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7 Rabbits
The teacher asked Johnny,
"Johnny, if I gave you 2 rabbits
  and then 2 more rabbits
  and then 2 more rabbits,
  how many would you have?"

Johnny replied, "7 rabbits, Teacher."

The teacher asked again.

"Listen Johnny. If I gave you
 2 rabbits, plus 2 more
 plus 2 more
 How many
rabbits would you
 have 'ALTOGETHER'?"

Johnny smiled, "that's
Teacher, I would
have 7."

"OK, Johnny," the teacher
"let's try it A

"If I gave you 2 cans of pop,
 plus 2 more cans of
 plus 2 more cans of
 How many cans of pop

 would you have?"

"6 cans," said Johnny.

"OK," said the teacher.

"Now think of that with this question.
  If I gave
you 2 rabbits,
  then 2
more rabbits,
  then 2
more rabbits,
  how many
would you have?"

"7, Teacher," said Johnny.

"Why 7?!" the teacher asked


Johnny replied, "because I

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