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"Play... is the mechanism that allows
_us to continue to explore as adults."
        _- Paola Novaresio, Italian historian+writer

"Try NOT to become a man of success,
but rather try to become a man of
_- Albert Einstein

"If you've had a good time playing the game,
you're a winner - even if
you lose."
_- Malcolm Forbes


"Success is dependent on effort."arrow
_- Sophocles


"You caN'T climb the ladder of success
_with your hands in your pockets."
_- Anonymous


"What separates the talented individual
from the successful one is a lot of
hard work."
_- Stephen King, author



"I think in terms of the day's
resolutions, NOT the year's."
_ _- Henry Moore, artist+sculptor

"How to Make (and Keep) Your New Year’s Resolutions"


"Never, never give up!"
_- Sir Winston Churchill
  (This 1sentence was 
    the entire text
of a 
    commencement ad-
    dress of his.)


Did u no?
Exercise releases feel-good 
(drugs) in the body 
leaving u feeling happy+exhilarated. 
But 2 experience this aerobic
u must do intense exercise 
4an extended period. However, 
even a bit of exercise will 
leave u feeling good


fitness joke: lifestyle

A woman walked up to a little old
man rocking in a chair on his porch.

I couldN'T help noticing how happy
you look, she said. What's your
secret for a long happy life?

I smoke 3 packs of cigarettes a day,
he said. I also drink a case of whis-
key a week, eat fatty foods, and

That's amazing, the woman said.
How old are you?

26, he said.


Did u no?
If u exercise often, u can eat what u
like according 2a 17-year study of
9,800 Americans conducted by re-
searchers at the Einstein College
of Medicine in New York City. Plus,
it prevents heart disease+early


"With the power crisis in California,
_I'm doing my part to conserve
energy - I've stopped exercising."
_- Siva Kumar


Did u no?
Everyone requires only 30 minutes
of moderate exercise every day.

tip: when unable 2 workout, 
      have a backup plan

Did u no?
4 healthy living, sufficient 
proper exercise+
a healthy diet
r essential 

Did u no?
The body is very economical:
it's designed 2 do physical tasks with
a minimum of effort+energy.


"Redefine the word fail. There is
_no failure in life other than NOT
trying. If you want something
badly enough, make an attempt.
If you want to paint, get a brush
and do it. If you want to sing,
_sing. A lot of people get scared.
_They're afraid to fail. Take that
_word out of your vocabulary.
You doN'T fail. You've tried
_your best."
_- Jane Seymour, Actress


"You miss 100% of the shots

you doN'T take."
- Wayne Gretzky, NHL hockey star


American Council on Exercise
certifying health coaches + exercise professionals


Did u no?
Because an antiperspirant
stops u from sweating, use a
deordorant instead when
working out.


fitness system

dance fitness
(find a location near you)

group fitness programs

How to Get in Shape Quickly + Safely:
4-Step Beginner Guide

How to Get in Shape (with Pictures)

No Gym Required: How to Get Fit at Home

40 Expert Tips On How to Get Back in Shape


muscle training 4women

Women's workouts, health advice,beauty tips


fitness humor

People are getting stronger:
20 years ago, it took 2 per-
sons 2 carry $10 worth of
groceries. Today, a 5-year-
old can do it.


fitness equipment

A Guide to Exercise for Beginners

Health + Fitness Guide

Fitness Guide

The Complete 4-Week Beginner's Workout Program


aqua fitness

"Water fitness really can get you in shape"


Did u no?
The center of the human 
around the belly button 
and abdominals
is the power 
that engages the body


company memo

Notice: Our company requires
no further physical fitness

Everyone gets enough 

- pulling strings
- passing the buck
- bending the rules
- dragging their feet
- climbing the ladder
- stretching the truth
- dodging responsibility
- running down the boss
- going around in circles
- jumping to conclusions
- beating around the bush

- wading through paperwork
- throwing their weight around
- and pushing their luck!


Did u no?
The body loses 50% of its heat
through the head.


"6 Beginner Gym Workouts:
 How to Work Out in a Gym The Right Way!"

"How To Build Your Own Workout Routine:
 Plans, Schedules, and Exercises"

"18 Best Weight Loss Apps for 2022"

Various personal workout programs - 2 weeks FREE

greatest festivals

register 4 sports events
park+community activities

health mag

DNA explained


tip: 2b more mentally alert


"Action is eloquence."
_- Shakespeare, Coriolanus, III, ii


Did u no?
Body mass index (BMI) as
a measurement of weight in relation
2height. It's used as a gauge of 
obesity: a person with a BMI of 
40+ is considered 2b morbidly
a BMI of 30+ obese; a 
BMI of 26 - 29.9 BMI: overweight;
a BMI of 19 - 25: a healthy weight.


 BMI calculator (adult+child+teenager)


Did u no?
The waist 2hip ratio is an indication
of health risk. 

2determine your waist 2hip ratio:
1. divide the waist measurement 
at the narrowest point of 
    the waist by
the measurement 
    of the hips at their
widest point
2. women with a score > 0.8 are at
increased risk of having health
3. men with a score > 1.0 are also
at increased risk.
Note: the symbol > means greater than.)


"The word aerobics came about when
the gym instructors got together and
said: If we're going to charge $10 an
_hour, we caN'T call it jumping up and
_- Rita Rudner


health & fitness

"5 Fitness Tips for Students"

"12 Top Tips for Busy College Students to Stay Fit"

"Student Health and Wellness Guide"


tip: make failure a stepping stone
      on the road 2 success


"Develop success from failures.
Discouragement and failure are
two of the surest stepping stones
to success."
_- Dale Carnegie, teacher+writer


"Flaming enthusiasm, backed by
horse sense and persistence, is
_the quality that most frequently
makes for success."
_- Dale Carnegie, teacher+writer


"Most people give up just when
they're about to achieve success.
They quit on the 1-yard line. They
give up at the last minute of the
game 1 foot from a winning touch
_- H. Ross Perot


Did u no?
Most successful business owners
have a primary trait: persistence.

"Nothing in this world can take the
place of persistence. Talent will NOT
nothing is more common than unsuc-
cessful people with talent. Genius
will NOT; unrewarded genius is al-
most a proverb. Education will NOT;
the world is full of educated derelicts.
Persistence and determination alone
are omnipotent. The slogan press on
has solved and always will solve the
problems of the human race."
_- Calvin Coolidge


Did u no?
Thomas Edison, the inventor
of electic light bulb, explained
why he did NOT quit. Every time
it did NOT work I got feedback on
how to make it better. I have now
eliminated 10,000 ways it does
work and I get closer and
closer to success.

Did u no?
Successful entrepreneurs have 1
basic thing in common: they do
give up easily. They tirelessly
keep working at their vision until
it becomes reality modifiying it
as they go.


"Nothing is more powerful
than habit."
_- Ovid

"The secret of success is constancy
of purpose."
_- Benjamin Disraeli


"Success is how high you bounce
when you hit bottom."
_- U.S. General George S. Patton


"Success is going from failure to
failure without a loss of enthusiasm."
_- Sir Winston Churchill


"Even if you're on the right track,
_you'll get run over if you just sit
_- Anonymous


"DoN'T judge each day by the harvest
you reap, but by the seeds you plant."
_- Robert Louis Stevenson



NBC Olympics

The Olympics - multilingual

Did u no?
The TOP 5 characteristics 
elite athletes r ...
1. love of the sport
2. positive attitude - 2wards life
3. ability 2b taught+coached
4. strong self-motivation
5. discipline+drive 2improve

Did u no?
Though success is in good part mental,
an excellent program+expert coaching
r key 2 being prepared 4 winning.


Did u no?
Success in business is often
compared 2success in sports
where success is considered
2b in good part mental, where
it requires a training program+
where expert coaching r
regarded as essential in
preparing oneself 2b a winner.

Did u no?
Business owners tend
2have an aggressive, dominant


"Each time you are honest and conduct
_yourself with honesty, a success force
_will drive you toward greater success.
_Each time you lie, even with a little
_white lie, there are strong forces
_pushing you toward failure."
_- Joseph Sugarman, businessman


"The secret of success is honesty and fair
dealing. If you can fake those, you've got
it made."
_- Groucho Marx

fitness trackers

"I'm a strict vegetarian, between meals.
_During meals, NOT so strict."
_- Bill Muse

healthy recipes

Did u no?
There r 2kinds of vegetarians:
ovo vegetartians,
who eat dairy products+eggs) or
vegans (those who eat no animal 
products whatso


humor: light eater

I'm a light eater.

As soon as it's light, I want 2eat.


Did u no?
Vegans like 2eat tempeh, tofu+TVP
(textured vegetable protein)+like
2drink rice milk+soy milk.

vegetarian resource

vegetarian recipes

low fat vegetarian recipes


Best Diet Plan Of 2022

Low calorie meal plans

Healthy low-fat + fat-free recipes

"A guide to low fat foods"


Did u no?
Healthy eating means
NO sweet drinks+

healthy living guide+obesity center

"What Is Fat Acceptance?"

diet detective


Did u no?
Sardines r crammed full 
of good vitamins, minerals, 
protein+Omega-3 fatty acids:
it's one of the very best
super foods.


Did u no?
Raspberries, black raspberries 
in particular, contain anthocyanins,
powerful antioxidants that help reduce
cancer-causing free radicals.


Did u no?
The people of Udaipur, India have
the highest consumption rate of
butter in the world, but their death
rate from heart disease is close 2


Did u no?
Vitamin C found in fruit+vegetables
is 1of the most powerful antioxidants.


"Seize the moment. Remember all
_those women on the Titanic who
_waved off the dessert cart."
_- Erma Bombeck


humor: eating properly

A man walks into a doctor's office.
He has a cucumber up his nose, a
carrot in his left ear and a banana
in his right ear.

What's the matter with me? he
asks the doctor.

The doctor replies, You're NOT
eating properly.

tip: drink reverse osmosis filtered water


Did u no?
Celery has negative calories 
because eating+digesting it 
consumes more calories 
than it has.

Did u no?
The fat considered 2b the 
most unhealthy is sa-
turated fat
found in milk
products+red meat: it tends
2b solid at room temperature.

Did u no?
The trick 2losing weight is
2 know what 2 eat when: break-
fast, oatmeal, cereal, fruit, fresh juice+
whole grain breads; midmorning, fruit, 
raisins, yogurt; lunch, soup, small sand-
wich, salad with light dressing; after-
noon, plain popcorn, rice cakes, berries, 
a favorite fruit; dinner, lots of vegetables,
some meat, some bread with butter,
potatoes or rice, salad with tomatoes,
peppers, celery, cuc
umbers topped
with a light dressing.

Did u no?
Drinking water helps 2 suppress 
appetite. (Drinking 2 glasses of water 
at mealtime will keep u from having a 
2nd helping.)

Did u no?
2 lose weight eat 5 times a day, 
but less+start 2weight train in 
order 2increase your
bolic rate

Did u no?
Americans consume about as much as
they did back in 1910; however, today
they experience weight problems 
due 2less exercise.

Did u no?
More than 56% of Americans r over-
+most doN'T know it!

Did u no?
The easiest way 2lose weight is
2drink water instead of soda pop
which had 10 teaspoons of sugar
+150 calories per 12-ounce can.


Did u no?
Eat less meat+more non-animal
of protein like beans, soy


Did u no?
Unsaturated fatshealthy
they liquify at room
they can b found 
in cold water fish (like salmon, 
trout+halibut) +flax seed oil.


tip: lima beans+figs+kumquats
      r high in calcium


Did u no?
It is believed that antioxidants is key
2 healthy eating: prunes rank highest
in antioxidant value followed raisins+
then kale+spinach.


Did u no?
In every can of 12 oz. pop/soda there
is 9+ teaspoons of sugar+150+ ca-
lories with no nutritious value.

Did u no?
Extra-virgin olive oil is great
4cooking+on salads or pasta: a
teaspoon of that with lemon juice
in the morning will keep your liver
100% healthy. (Artichokes are
THE BEST THING for your liver:
other foods include walnuts,
avocado, low-fat dairy products,
sunflower seeds, green tea,
grapefruit, blueberries, cran-
berries, grapes.)

Did u no?
5 servings is the recommended 
intake of fruit+vegetables.


Did u no?
U burn more calories sleeping
than u do watching television.

Did u no?
Regular whole milk is about 
50% fat! 

Out of 150 calories per serving, 70
calories come from fat; in 2% milk,
40% of the calories come from fat;
in 1% milk, 30% of the calories
come from fat.


tip: use honey+maple syrup 
      as a sugar substitute,
      both are "super


Did u no?
Plant-based, whole-foods-based
diet helps 2rev up immune cells
that attack cancerous growths
while supplying antioxidants that
protect cells against becoming
cancerous; the whole food fiber
aids the removal of carcinogens
from the body keeping them from
being reabsorbed through the
colon walls.

tip: highest fiber foods
      pinto beans


Did u no?
Lycopine is 1 of the strongest anti-
oxidants. It's found in processed
tomatoes (like tomato sauce,
or cooked tomatoes 
that actually almost 8 times more lyco-
pine than raw tomatoes. U will absorb 
more lycopine if u eat it with fatty foods 
like cheese, butter, milk ... as it is fat 

tip: a potato has no more 
      calories than an apple

Did u no?
Healthy hair requires a healthy diet:
it requires a nutrient-rich supply of
blood 2 the follicles in order 2 b its
healthy best.

Did u no?
According 2the food pyramid 
a healthy diet = 55% carbo-
hydrate+30% fats+15% protein.

Did u no?
Grocery store ice cream is 
much lower in calories+fat content 
than the frozen treats bought in ice
cream shops.

Did u no?
Fudgsicles+creamsicles+fruit bars 
r low in calories+fat.

Did u no?
Here r some great cancer-fighting
foods: garlic, onions, tomatoes,
broccoli, blueberries+green tea.

Did u no?
2take advantage of garlic's cancer-
fighting powers u have only 2add
a little less than 1 clove of 
2your diet according a re-
cent National Cancer Institute study.

Did u no?
Increasing your potassium 
will help your body get 
rid of salt (It retains water+can 
create a condition called edema. 
These food products r excellent 
sources of
potassium: bananas, 
potatoes, all green leafy vegetables, 
artichokes, avocado, celery, parsley, 
dried fruit, oranges, meats, unsalted 
nuts, sunflower seeds, blackstrap 
molasses, mint leaves+garlic.


Did u no?
Less than 10 hours after smoking
a cigarette, oxygen+carbon mo-
noxide levels in the blood return
2 normal.


"Protection from stress is NOT a luxury
it is critical for survival."
_- Kevin Gould, plant physiologist

Did u no?
4retired adults the key 2fitness
is 2keep stress levels low+ensure
a good blood circulation 
which is possible with 
moderate exercise derived from
swimming, biking, 
(Eat a balanced diet, do NOT smoke+
 do NOT drink 2much alcohol.

tip: staying fit is a great

Did u no?
Exercise helps 2reduce weight,
stress+risk of stroke: 20 - 30
minutes of daily exercise along
with a well-balanced diet+pro-
per rest is recommended.

"Yoga for Everyone" - beginner's guide

The American Massage Therapy Association

"What Are the Different Types of Massage?"


Did u no?
U can easily determine your 
target rate:
your age from 220; multiplying that 
number by .70 will give u 70% of
your maximum heart rate:
low target rate); multi-
plying it by .90 will give u 90% of
your maximum heart rate
high target 

Did u no?
2find out your heart rate 
press 2fingers against your wrist 
or throat; count the # of heartbeats 
within 10seconds+multiply it by 6 
(or count the # of heartbeats within 
6second+multiply it by 10).

Did u no?
Aerobic training consists of 
doing an activity that keeps a per-
son's heart rate pulse 4 at least 30 
minutes at its target rate.

Did u no?
2tighten abs lay on your back, 
knees bent, bend pelvis up; hold 
5 -10 seconds; goal: 10 - 20 repe-
titions in the morning+at night.


"I've started an exercise program.
_I do 20 sit-ups each morning. That
_may NOT sound like a lot, but you
_can only hit that snooze button
_so many times."
_- Unknown

Did u no?
2 tighten abs lay on back;
lift left-elbow+right-knee 2touch
2gether in the center; repeat with
right-elbow+left-knee; goal 10 - 20
reptititions in the morning+at night.

Did u no?
The prelimenary warm-up
help the metabolism
2get in2 gear 4 the demands
of more strenuous activity
that will b placed on it.

Did u no?
When u can do a 12 repetition
lifting exercise com-
u can then increase the

Fit 4 Less

World Gym

Planet Fitness

GoodLife Fitness


Did u no?
The stronger your muscles r,
the more stress-free the joints

bodybuilding program (FREE)


Did u no?
4 every 2hours u watch TV your
risk of becoming obese jumps 23%+
your risk of developing diabetes in-
creases 14% according 2 a long-
running Nurses' Health Study of
50,000 women conducted by Har-
vard University because TV view-
ing lowers your metabolic rate.


"The time for action is now.
_It's never too late to do
_- Carl Sandburg, author


tip: MOVE! do something! :D


Did u no?
Sweeping, tossing a Frisbee, waiting
tables, playing with the kids, raking
the lawn, playing in a marching band,
making photocopies count as exercise
according 2the Centers 4Disease Con-
trol+Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia.

"Golf is a game in which the slowest
_people in the world are those in front
_of you, and the fastest are those behind."
_- Anonymous 


humor: 4!

After a particularly poor game
of golf, a popular club member
skipped the clubhouse and
started to go home. As he was
walking to the parking lot to get
his car, a policeman stopped him
and asked, Did you tee off on
the 16th hole about 20 minutes

Yes, the golfer responded.

Did you happen to hook your ball
so that it went over the trees and
off the course?

Yes, I did. How did you know?
he asked.

Well, said the policeman very
seriously, Your ball flew out onto
the highway and crashed through
a driver's windshield. The car went
out of control, crashing into 5 other
cars and a fire truck. The fire truck
couldN'T make it to the fire, and
the building burned down. So, what
are you going to do about it?

The golfer thought it over carefully
and responded...

I think I'll close my stance a little bit,
tighten my grip, and lower my right


golf portal

"Golf For Beginners ... "

"Top 10 Golf Tips for Beginners"

"11 fantastic golf tips all beginning players need to know"

Golf courses around the world

Golf courses in Canada

Golf course reviews, ratings, finder, golf advisor

Golf news, scores, stats, standings, rumours

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humor: golf joke

A reporter was interviewing Jack

He said, Jack, you are spectacular,
your name is synonymous with
the game of golf.

You really know your way around
the course. What is your secret?

To which Jack replied, The holes
are numbered!



Concussion Preventive NeuroTraining Program

Contact Dan Selin


"Coming together is the beginning.
Keeping together is progress. Wor-
king together is success."
_- Henry Ford


Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs line combinations

Toronto Maple Leafs hockey fights

Toronto Maple Leafs Scotiabank Arena

Toronto Maple Leafs tickets

Toronto Maple Leafs news, photos, tickets

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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

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fixtures squad, statistics, photos ...

Toronto FC live soccer tv

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soccer news

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Toronto FC

The Official Site of Major League Soccer

soccer scores

soccer coverage


Did u no?
On August 16th 1954, the 1st issue
of Sports Illustrated was
published 4the 1st time.

The cover featured Braves pitcher+
shortstop, Eddie Mathews, Braves
catcher, Wes Westrum+umpire,
Augie Donatelli.


fantasy sports

fantasy sports analysis

sports news+fantasy games

CBS Sports

Fox sports

sports news

sports news portalarrow

CSB Sports Network

NBA News, Scores, Videos

NFL Super Bowl+sports+fantasy games

U.S. Volleyball

U.S. college sports


Did u no?
The female sports bra 1st got
its start back in 1978 when Hind
Miller, a costume designer+runner,
who with her partner fashioned the
by sewing 2 jock straps
together. Samples of this prototype
r on display at the Smithsonian
Museum in Washington, D.C.+the
Metropolitan Museum of Art in
New York City.

women sports jobs

Did u no?
According 2new research studies
women who walk regularly 
lower their heart disease risk by 
about 30%, the same amount as 
women who do more vigorous 
exercise.  2get the most benefit, 
u need 2walk 2.5 hours a week. 

Note: prolonged sitting 
           - 16 hours a day - counter-
           acts the benefits derived
           from exercise.


"Talk's cheap. Let's go play."
_- Johnny Unitas' pep talk b4 every football game
___________  ____(NFL's TOP quarterback)


humor: CaN'T play.

Football player:
my doctor says I ca
N'T play football.

You did
N'T have to go to a doctor.
I could have told you that.


"If you areN'T going all the way;
why go at all?"
- Joe Namath, Hall of Fame football player


football joke: 25 cents
A guy took his girlfriend to a
football game for the 1st time.

After the game he asked his
girlfriend how she liked the

Oh, I really liked it, she said,
but I couldN'T understand
it why they were killing each
other for 25 cents.

What on earth do you mean?

Well I saw them flip a coin
and one team got it and then
for the rest of the game all
they kept screaming was,
'Get the quarter back!
Get the quarter back!'



Toronto Argonauts

Toronto Argonauts on radio

Toronto Argonauts game day guide

Toronto Argonaut tickets

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Toronto Argonauts statistics

Toronto Argonauts news + stats

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tennis portal

Tennis Canada

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10 Mental + Physical Benefits of Playing Tennis

35 Amazing Health Benefits of Tennis + 10 Tips for Beginners


"Shoot for the moon. Even if you
miss, you'll land among the
_- Les Brown

Did u no?
Top baseball players swing at the ball
incorrectly 100 times more often than
they hit it 2score.

The average professional base-
ball player who earns $1 million
year fails 2get on base 75% of
time+7times out of 10 at bat, he
walks back 2the dugout.


humor: Let's play ball!

The Devil floats up to see St. Peter
and says, Hey, let's have a baseball

game - my people against your people.

Sure, replies St. Peter, but I should 
warn you, I have all the Hall of Famers!

Who cares? says the Devil. I have all
the umpires!


"My motto was always to keep swinging.
_Whether I was in a slump or feeling
_badly or having trouble off the field,
_the only thing to do was keep swinging."
_- Hank Aaron

Did u no?
Hank Aaron of the Milwaukee Braves
hit the 1st home run on April 23 1954.


"It matters NOT whether you win
or lose; what matters is whether
I win or lose."
_- Darrin Weinberg



Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays baseball schedule

Toronto Blue Jay Tickets

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Toronto Blue Jays
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Major League Baseball

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"Most people never run far enough
_on their first wind to find out if
_they've got a second. Give your
_dreams all you've got and you'll
_be amazed at the energy that
_comes out of you."
_- William James, psychologist


Did u no?
Genshin Fujinami, a 44-year-old
Buddhist monk, completed a
24,800-mile run
through Ja-
pan's Hiei Mountains after 7 years
in September 2003. The running
dates to the 8th century+
considered a path 2en-

Only 46 monks have completed
the run since 1885. The rigorous
regimen meant rising at midnight
a 100 con
secutive days 2run
18-mile trail, stopping
2 pray 250 times along
the way

In later years, a monk was required 
2walk 52.5 miles per day in the 100 
days in the 7th year. At the end of 
his 7-year journey he said: I en-
trusted everything to God:
I am


Did u no?
Marathon runners with bad 
footwear suffer the agony of
defeat. :-D

Did u no?
The human foot is made of 36 
bones, dozens of muscles, tendons, 
ligaments, and millions of nerve 
endings: 7rounded bones lie below
the ankle joint forming the instep;
14 bones r in the toes (2in the big
toe+3in each of the others); 5bones
form an arch that touches the
ground at the heel+ball of the

Did u no?
Cartilage acts as a shock absorber
when joint (synovial) fluid is squeezed
into+out of the cartilage when respon-
ding 2off/on pressure without shatter-
ing under the strain or pressure. It's
the cartilage in our knees that allow
us 2effortlessly transfer our weight
from 1 leg 2the other.

Did u no?
The knee is composed of more
muscles, tendons, ligaments+car-
tilage than any other joint in the
body+is often the 1st joint 2break
down usually due 2repetitive
involved in biking

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humor: Gone Fishing

A young boy came to Sunday School
late. His teacher knew that he was
usually very prompt and asked him
if anything was wrong.

The boy replied that he was going
fishing, but his dad told him that
he needed to go to church.

The teacher was very impressed
and asked the boy if his dad had
explained to him why it was more
important to go to church than to
go fishing.

The boy replied, Yes, Dad said he
N'T have enough bait for both
of us.


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Did u no?
The brutal sport K-1 combines karate
+tae kwon do+kickboxing.

"If professional wrestling did NOT exist,
could you come up with this idea? Could
you envision the popularity of huge men
in tiny bathing suits, pretending to fight?"
_- Jerry Seinfeld

Steno-K+ Notation