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Person asks: occupation?




Growing my hair.

Grave Robber From Outter Space

Person asks: hometown?


GrimCity, Ontario

Cow-town Alberta

Sexy Ville, Ontario

Halifuck, Nova Scotia

Shitville, Nova Scotia

Watta Watta Watta Loo Loo Loo

Shit City, British Columbia, Canada

Hometown: under your bed, Manitoba
Awesome Town (Population: 7), Ontario

The City That Rhymes With Fun. Canada


"Da Pro"


"pretty fly"
"Think Pink!"
"beat junkie"
"What if ... "

"I'll aim high."
"jump for joy!"


"so, so fresh"

"Hot Girl Alert!"

"...and so it is"

"I kiss and tell."

"I am a banana"

"homesick alien"

" Tightpants "
"It's game time!"


"here's the deal"

"Grab the wheel"
"run for your soul"

"think about it ... ."

"Nightmare Hippie"

"prend un numéro"
"my cup is half full"
"Connect the dots"

"truth hits everyone"

"Where is my mind?"

"Computer says no."

"positively negative"
"I was born this way."

"last name = devine"
"get drunk and dance"

"hook, line and sinker"

"aris Baby!! yep yep!!"
"rhythm is my nature"

"A Girl Can't Help It" :)


"i kick it in six one tree"

"beauty is my passion"

"A pretty little problem."
"Harbouring resentment"
"sunshine and lollipops"
"lights. camera. action."

"bLiSsFuLlY uNaWaRe"

"Mind of a 2 year old" ;P
"I'm bringin wicked back"

"Let me b Ur UNICORN."

"variations on fire & light"

"The evolution of game!!"
"On a Bridge to Nowhere"
"could wait all day for this"


"Ton père stune licorne !" French

"You're Always Approved."

"you go left and i go right"

"'cause i am superwoman"
"Woman: Special Edition"

"My Life, the Rock Opera"

"I'll be a beautiful letdown"
"x.Crush or Obsession.x?"


"take the nature challenge"

"Wait till you see me dance."

"The side effects are sexual."

"If you can't Dodge it Ram it"

"Somewhere only we know"
"mmmmmm, purple *drools*"

"Being awesome since 1988"

"Gracing this world since '88"

"Poised to conquer the world."

"Coordinate brain and mouth."
"i've got the gift of one liners"

"and the world spins madly on"
"I'm allergic to FAKE PEOPLE!"

"You must not know about me!"

"I'm going to screw this up right."
"Bαby, don't tαke it personαl ... ."

"It's Gonna Bring you down HA!"
"I need U like a bullet 2the brain."

"NOBODY puts Baby in the corner"

"The Secret to Being Powerful is..."

"Chocolate can solve any problem."
"I am stuck on your bedroom floor"

"But that was when I ruled the world."

"I like to give everyone a fair chance!"

"It's lonely on the road less travelled."

<3 "ask me out see what happens" (=

"Every day people make me say WTF?!"
"do i look like a fucking baker to you?"

"The Grinch Who Stole Your Boyfriend!"
"I can resist everything, but temptation."
"edward cullen is my fictional boyfriend"

"and we tip-toe until the darkness comes"

"And it goes a little something like this ... "

"Jesus wasn't afraid of a little controversy."
"you call THAT a fucking DEMOCRACY?! "

"Sex Sex Sex and don't forget the violence!!!"

"Thank the sweet baby Jesus for Wing Wongs"

"I believe the World should revolve around me."

"Never met a girl that likes to drink with horses"
"Perdue dans une conSTELLAtion de souvenirs ..." French

"Some mistakes are too much fun to only make

"I'm The Best Damn Thing That Your Eyes Have
  Ever Seen" ;)

"Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray
  it might come true "
"There's less violence in the world when people
  are using Hula-Hoops."

  are you too cute to dance?"

  But Verify"
  It's good for your soul."

"Oh well,
  what are you gonna do?"


"i'm a liar ...
  believe it"

"Girls rule
  boys drool!"

"Cheer up,
  the worst is yet to come."
"im so glam,
  i bleed glitter
"I Love You.
  But I Chose Disco!"
"Who here
  is in line for a raise?"
"Hey Baby ...
  You Real?"
"I will dazzle,
  I will outshine them all."
"life's for fun,
  so go n play!"
"Im The Truth
  And The Truth Dont Lie"

"I find a map
 & draw a straight line"
"All For One,
  All For Me."

"She's Freaky
  and I Like It."
"Ferris wheels
  carried us away"
"lets av' a look
  at what you coulda won"

"Video Games,
  what would I do without you?" =]

"don't push me,
  cuz i'm close to the edge"

"you're a noun,
  so go verb yourself." - haha

"all drugged up
  and nowhere to go"

"Mang ta soup
  farm ta yeul." French

"the truth hurts,
  so we lie"
"It is what it is ...
  Not what it aint."

"be flamboyant,
  lifes short"  


"if the truth hurts,
  prepare for pain"
"David Duchovny,
  Why Won't You Love Me?

"What can I say -
  Workin' in the mines can be fun!"

"then, i realized,
  this isn't what family members do
  to each other."
"Never look back
  cuz dats not the direction im heading ... ."
"Don't tell me lies.
  Just say good-bye."
"my name aint bic,
  but i keep that flame."
"Seduce my mind
  and you can have my body"

"God created sex.
  Priests created marriage." - Volatair
"Delightfully tacky,
  yet unrefined."
"Stop chasin boys
  and go shopping for labels."

"Went to the moon
  in a soda can"
"You're only a rebel
  from the waist downwards."
"Enough about me,
  what do you think of me?"
"Music was the man
  that made a woman out of me."
"i know whats wrong
  so you can stop pointing it out"

 "Hold my arms down,
   I've been bad."
"I'm a tiny little bean
  with a tapioca dream."

"forget the romance,
  tie me to the bedframe"
"i'm just another girl,
  from a whole other world"

"We don't negotiate ...
  We éliminate."
"I like to give everyone
  a fair chance!"
"where there is beautii,
  there is jelousy"
"Tired of turning pages.
   I want to write them."
"If you walk out on me,
  I'm walking after you."

"To buy or NOT to buy?
  That is the question."

"I'll be waiting with a gun
  and a pack of sandwiches"
"L'eau bout à cent degrés,
  et toi?" French
"My Heart's Not Your Dick,
  So Dont Play With It"

"And The World Stopped
  At That Very Moment"
"If you obey all the rules,
  you miss all the fun."

"Drama doesn't follow me,
  it rides on my back."

"Everybody Likes My Hair,
  Everybody Respects My Hair" :) 

"staring at four blank walls
  figuring out what my life is about"

"banana helps me unwind
  watermelon makes it awesome."

"there is no grass greener
  than the grass right here"

"I'd really love to kiss you,
  but I just washed my hair."
"Do you see a single tear?
  It isnt gonna happen here."

"i know its only rock n roll,
  but i like it"
"when a good girl goes bad ...
  boys go right after her"

"If I only had a little humility,
  I'd be perfect"

"When does ANY party start?
  When you get there! "

"Got guns, do you want 'em?
  Take aim at each other."
"I Got A Brand New Attitude,
 And I'm Going To Wear It Tonight"
"Boys, boys, all type of boys.
  BLACK, white, Puerto Rican,
  Chinese boys!"

"when you cry sumone dies ... ,
  but when u smile a baby is born."
"don't drink and drive, bitches ...
  smoke and fly":D
"turn the lights off in this place
  and she shines just like a star"

"'re as welcome as cancer ...
  but my doors always unlocked ..."

"I don't want to win this FIGHT ...
  I want to win the WAR."
"i'm good at crossword puzzles,
  i'm not so good at people puzzles."
"The cure for boredom is curiosity.
  There is no cure for curiosity." - Dorothy Parker
"What do you mean there's no ice?
  You mean i gotta drink this coffee hot?!"

"I only hang out with strange people ...
  It makes me feel normal."
"So meet me at the back door, Baby,
   if you wanna get away..."
"maybe its time i give up the fairy tales
  even tho thats all ive ever wanted"

"This is the moment that we all live for,
  are you ready?"


"~*~Everybody wants to go to heaven.
  But no one wants to go right now!! ~*~"

"Remember when I said I hate techno?
   I lied!"
"I came here to make you dance tonight
  & I don't care if i'm a guilty pleasure for you!" <3
"Laughter is a mood altering tranquillizer
  with no harmful side effects."

"The only way to rid yourself of temptation
   is to give into it"
"like the way that your eyes travel to the floor
  when you tell a lie"
"I don't need a cape and tights to show the world
  I'm superwoman."
"so now that Valentine's day is done for the year,
  who thinks they might be pregnant?!"

"Some might say that they doN'T believe in heaven.
  Go tell that to the man who lives in hell."
"To care is to show importance and relevancy
  to an issue.
  apathy is the answer "

  i'm the BOMB!
  like Tick! Tick!"

  Baby ...
  you don't even know."
"Come on,
  be a rebel.
  Help someone today."
"all i want
  is a little place of my own
  where i can rest my head"

"Sois gentil
  et je serai gentil ...
  sois chiant et ..." French

"Get like you?
  Get like me" :)

"Laugh, Baby.
  It's all we really have now.
 The earth is overpopulating with zombies ...
  just laugh and run."

"yada yada Girl
  yada yada Bjork
  yada yada life"

"60% of the time
  it works
  every time"
"All eyes on me,
  in the centre of the ring,
  just like a circus"
"that's insane!!!
  U know what I'm saying!!


"I'm either working,
  or working on sleeping."

"And then God said,
 'Let there be Lindsey!'
  And all was good."

"me, myself, and I, ...
  I'm not changing much
  so get use to it."
"Knowing something
  and doing something
  are two different things."
"and the seventh thing
  i hate the most that you do,
  you make me love you ..."
"I challenge the universe,
  It's the choice
  between heaven and hell ... ."
"Prostitution is revolution:
  you can hate me
  after you pay me."
"you can't buy happiness,
  but you can buy icecream ...
  which is sorta the same" <3

"completely, utterly single ...
  so bored
  I'm uploading photos on"
"Not that I live a moral life.
  But I do expect it of others.
  Don't we all?"
"If light travels faster than sound
  isn't that why some people appear bright
  till u hear them speak?"
"Don't ask me what my name is,
  stupid bitch,
  I'm famous."
"The best thing since sliced bread!
   No ... wait ... !
   I'm better!"
"I'm sugar, spice and everything nice.
  Before you mess with me
  you better think twice."
"And I know the only breaks in life you got
  were broken bones,
  and broken dreams."

"Haven't you heard that I'm the new cancer?
  I've never looked better
  and you can't stand it."

"An artist is a person who thinks
        more than there is to think,
  feels more than there is to feel,
  and sees more than there is to see." ~J.O.H.

  for peace
  is like fucking
  for virginity!"
  or goose?"
"Love life
  and life will love you back.
  Love people
  and they will love you back."
"hair pulling,
  neck biting.
  back scratchin:
  i love it all"

"It's a new day,
  but it all feels old.
  It's a good life
  thats what I'm told."
"the weather today is
  calm and sunny,
  but the air
  is full of bullshit"
"Take your hesitance
  and your self defence
  &leave them all behind.
  Life's beautiful."


"The Earth is not dying ---
  she is being killed.
  And those who are killing her
  have names and addresses." - Utah Phillips

"They're Gonna Find You,
  Just Believe ...
  You're Not A Person,
  You're A Disease."

"And ur the reason that
  murder should be legalized.
  If it was,
  u'd be dead and in the ground by 5!"

"First date would be a nice dinner or bar
  where can talk:
  you have your wine
  and i have my Jack denial."
" Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones
   But Whips And Chains Excite Me.
   So Throw Me Down And Tie Me Up
   And Show Me That You Like Me. "
  and Greed.
  I Want It All."
"Love is like war ...
  Easy to start ...
  Difficult to end ...
  And ...
  impossible to forget!"

"I'm going to a pretty place now
  where the flowers grow.
  I'll be back
  in about an hour
  or so."
"For a wounded man should say
  to his asilent
     'If I live,
      I will kill you,
      If I die,
      you are forgiven.'
      Such is the rule of honor."
"Spoiled roten,
  never forgotin,
  Daddy's Little Girl
  living in a dream world
  not afraid to confess
  i am a little princess."

"Just crank up the volume
  & we can sing like superstars
  & dance around like we're FAMOUS
   with ripped jeans & huge sunglasses ... .
  'Cause, girls,
  that's how we roll!"
  & Inked ...
  Love Me
  Or Hate Me ...
  It Wont Make Me
  Or Break Me" <3


"circus act"

"Back in BC"

"unicorn power"

"C'est l'heure du thé." :-)

"a tragedy in one act"

"A little south of Sanity."

"Don't question my logic"


"forever isn't that long - i guess"

"Sir, is that my heart your holding?"

"... and everybody wants to be like you"

"Have an issue?
  Here's a tissue."

"Life's a bitch,
  but I'm that bitch's pimp. Haaa!"

"so many jerks,
  so few bullets"

"Brace Yourself:
  We Were Born For This."

"Diggin harrison, dude,
  all the way to china."

"short end of the stick,
  wrong side of the bed."

"if you want to be a hero,
  then just follow me ... "

"If you see Angel's flying
  wave goodbye ... ."

"You either wanna be with me,
  or be me ."

"I want to laugh,
  but I think Im choking on reality "

"Smash The Mirror
  And Break The Palm Reader's Hands"

"Do that again ...
  and they'll be tracing you with chalk!"

"Just because you're paranoid
  don't mean they're not after you."

"just because it looks like iced tea ...
 doesn't mean it tastes like iced tea"

"Life is something that everyone should try
  at least once."

"Has anyone seen my shoes?
  I kicked them off in a fit of joy."

"We all know that Vampires are NOT real ...
  just like Elves, Gremlins and Eskimos."

"You look at me and laugh
      cause I'm different,
  but I look at you and laugh
      cause you're all the same."


"C'est ma toune,
  tiens ma sacoche!" French

"I'm sick,
 your tired,
 let's dance."

"you being okay
  is not a part of my balanced diet
  of DOOM"

"When opportunity knocks,
  you may have to get up off the couch
  to answer the door."

"They say when you die
  your life flashes before your eyes ...

"I'm aware
  I'm insane.
  I like it.

"Water guns...for you and I,
  not so dangerous.
  For the wicked witch of the West ...

"We could plant a house.
  We could build a tree.
  I don't even care.
  We could have all three!"

"Le ciel est bleu,
  la mer est calme,
  ferme ta yeule,
  pi RAME!" French

"Don't think for yourselves!
  Think for God!
  Let's start making those
      motherfucker's decisions
  for him,

"So I'm gonna buy a gun
  and start a war
  If you can tell me
  something worth fighting for."

"i fake it"

"stay gold"

"i'm a robot."


"Live a little."


"stupid cats"

"Well, I never ..."





"How U Doin?"

"NOT giving up!"

"Are you ready?"

"Living the life ... "

"Legally Blonde" <3


"it was amazing"

"You're so artist."

"God Loves Ugly"

"Get on my level."

"True Love Waits"

"Don't Be Jealous" <3

"she's Hollywood" ♥

"Look out Ladies!"

"am I Dreaming ...?"

"I Wish You Knew"


"Beißen Sie mich" :) German

"i've been thinking"

"break the silence."

"Just like a cookie."

"Sit on it and Spin."

"MiSs HoLlYwOoD!"

"keep me guessing"

"and it was glorious"

"Dreams come true."

"Yes, I am 'That girl'"

"The Revolving Door"

"something spiritual ..."

"Flower power, man."

"large and in charge"

"living dah crazy life!"

"Live Now, Die Later"

"I like to help people."

"Life is short ... Sing" ^^

"Here comes trouble!"

"kickin it Dizzy Style!"

"i love my crackberry!"

"Spirit determines age"

"That's my Generation"

"love men that sparkle"

"Here comes the SUN!"

"Baby, i'm baaad news"

"excruciatingly average"

"never would've thought ..."

"holla at all the cool ppl!" :)

"Rocking it since 1985" :D

arrow"in my dreams i can fly"

"& all it takes is a kiss;;"


"i'm just a love machine."

"Too fly for just any guy."

"who doesn't love liquor?"

"i'm just a love machine."

"The world is a Vampire" <3

"keeping it pro since '92"

"it's almost Mexico time!"

"i ain't got no crystal ball"

"Every thug needs a lady ... ."


"NOT for the faint of heart."

"I'll be back to frame you."

"back in the saddle again"

"Rock & Roll is in control"

"it's the soul that matters"

Smile, it's healthy for you :)

"Im Not Your Average Girl"

"Freedom is my addiction."

"bulimia is so last season"

"Hope dangles on a string ..."

"To know me is to love me!"

J'suis une Phoking Star! French

"Blondes do have more fun"

"She's Good For Business"


"if we're all just living to die ..."

"smokin weed like it's legal"

"so i'm a witch eh ? ... cool" >:)

"i'm slicKer than yo average"

"where's my remote control?"

"I'll have the 10 inch special"

"Must BE a HEAVENLY sin"

"i've got the gift of one liners"

"im a candy apple kinda gal"

"The side effects are sexual."

"I take candy from strangers."

"SO WHAT? i am a rockstar" ;D

"Here for your entertainment!"

"~you should let me love you~"

"so where does this leave us?"

"determination is a way of life"

"This Web page is HAUNTED."


One Bullet.One Gun.One Love"

"...make mistakes, get messy"

"...every time i hear your name"

"These dreams are taking flight!"

"waiting for my prince charming"

"C'est cette étoile qui l'a guidée." French

"It's time to hit the panic switch!"

"I am a user, boozer, and a loser."

"This Girls A Straight Up Hustler"


"I put the Cha in Team Chalaya ..."

"What will the neighbours think?"

"ah, what a troublesome morning."

"She always puts on her seat-belt!"

"I could really use a wish right now"

"you must be a sorceress cuz you ... "

"The best things in life are EDIBLE!" <3

"i don't know what to think anymore."

"Rawr Means I Love You In dinosaur" <3


"Corner of no, and where, Northwest"

"Don't let the fuckers drag you down."

"Jesus would slap the hell out of you."

"I belong to the BEAT GENERATION"

"Laughter is the only way to my heart"

"let me take you to my favourite place"

"i'll steal the diamonds from your eyes"

"i would like to put a rock over the past"

"Joan of Arc had style. Jesus had style." - Charles Bukowski

"you're the brightest little firefly in my jar"

"You're all just crows on the power-lines."

"you're as fake as the moans you make."

{if only i had eight arms to hold you with}

"feels so good to be a FIVE STAR chick!"

"A drummer falls off a cliff.... Badum chh!"

"I can resist everything except temptation"

"- seven little bottles of Love Potion No. 9 -"

"I love you almost as much as Jesus does!"

"Your Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile."

"Been doing a lot of behind the scenes work."

"Swallowed the fact that our dream had died."

"So this is what it's like to be actually happy... ."

"WiSh i CouLd ShOuT mY pLaYbOy MoUtH!"

"knowledge is more important than education"

"this operation's been abandoned once again..."

"i know that ive been dancing around the truth."

"Life is a journey not a destination -- keep moving."

"we played tug of war with the elephant ,,, we lost."

we'll dance our lives away in the ballrooms of Mars"

"I'll use this weapon on the devil horse if I have to."

"oh wait... i am one" :)

"all the things i really like to do are either immoral,
  illegal or fattening."

"the first time you meet your new vampire
  boyfriend's vampire family: AWKWARD ..."



  you would know"

  He just made revenge so sweet ..."

  lets play the waiting game ..."

  hellooo there" :)

   i could of died.."

  they can't do it like me"


  from inner space"

  we're so worth it!" (L)

  you know i'm worth it."

  Hold On."

   it confuses ppl" :P

"drop it
   like its HOT"

"boredd ...

"grow up
  and blow away"

"one day
  my 'Myspace' will be cool."

"love you
  and Buddha too"

"I believe
  I need no introduction"

"that kiss
  tastes like summer."

"Why walk,
  when you can dance?"

"Short fuse ...

"Kill vegans
  and eat them!"

"re: dickless
  dude, your sooo"

  to blow your mind"

"movin on up,
  want my peice of the pie!"

"we're running
   just to get caught."

"Cherry CoLa
  Is kind of like a little sister."

"Just a Pirate
  Chasing booty!"

"I'm Canadian ...
 So what's your problem. Eh?"

"ahh ... school!
  so much to think about!"

"Life is a bitch,
  and so am I"

"Dibble Dabble,
  Blip Blop"

"A little crowed
  as we're singing
  in the shower tonight"

"Try saying 'No'
  once in a while."

"i know my role
 and i play it well."

"to err is human,
  to arr is pirate"

  Thats her!"

"Look like a lady,
  Party like a Pimp" ;)

"Break my heart
  I'll burn your house"

"Live Laugh Love
  ------while listening to COUNTRY!"

"im a DIAMOND ...
  and u are just a pebble."

"Save the ducks
  use glue"

"date like a man
  so you don't get played like a bitch"

"i restore myself
 when i'm alone."


"What's the story,
  morning glory?"


"tell me lies later,
  come and see me ..."

"Save your breath,

"I'm on a carousel,
  and I'm not looking down"

"What do you say
  we leave for California?"

"This is not a test.
   Please remain calm."

"I'm not A princess
  I'm THE princess"

"Everything I'm not
  made me everything I am."

"I will rule the world ...
  You'll see." ;)

"Je suis une artiste
  et mon oeuvre c'est moi. " French

".Love is an Illusion ...
  I am ur illusion."

"Tell me something ...
  are you fond of your knee caps?"

"cause i'm a gypsy,
  are you coming with me?"

"When all else fails,
  Just laugh!"

"My own little world ...
  Enter at your own risk!"

"Look Into My Eyes ...
  Focus On My Power

"She can make salt
  taste like sugar on her hands"

"no one dies a virgin
  because the world screws us all"

"medically speaking:
  you're adorable"

"if we sleep together,
  would it make it any better?"

"Moi, j'suis une pute,
  mais une pute de luxe." French

"The Second Mouse
  Gets the Cheese"

"my love's a revolver.
  do u wanna be the target ?"

"We are all in a hole ...
  But some of us look at the stars."

"Sometimes it's right
  to do the wrong thing"

"take me or leave me
  i'm still gonna do what i want."

"I plan on living forever.
 So far so good."

"The glass was half full
  so i drank it."

"I just enjoy the meal.
  I doN'T ask 4the recipe."

"i'm not looking down,
  but there's no one above me."

"when you're with her...
  i hope you're thinking of me."

"wrestling with reality ....
  waiting for the bell to ring."


"Aujourd'hui est parfait ...
  Demain, je l'espère." French

"The more boys I meet,
   the more i fall in love with my dog."

"i used to be lovestruck
  now i'm just fucked up"

"That's the life I choose:
   guns, drugs, and booze."

"my doors always open:
  feel free to walk out"

"I speak two languages,
  Body and English."

"Vive les choses simple,
  fuck les casse-tête!" French

"You'll Learn To Hate Me;
  But Still Call Me Baby."

"better to do the fucking
  than to get fucked!"

"I'll be like your medicine,
  you'll take every dose of me."

"With Hope In Our Hearts
  & Bricks In Our Hands."

"i know i need something,
  but i know it's not you."

"what are the freakin odds
  of this happening?"

*I walk n talk like this 'cuz
  i can back it up*

"maybe it's all for the best,
  but i just don't see any good in this."

"Won't you think I'm pretty
  when I'm standing on top a bright lit city?" (:

"Si tu fourre pas le system,
  c'est lui qui te fourre!" French

"All this rock and roll, Baby,
  only time will tell."

"I shouldn't have passed out!
  Now you're passed out too" :(

"When does ANY party start?
  When you get there!"

"Boy Are You a Sight to See ...
  Kinda Something like Me!"

"you said you never meant to ...
  Sweetheart, you never mean to"

"Oh.. you hit your funny bone?
  NOT so funny is it."

"Love isn't something you feel,
  it's some you do"

"Oh the bridges we've crossed ...
  and burned!"

"After All The Things You Said ... .
  'I Love You' Was My Favourite ... "

"Considering how amazing i am,
   i deserve the fuckin best"

"Better to be on the wrong track
  than to be hit by the right train."

"... and I'm not impressed easily ...
  WOW! a blue car!"

"plugging the car in at minus 30??
  no thanks!

"Your Suffering will be legendary!
  Even in Hell!"

"It's not true that I had nothing on.
  I had the radio on." — Marilyn Monroe

"It's because I'm only HALF white,
  isn't it?"

"So Tell Me What Do You Expect,
  Connected to Your TV Set?"

"Only look at the devil long enough
  to pull the trigger."


"It's funny until somebody gets hurt ...
  then, IT'S HILARIOUS!"

"In the immortal words of The Doors ...
  'the time to hesitate is through'... ."

"What the fuck have you done lately?"
  (French for "How are you?) :o)

"i had to get that stress off my chest
  like breast reduction!"

"good things always come to an end
  & there it goes ... "

"when I was young and irresponsible,
  I was young and irresponsible."

"you coulld become my one and only
  or my one in a million-th mistake"

"Imagine sweetness with a small sign,

"decided to cancel Christmas this year
  and have Halloween twice instead! "

"Everybody Knows That There's A Party
  At The End Of The World."

"Just watch my wildest dreams come true:
  not one of them involving you."

"If You Hate Me, There's Nothing I Can Do.
  I Don't Live To Please You."

"Sometimes I think I understand everything.
  Then, I regain consciousness."

"I wondered why the car was getting bigger ...
  and then it hit me."

"I'm lovely, you're lovely, were all so god damn lovely.
 Other than that, my name is Talia."

"Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand
  dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul."
  - Marilyn Monroe

  you're still ugly.
  Pass me another beer ..."

  my bite
  is worse than my bark."

"To buy
  or not to buy?
  That is the question."

  you wishh
  you could of tied me downn" ;)

''I hate it
 when I'm walking to my igloo
 and all the penguins follow me.''

"We live,
  we die,
  we rot."

"i'm sick,
  you're tired,
  lets dance"

"Bring on
  the good stuff

"forget love ...
  forget you ...
  impossible" <3

  the food so nice
  they named it twice"

"... Ahh! yes.
  now I remember why I left
  this 2 star town ..."

100% original,
  et recyclé" French

"hey weekend,
  could you hurry up and get here?
  thanks" :)

"ur lips r movin,
  but all i hear is
  blah blah blah"

"times of today
 are the sad thoughts
 of tomorrow."

"Don't be easy,
  if caviar was cheap,
  no one would want it." - Paris Hilton

"where the elite
  without feet
  meet to eat."

"it's a love story,
  just say yes" <3


"Too much junk
  in more then just my trunk
  for just any boy to handle!"

"Happy endings
  are stories
  that haven't finished yet."

"I was once told
  I was a powerful wizard
  by a homeless person"

"I tried to be chill,
  but you're so hot
  that I melted." - jason mraz

"I have not failed,
  I've just found 10,000 ways
  that won't work."

"What am i doing?
  Oh that's right.
  I'm doing me."

"just for a second,
 lets pretend
 that i give a damn"

"I haven't seen you
  around here
  in a while."

"I aim with my eye.
  I shoot with my mind.
  I kill with my heart."

"There is good girls,
   there is bad girls..
   and me."

"Just fetch that gate,
  we'll make it clear
  that monsters aren't welcome here!"

"Its way to cold out!
  it needs to go back
  to being bikini weather again" :)

"my face is a canvas
  and the make-up
  my water colors"

"All you need is faith,
  and a bit of pixie dust."

''J'me sens heureuse
  comme un chien
  dans une boîte de truck!'' French

"I wish I had a button
  to take away all the shitty people
  out of my life."

"come inside my mind
  and tell me
  what you find"

"Never go to bed angry,
  stay awake
  and plot your revenge."


  thank you everyone for caring enough
  to stalk meeee" <3

" 'where did you come from?'
  ' well,
  do you believe in time travel?' "

"If hating is your occupation ...
  then, hunny,
  I got a full job for you!"

"is life really that complicated
  or am i just makin it that way ...
  so confused!!! "

"if we had no faults of our own,
  we would not take so much
  in noticing those of others."

"Just know I chose my own fate.
  I saw the fork in the road
  and drove straight."

"I'll break everything in this room
  just to prove
  that I am the best."

"Just when the caterpillar thought
  the world was over
  it turned into a butterfly"

"The Badminton Club rejected me.
   I couldn't say 'shuttlecock'
  without giggling"

"it's not what you wear that matters ...
  its how you take it off
  that counts."

"She ain't into cars or pickup trucks,
  but if it runs like a Deere, man,
  her eyes light up... ."

"All the little birdies on jay bird street
  love to hear the robin
  go tweet, tweet, tweet"

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous
  than sincere ignorance
  and conscientious stupidity." - Martin Luther King Jr.

"The man who smiles when things go wrong
  has thought of someone
  to blame it on."

"i never thought i'd find someone to be mine...
  lord knows i was right,
  cause yoou just crossed the line."

"Once upon a time there was a very pretty girl,
  who lived in a beautiful box,
  and EVERYBODY loved her" - Gia

"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems,
  but it will annoy enough people
  to make it worth the effort!"

"i think the first person who said
  'words can't hurt you'
  just didn't throw dictionaries at people
  with enough force."

"Sleep .
  We all love it .
  But if you really think about it ,
  its the cousin of death ."


"i'll be fine,
  i swear,
  i'm just gone
  beyond repair."

"Make love
  not war.
  Condoms are cheaper
  than guns."

  You talk to loud.
  You dont fit in
  with the crowd."

"All morons
  hate it
  when you call them
  a moron."

"I'm sky high
  and I dare anybody
  to try
  and cut my wings"

"so grab a seat
  and whiskey double.
  cause the girls of the world
  ain't nothin but trouble."

"watching fireworks
  from the comfort of your backyard
  is always fun! wish someone would
  have told me they were going to be so close!"

"wrote the story myself ...
  it's about a girl
  who lost her reputation
  'n' never missed it"

"Life is too fucking short.
  Suck it up,
  and be happy.
  Period." <3

"Just around the corner
  there's a rainbow in the sky,
  so let's have another cup of coffee
  and let's have another piece of pie."

"wh3n som3body lov3 u ...
  3v3ryth!ng is b3autiful ...
  but wh3n som3body hurts u ... !
  WTF ... !"

"Most ppl r ASSHOLES!!
  and i'm ok with that ...
  cos thats how they'll be rememberd
  when they die."

"Girls with ass' like mine,
  don't date boys
  with faces
  like yours!!" <3

"Whatever tomorrow brings,
   I'll be there ...
   I'll be there,
   With open arms and open eyes ..."

"it's a crazy fucked up world
  and we're all just floating along
  waiting for someone
  who can walk on water"


"If your gonna lie, lie for a friend.
  If your gonna cheat, cheat death.
  If your gonna steal, steal a heart.
  & if your gonna drink; drink with ME!"

"There is no dark side of the moon
   Matter of fact,
   it's all dark."

"LOVES vodka and pineapple juice!
  [note to self: the vodka is THERE,
  even if you can't taste it.
  Drink slowly.]"

"Criticism is something we can avoid easily
  by saying nothing,
  doing nothing,
  and being nothing." - Aristotle

"An optimist is a person who sees a green
       light everywhere.
  The pessimist sees only the red light.
  But the truly wise person
  is color blind."

"A girl in love
  is dangerous,
  but a girl with a broken heart ...
  thats a fucking scary!"

"So let's face it
  this was never what you wanted.
  But I know it's fun to pretend now.
  Blank stares and empty threats
  are all I have."

"It's an odd feeling
  being taken under the wing
  of a dragon,
  it's warmer
  than you'd think."

[]I feel like Dorthy,
     all the guys I meet
     are either Brainless,
     or Cowards.[]

"he said: 'i love you'.
   i sneezed
   and replied:
   i'm allergic to bullshit.'

"About me:
  Won't tell you what I look like;
  that's what pictures are for.
  I've been an avid artist for 7 years,
  and an asshole for 20."

"You dun have to love me ...
  you dun even have to like me ...,
  but you WILL

"There's a place downtown
  where the freaks all come around
  it's a hole in the wall
  it's a dirty
  free for all ..."


"she said
  i know u
  & u cannot sing
  i said
  it's nothing
  u should hear me play piano"

"And then,
  she turned to me
  with her skeleton eyes
  and whispered,
  'You are the saddest sunset
    I've ever met.'

"Let's Play
  Truth Or Dare.
  How Bout
  Just Dare,
  Cause No One Tells The Truth
  Anymore ..."

  There's no God, Buddy!
  And there is no Heaven,
  and do you know what
      pissed me off the most?

   Scream that
   while jumping
   up and down.
   You'll make more friends
   that way."

"Cough? Check.
  Runny nose? Check.
  Migraine? Check.
  No food in 2 days? Check.
  Lack of sleep? Check.
  Miserable? Check."

"look up in the sky.
  it's a bird,
  it's a plane
  ... no baby girl,
  it's a shooting star
  with your name!" <3

"Men are like a fine wine.
  They start out like grapes.
   It's our job
   to stomp on them
   until they mature into something
   you would have dinner with"

"Expose yourself to your deepest fear;
  after that,
  fear has no power,
  and the fear
      of freedom shrinks
  and vanishes.
  You are free."

"I'm a little weird.
  We're all a little weird.
  Life's a little weird.
  And when we find someone
  who's weirdness is compatible
       with ours,
  we join up in mutual weirdness
  and call it love."


 SEX is like MATH,
 you Add the BED
 and pray
 you don't MULTIPLY!"

"you think ima take this lightly?
  just wait
  ima make the next few days
      absolutely miserable
  you're gonna regret lying to me.
  payback's a bitch."

  I never got that shot."
  "yeah me neither."
  "but i got the vh1 one
  i think ...
  wait ..."
  "that's a channel
  you fucking retard."

"Got a problem with me?
  Solve it.
  Think i'm trippin?
  Tie my shoes.
  Can't stand me?
  Sit back down.
  can't face me?
  Turn around"

"Dangerously Cute!"

"I'll let Jay Leno do that."

"Tied together with a smile."

"il vino fa cantare ..." Italian

"Baby, I'll Slay A Dragon For You."

"I'm changing my name to 'McLovin'."

"I think you know what I'm getting at."

"I'm going to change your good boy status."

"Gravity is not the only force at work in this

"happiness doesn't grow on the same tree
  as money"

"Always keep on working for a revolution
  you can dance to."

"I don't like you!!!
 Stop crying."

"I am what I am,
  an ... angel ... ."

"God made Men.
  Then, he had a better idea, WOMEN."

"When Its Over,
  you wont know what hit you ... ."


"You mess with me ...
  You mess with the whole
      fuckin' trailer park!!"


"Without the sour
  the sweet isn't as sweet!"

"Some people have it
  and other people don't."

"the only feelings i have
  are the ones i drink away"

"Make Awkward Sexual Advances,
  Not War"

"On a semé le doute dans mon esprit ...
  Suis-je un puma?" French

"Happiness is like fudge.
  If you wan't some,
  make yourself some!!!"

"You fucking With My man.
  And you text him all the time.
  You might've had him once,
  But I got him all the time."

"It's time!"

"Boom Boom"

"Shout It Out!"

"animus draco"

"For Shizzle" :)

"Thats Awesome!!"

"prend un numéro" French

"fagtron power up!"

"Come Sail Away ..."

"Nothing to declare ..."

"come a little closer"

"seriously though ..."

"Je suis un ananas" French

"drop that beat, Honey"

"Tonight We Dine In Hell"

"Peace, Love & Bubblegum"

"Peace, Love and Pixie Dust"

"You wish you were this cool." (lol)

"...Me, My-Self And Fucking I! ..."

"ThE fUcKin' bEsT dAmN tHiNg"

"Going where the wind takes me"

"walk hard down life's rocky road"

"ride the dopey donkey to success"

"Est-ce encore loin, Grand Schtroumph?" French


"More Glory "

"Dans ma bulle" French

"Don't Panic ... ." ;)

"What's poppin!"

"i'm a ninja - for real"

"... the secret i keep."

"the show has begun"

"Es war nur ein Traum" German

arrow"lets go get some pow pow"


"I don't mean to be a mystery."

"~Running in circus of my life~"

"I'm your boyfriend now, Nancy."

"Apparently, I only LOOK innocent"

"The Frequency is all wrong ~ MAY DAY?!"

"F#&K ME

"i'm sparkiee,
  bite me."

  [I don't want your fuckin drama]"

"shouldn't look!
  but i can't stop starring ..."

"HaTe Me 2dAy.
  LoVe Me 2mOrRoW!!"

"Put the wet stuff
  on the hot stuff."

"Candy Cane Kisses
  and Bubblegum Wishes"

"If you can't dance,
  you ain't getting in my pants!"

"Don't ask me why
  if you don't want a lie."

"Where There's Beauty,
  There's Jealousy" =)

"Beautifully Grotesque
  & Perfectly Flawed"

"Your concentration face
  is putting a damper on my face."

"I've been saving up the things
  I never say."

"You got to Slay A lot of Dragons
  before you Can Get to This Princess"

"Everyone hates a show off ...
  especially when they've got the goods."


"Of all the things that I've lost,
  I miss my mind the most."

"I'm Through With These Pills
  That Make Me Sit Still."

"Qu'est-ce que ça peut ben faire
  que j'vive ma vie toute à l'envers?" French

"Will flex
  for food"

"big girl
  in a small town."

"thing 1
  and thing 2"

"in my bubble ...
  in my world"

"dead disco,
  dead rock n' roll"

"bleed in
  breath out"

"if it moves,
  perm it."

"where the crazies

"La vie est dure
  pour les Cowboys du Québec." French

"I Don't Bush Dance:
  Love It Or Hate It."

"hey little white grrrl,
  wheres the riot?"

"A vos Risques!!!
  Filles Dangereuse!!" French

"I Drink To Much
  and Say The Wrong Things"

"Your Parents Lied
  When They Said
        You Were Special."

"I'll rip your heart out
  and I'll eat it whole."

"Cleverly Disguised
  As A Responsible Adult"

"my mind is all made up
  so I'll have to sleep in it"

"I speak two languages:
  Body and English."

"because the sky is blue,
  it makes me cry"

"Despite what you've been told,
  i once had a soul."

"turning [sidewalks]
  into [stages]"


"Gravity is not the only force
  at work in this world."

"Yummy. Yummy. Yummy.
  I got bugs in my tummy."

"Don't be afraid to shake that ass
  and misbehave."

"I'll Be Like Your Medicine
  & You'll Take Every Dose Of Me"

"I just want to dance around
  in my underwear."

"she had the eyes of an angel
  with the heart of a traitor"

"wake me up from this nightmare
  i designed"

"You should never play leap frog
  with a unicorn."

"The more I try to make sense
      of this all,
  the less this all makes sense."

"I am nobody.
  Nobody's perfect.
  Therefore I am perfect."

"Think real hard,
  beg as much as you want,
  the answer will still be NO."

"As A Matter Of Fact
  I Am A Bitch
  And Your Point Is ... ."

"Your sister is HOT,
  but your mum does that thing
  with her tongue ... ."

"Forecast for tomorrow:
  a few sprinkles of genius
  with a chance of DOOM!"

"I like it
  when guys bring me roses
  with thorns."

"Smiled before,
  grinn now,
  smirk later."


"Life is a big lesson.
  So make sure to enjoy it
        while its happening.
  There is more to the story
        then the cover is telling."

"What i look forward to
  is continued immaturity
  followed by death."

"You'd be in great shape
  if you ran
  like your mouth."

"This is a very small body of water,
  and apparently,
  I'm a giant squid."


"not one shred of evidence exists
  in favor of the idea
  that life is serious"

  If you cant dazzle them with Brilliance...
  then baffle them with bullshit."

"Reach for the Scorpia.
  Different than your average human."

"How you livin'?

"Let's See
  If We Can Fly

"There's no other way I can fly:
  It's You and I,
  You and I."

  was a day
  in wonderland
  for me"

"Hold Up ...
  You Don't Hold A Nine To Five?
  See Youuuuuu
  Goodbye!" =]

"forget not
  that the earth delights
      to feel your bare feet,
  and the winds
  long to play with your hair"

"If you love me then
  if you hate me
  then FUCK YOU!"

"Men should be like kleenex:
  and disposable."

"if you ever get lonely,
  just go to the record,
  and visit your friends"

"When I come to the club
  step aside.
  cause you know
  I gotta shine."

"I'm an addict to the audio,
  a chronic record lover
  who feeds off stereo.
  I'm not ready for detox,
  turn on the radio!"

"A friend will bail you out of jail.
  A true friend will be sitting in
      the cell
  with you saying
  'we fucked up,
  but it was fun!' "


"got kink?"

"Bean It Up."

"Queen Pin"

"Note To Self!!"

"doctor, doctor"

"hoez before broz."

"Lunar Tranquility"

"star fleet hooker"

"happy hour is here."

"Dance Monkey, Dance!"

"J'αime les gens Perturbés" French


"SuNsHiNe DuSt Is FaNtAsTiC"

"i think you got me all wrong"

"So I think I'm Queen Elizabeth"

"i wear camaflouge to stand out"

"Everyone jump on the peace train."

"get back to your biscuit tin, ginger

"I wouldn't be caught dead in a full skirt"

"responsible for the fall of mankind, oops!"

"you can find me on a champagne supernova
  in the sky"

"A gun
  is a girl's best friend."

  Envy Me"

  just like the stars above me."

"Girl 101 ...
  Just ask me."

"Fuck me:
  I'm famous.

"Fuck me:
  I'm French."

"Killing me
  won't bring her back."

  is coursing thru my veins!"

"2, 4, 6, 8
  who do we appreciate? Me! Me! ME!"

"take the best
  and not the rest!"

"I'm not an artist.
  I'm a fucking work of art."


"An Eye For An Eye
  Will All Make Us Blind."

"I Fucking Hate Bitches ....
  But I Love Mine."

"Look into my eyes
  and KNOW I'm not lying."

"If life gives you lemons,
  make some kind of fruity juice."

"Stop asking me questions.
  I hate to see you cry."

"638 ways to kill castro,
  i'll find 639."

"The only thing a girl should chase
  is her vodka."

"A Day Without Sunshine
  Is Like Night"

"Bring on the revolution,
  I want to die for something."

"I'm so fresh,
  you can smell me thru a ziploc."

"Do your worst:
  I might like it."

"You were meant for me.
  Perhaps as a punishment."

"Drama doesn't follow me.
  It rides on my back."

"We bet him $5 he would drown.
  Bitter sweet victory."

"I'm not the Weak Link.
  I'm the Missing Link."

"Life is a Drawing
  Without an Eraser."

"I run with scissors.
  It makes me feel DANGEROUS!!!"

"TakE iT bAcK
  & PaInT iT bLAcK"

"There's your karma
  ripe as peaches."

"representin' urbanism
  in toon town"

"Don't hate the PLAYER,
  hate the GAME!!!"

"Cancel my subscription,
  I don't need your issues."

"I'm not a heartbreaker.
  I just get bored easily."

"ptite main is my name,
  loser is yours"

"I don't need your attitude ...
  I've got my own!"


"Everyone wants somethings.
  So, I want you."

"The future looks so bright:
  I gotta wear sunglasses."

"Why would you go from steak ...
  to dog food?"

"I'm One Of The Best Fuck-You's
  In Recent Rock & Roll History"

"You can bomb the world to peices
   but you can't bomb the world to peace."

"If the milk turns out to be sour,
  I aint the type of pussy to drink it."

"I was born of the Catholic persuasion,
  but I converted to narcissism."

"You don't win the silver,
  you lose the gold."

"And Now Something Has Kept Me Here
      Too Long
  And Now I'm Gone."

  thats my name.
  Don't wear it out."

"Life's a bitch,
  but I'm that bitch's pimp.

"All Ya'll Hoes,
  Back Up,
  Raquel Is Here"

"Sweet as Sugar,
  Fierce as Fire,
  Gangsta as F*ck."

"Don't Piss Me Off ...
  I Bite! ...

"come to daddy ...
  (boom, crash, bang) ...
  who's your daddy now!?"

"It's NOT stalking ...
  it's called
  being a dedicated fan!!"

"Hell is only a word,
  the reality is much much worse.
  Now let me show you."

"What i look forward to is
  continued immaturity
  followed by death."

"if you shoot me in a dream ...
  you better wake up
  and apologize"

"If we play very quiet,
  my lamb,
  Mary, never has to know."

"Every search for a hero
  must begin with something
       which every hero requires,
  a villain."


"sometimes WHISPERING's ok,
  but maybe you'd feel better
  if you'd SCREAM today"

"Worrying is like a rocking chair:
  it gives you something to do,
  but doesn't get you anywhere."

"good things come to those who wait,
  but if I have to wait any longer,
  i'm out."

"And all the times you promised me
  that everything would work out
     in the end,

"Work is a Vampire that sucks me dry,
  which is a metaphor,
  but still the reason I stuck a chair leg
      through my manager!"

"live fast.
  die slow.
  but never stop
  the rock and roll!"

"it's like a gift,
  you know?
  its' like
  i cant control it." ;)

"I luv sleep.
  My life has the tendency to fall apart
  when Im awake,
  u know?"

"GET on my level.
  U can't.
  Ur alwayz
  on ur knees."

"but with my ego,
  i can stand there
    in a speedo
  and be looked at
  like a fuckin hero"

"Even when I'm a mess,
  I still put on a vest
  with an 'S' on my chest.
  Oh, yes!
  I'm Superwoman!"

"I hope she'll be a fool -
  that's the best thing
      a girl can be
  in this world,
  a beautiful little fool."

"Am I less of a lady
       if I don't wear panty hose?
  My momma said,
  'a lady ain't what she wears,
  but what she knows."

"Why does Sea World have
       a seafood restaurant?
  I'm halfway through my fish burger
  and I realize,
  Oh my God ...
  I could be eating a slow learner."
  "Ground Control to Major Tom."

"Somewhere out there
  someone is training harder
      than you
  and when you meet them
  in head to head competition
  they'll kick your ass."

"Sex,Drugs,And Rock-N-Roll.
  Speed,Weed,And Birth Control.
  Lifes A Bitch
  And Then You Die.
  So Fuck The World ...
  And Lets Get High!"

" 'But I don't want to go
        among mad people,'
   Alice remarked.
   'Oh, you can't help that,'
         said the Cat.
   'We're all mad here.
   I'm mad. You're mad.'
   'How do you know
         I'm mad?' said Alice.
   'You must be...' said the Cat,
   'or you wouldn't have come here.' "


Steno-K+ Notation