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Subject: "After operating 5 years, the Gov't -
              using CIRA - takes offline Canada's
              only *ANTI-FASCIST* political party
              Web site, eh-ok.ca. Here's why",
              says the É(eh)PC President/Party

The Gov't is PISSED OFF!

"eh-ok.ca" or
"É(eh)PC" or
"The Égalité (eh'gah-lee-teh) Party of Canada"
into http://www.google.ca.

SEE what you come up with.


Check http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/eh-ok.ca

Statistics Summary for eh-ok.ca:
eh-ok.ca has a 3-month global
Alexa traffic rank of 3,739,976.

At ott.politics Google newsgroup:

"To Tucows.com, I say, doN'T **BOW DOWN** to
FASCIST Police state CENSORSHIP of the Gov't
of Canada that's using CIRA to *illegally* shut
eh-ok.ca, Canada's only ANTI-FASCIST
political party Web site", says the É(eh)PC
President/Party Leader

PROTECT YOURSELF by joining+supporting
the É(eh)PC, the Égalité (eh'gah-lee-teh) Party
of Canada.


BECAUSE the É(eh)PC will give you:
1. your share of pie by redistributing the wealth
2. CLEAN Gov't BY DESIGN by allowing you to
    monitor the details of Gov't spending in real
    time - online
3. JOBS through the creation + promotion of
    small business because small business
    creates 80% of the jobs in Canada

BECAUSE the É(eh)PC is Canada's ONLY
ANTI-fascist, ANTI-Gov't corruption political
party that cares about you.

IF you doN'T want 100% CROOKED Gov't
that serves the Rich, THEN you want

Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) "magna cum laude"
President/Party Leader

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