - cabel modems for Time Warner

 Top high-tech magazines in Canada+the USA published
 his letters to the editor.

The Myth of AI (Aritificial Intelligence)
Computers only execute instructions.

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Privacy Online

How to enable private browsing mode on different browsers

WARNING: every Internet surfing device has a *traceable* ID #


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See all your favorites in the Hub
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Maxthon5 BEST

with a photo effects app
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Feature-rich Chromium based alternative web browser for Windows

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome Security Test

Microsoft Edge Tips

Browse in Private (Microsoft Edge)

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the alternative browser
Mozilla, a not-for-profit Internet organization, promotes AN OPEN WEB.
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NEW Fox Quantum Browser





Pale Moon

Sea Monkey


Accessing the Dark Net/Deep Web (inviting Police surveillance)

Beginner's Guide To The Deep Web and The Dark Web

Tor Browser
It's all gravy for the onion router as Tor Browser beefs up security

According towww.Mozilla.orgbots make up 52% of all web traffic.

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HOW Google Tracks You

SWITCH OFF Google tracking

WHAT Google Knows About You

5 Special Things of Google Earth

Malware-filled Chrome extensions

It's all gravy for the onion router as Tor Browser beefs up security

20 Twitter tips: Become a social media pro

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Use your WhatsApp with a landline

Emphasizing words
in messaging apps+commenting on YouTube
- to underline a word, add __ before and after the word
- to highlight a word (in italics), add * before and after the word
- to highlight a word (in bold), add ** before and after the word
- to strikeout a word (put a line through a word), add - before and after the word

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Computer Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows

Windows Keyboard Combos
WindowsKey+L locks the screen
WindowsKey+arrows moves the screen in that direction

Arrow Key Combos
CTRL+ALT+(left/right arrow) moves the cursor to the next word
CTRL+SHIFT+(left/right arrow) highlights the present word
                 (and the next word with each repetition of this key combo)
CTRL+i docks your bookmarks to the side of browser (Microsoft browser+Firefox)

The Middle Mouse Button
- middle-click on an open tab to close it
- click on a link to open it in a NEW browser tab

Tab Key Combos
ALT+F4 closes the browser
CTRL+SHIFT+t brings back the closed tab
CTRL+w or CTRL+F4 closes the current tab

CTRL+0 for the default setting
CRTL+(plus sign) zooms in
  (increases the font size on the Web page)
CRTL+(minus sign) to zooms out
  (decreases the font size on the Web page)

FULL Screen: press F11

K to play orpause
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A person's daily screen time in front of high-tech devices is 10 hours.

Windows 10
Improve PC Performance in Windows 10

4 Tips to Make Your Windows 10 Computer Run Faster

Family Features

Windows Hello?
(biometric sign)

Protecting Your PC

Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts

Freeing Up Drive Space

The Snipping Tool Captures Screenshots

Microsoft Hidden Files

Windows Autostart Utility

Windows 10 - How to Disable Startup Programs

FREE Online Storage (pre-installed on Windows 10)

FREE Internet Speed Optimization

FREE WiFi Checking

How to Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

Fixing an Internet Connection

7 Security Tips

Making Your Online Accounts Safer

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Does Windows 10 Need Antivirus?

FREE Antiviruses


Top 10 
Antivirus Software 2018

FREE Antivirus Software 2017-2018

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Keep Your Antivirus UP-TO-DATE

Microsoft Safety Scanner

Microsoft Word Virus

HOW to Remove a Computer Virus (malware)

Get Started with CCleaner
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FREE Photo Editor with Magic Enhance

FREE Photo Editors to Enhance Photos


Building a Computer

Real Temp
(Intel processors)

Core Temp

Open Hardware Monitor

FREE Hardware Monitoring Chips Video+Apps
CPU, GPU fan speeds+temperatures tutorial

How to make your pc/laptop run faster
(3 simple steps)

How to Make Your Windows Computer Run Faster

How to speed up your computer by deleting temporary files

Password Checker

FREE Data Recovery


FREE Driver Apps

PROTECT Your Motherboard

FREE PC Optimizing Apps

FREE PC Cleaning Tools

5 free ways to clean up your PC or laptop

SublimeText Editor

Sublime Text 3:
Setup, Package Control, and Settings

FREE Web Coding

Basic HTML+CSS Website for Beginners

FREE Code Learning

Learn to Code: Web Development 101

Web Development Tutorial for Beginners (#1)
How to build webpages with HTML, CSS, Javascript

Create a sample program with Code::Blocks

The basics of debugging in Code::Blocks

Troubleshooting common problems when using Code::Blocks

Introduction - Intro to Machine Learning

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