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cuffing refers to girls+guys looking
             for the opposite sex to keep
             them warm in the fall :o)

Édith Piaf
dans l'amour il faut des larmes
in love there has to be tears
il faut tant de larmes pour avoir le droit d'aimer
you need SO MANY TEARS in order to have THE RIGHT TO LOVE

Sexual consenthas 2b
- verbal
- ongoing
- enthusiastic

tip: 1st date, 30 minutes @coffeecup of coffeeshop

"Everything that lives, 
  lives not alone nor for itself.

   - William Blake, English Romance poet


love tests (FREE)


love quotes+quizzes+date tips


love poems+quotes


YouTube videos
how 2make a girl want U
body parts where girls love 2b touched
7hidden body language clues that she likes U

Group Dates
Young people should enjoy their
freedom by going on 
group dates
with people they know: no young
person is fully emotionally mature
2engage in sex.
sexual activity can 
result in high levels of anxiety, 
abuse+loss of self love.

Group dates r a safe way 2
develop a healthy self image+
confidence in one's ability 2
attract those of the other sex.

Did u no?

*Non-consentual* touch or act

of a sexual nature
is sexual
, a punishable
criminal offence

tip: u want 2 touch, ask!

Did u no?

2many impersonal sexual 
relationships can lead 2 
sexually transmitted dis-
eases, sterility, unwanted
pregnancy, an addiction 2
sex+a disbelief in marital


"What is essential is invisible to the eye."
    - Saint Exupery, author of The Little Prince


Did u no?
35% of the people using personal 
ads r married.


Did u no?
U might b dating a person online 
who is pretending 2b confident.

BIG+beautiful dates

Did u no?
January+February r
the busiest months
online dating services.


Did u no?
$25 monthly 
generates $30 million.arrow


Did u no?
MatchLive has kicked off 
social events
in New York+
San Francisco. It's now part 


I have had a perfectly wonderful evening,
  but this wasn't it."

   - Groucho Marx


Did u no?
According 2ComScore Networks
at-work Internet
about 1 hour a month
at online
dating sites 


best online dating tips

popular dating sites

where 2go?
Toronto restaurants

Did u no?
A date is about 2people
who come together
bestbehavior wan-
ting 2have fun+in the 
process get 2 no a bit 
about each other.

tip: a date is not about answering
        a list of questions

tip: a 1st date success is when
both  want 2 go on a 2nd date

Did u no?
Let the girl you date know 
that you're 
grateful by saying,
I think we're going 2have
a fun time hanging out 
 Thanks 4 coming.

tip: thinking of dating him/her, say,
let's do something together 

tip: surprise your date with a gift like
        flowers, chocolates, concert
        (game or theatre) tickets.

tip: on a date a girl expects the guy 2
        show her respect, attention,
tip: offer 2give her a hand, shoulder, 
           head, or foot massage;
read her 
           a poem; play a musical 
           4 her; tell her a few 
funny jokes;
           play a
game, a sport


dating directory

speed dating (USA+Toronto)

Did u no?
Asking him/her, May I have
your phone #?
is better 
than saying I'd like 2have
your phone #. because 
is smoother


1. see a girl you like, smile+say,
     Hi! I'm Ken. And you are... ?

2. when talking 2a girl, look her in 
     the eyes
(not her chest)

3. on a date, don't  b checking out
     other women: that's so rude

4. if the girl u r with, asks if u noticed
     some other girl, say, No, Im sorry
     you thought I was looking at some-
     one else.

5. ask her what things she thinks about

6. complement the girl you're with
     by saying something like I like
your dress. It really looks great 
     on you.

Did u no?
A poll conducted by Playgirl 
indicates that women
like average men
who r a
little hairy+chubby.


Did u no?
The majority of women

prefer a man in a pair of 
jeans, boxers underneath+
sporting a T-shirt with a 
little cologne, NO stray 
nose hair+trimmed eye 
browse, NO back hair,
NO sandals, NO brief 
bathing suits at the
beach according 2a 
Cargo mag survey.




Did u no?
2 keep the date moving talkwise

u can ask
about his/her favorite 
book or movie,
what s/he does
4fun, what places s/he wants 2 
go 2
what places s/he has been
2, what kind of events s/he likes,
what concerts s/he has been 2,
what funny things that have
happened 2him/her, what s/he
finds funny, his/her


Did u no?
A 3-course dinner with a bottle of 
wine+a white
linen tablecloth with 
romantic lighting
wins a girl's heart 
every time according 2a study
by a 
team of London Imperial College
who developed 
a mathematical courtship



Did u no?
When a man+woman hug each other
their heart benefits from the increased
levels of oxytocin, a bonding hormone
2 a study from the University 
of North


tip: when your boy friend or girl 
decides 2get after u
, say, relax , chill: 
           we'll discuss it 
once u r calm.


Did u no?
2 successfully communicate with 
your girl friend or boyfriend,
about what is really up-
setting u
in order 2get the

problem out in  the open so it
can b dealt with (WITHOUT 
name calling+
up of unrelated issues.)

tip: the secret 2a successful
relationship is to TALK!
        TALK! TALK!

"Do as much talking and listening 
  as you can 
you entwine 
  your emotional and financial
  futures. You can't choose your 
  kids, parents, or 
relatives, but 
  you can choose your partner,
   preferably after a courtship (to 
  use an old-
fashioned word) that
  allows you to enlarge 
and deepen 
  the conversation.
A relationship
   built on silence, on shedding, or
of differences doesn't 
  have a strong

    - Harriet Lerner, psychologist/author


tip: flirting is an eye contact 
game leaving the person won-
dering if u r interested or just
being polite

tip: if the person u r trying 2 charm
              turns you down, doN'T hit on
              her/his buddy seated next 2
              him/her, move on

tip: stay cool on a 1st date
              (don't talk 2 much.)


"Don't tell me.
But don't tell."

  - Frank Sinatra


Did u no?
There r
questions u do
n't ask ...
1. what r u thinking?

2. why did u breakup?
3. do you think s/he's hot?

4. where r we going with this relationship?


tip: girls doN'T like it when a guy
              puts his tongue in2 her ear -
              nibbling is OK?

tip: the #1 turn-on 4a man is a
              woman who wants him

tip: the anticipation factor makes
              a date fun

Guide 2Internet Dating


A Great Date




Did u no?
Toxic togetherness occurs when
a couple becomes overly clingy.
It kills the romance. Leaving+coming
back together keeps the relationship 
fresh allowing it 2breathe. (Everyone
needs his/her own space.)

What sex is to men,
relationships are to women."

- Kristine Kern, Tango Managing Editor


tip: let her know that it's all about 
              her, put your arms around her+
              squeeze her lovingly saying
           Hey, Baby, you
know , you 
           turn me on.


Did u no?
A Cornell University research
paper says we r attracted 2those
who are like us in terms of looks,

wealth, social
status+outlook. It 
suggests that in 
a marriage of
there's less likelihood 
a higher status partner try-
2trade up 2a better partner.

tip: marriages between similar
              matches r more common+
              have a far greater chance of
              success than marriages
              between opposites


Did u no?
A good date is passionate about 
a good date is interested 
in what
his/her date thinks, in what 
makes him/her
a good date
generates sexual


tip: a person with a pet is 
           as a result, a potential 
           good date

tip: a person who has learned
from previous relationships+
              is not bitter is considered 
              good dating material

tip: a person who has had
relationships with the 
              opposite sex 4quite a 
is felt 2b trust-

tip: in a 2005 poll of 1000 adults
              2/3 chose 2have more $$$
              over having more sex

tip: it's notunusual 4women
              2prefer chocolate 
           over sex

tip: give her chocolates saying,
              These chocolates are for you 
           so you live long.


Did u no?
The British Medical Journal 
reported that
regularly in moderate
can extend a person's life
by a
year. Harvard School
of Public 
Health researchers found that

people who eat 1-3 candy bars 
a month
have a 36% lower risk 
of death than
those who don't

tip: if she likes u, she'll enjoy 
              hanging out with your family


Did u no?

The single, young, college-educated+
r moving in droves to Naples
Las Vegas (Nevada), Charlotte
(North Carolina)+
Portland (Oregon) ac-
cording 2 a U.S. Census Bureau


With women,
the heart argues,
not the mind."

    - Matthew Arnold


Did u no?
Women need 27 minutes
of foreplay
which can involve 
any combination of kissing,
sucking, licking, squeezing+


Did u no?
When it comes 2foreplay, 
the guy needs 2ask what 
the girl likes. He can sug-
gest things ahead of time. 


tip: foreplay should b

tip: no one should feel 
        forced nor uncom-
        fortable doing any-
        thing sexual


Q: Do you know why women
      fake orgasm?

A: Because men fake foreplay.

tip:a female orgasm is 
          a powerful pain
killer be-
          cause of the endorphins
          it releases


Did u no?
The fear of having sex is
called genophobia.


Did u no?
43% of women+31% of men 
from some type of

Did u no?
Flirting starts with a playful 
+eye contact.

It is enhanced by saying her/his 
name, by giving a complement+
by making him/her


tip: start a conversation by 
           talking about

tip:  touch lightly her/his arm
            or hand or shoulder a bit

tip: try the Eskimo kiss by 
           rubbing the side
of your 
           against his/hers
in small


Did u no?
The nose is lined with tissue 
very similar
2 erectile tissue
in sexual organs.


"Kiss me. I need
to know something."

  - Kirsten Dunst, Spiderman 2 movie


Did u no?
Kissing was already considered 
a romantic gesture
in the Kama Sutra 
of 1500 B.C.+today, it's
used 2enhance 
a romantic relationship.

tip: in Asia a boy doesn't 
           kiss a girl
(Only hus-
           band+wife kiss.)

tip: what is required 2
           kiss r moist, willing 
           lips+clean breath


Did u no?
Great kissing aids r lip gloss, 
a cold Popsicle+a lollypop

Did u no?
1st kiss, nibble lightly other body 
           parts b4 going 2 the lips like 
           the back of the neck, throat,
           cheeks, forehead

kiss, nibble, suck the lips 
            lightly 4a
b4 playfully
            twirling the tongue

use your fingertips 2caress
           his/her body

end your 
kissing session
           with several seconds of 

           tender kissing


Did u no?
Eating 6 oz. of yogurt a day
will fight off bad breath according 
2a Japanese study from Tsurumi 
University in Yokohama. It re-
duces hydrogen sulfide (the 
cause of bad breath) in the 
mouth by 80%.

tip: yogurt prevents gas-
              trointestinal problems
           as well as dental 
           as well as
reduce plaque


I have found men
who didn't know how to kiss.
I've always found time to teach them."

- Mae West

dating advice4teens


tip: 2French kiss, press your
              parted lips against hers/his, 
              circle the tip of her/his tongue 
              with yours, let her/his tongue 
              in2 your mouth

all aboutkissing


tip: love is ...
1. passion
        3. commitment


Did u no?
The Greeks were the ones
2invent the term honeymoon.

tip: 2 appear sexy b cond
show atttitude,
feel confortable with
your body+b funny


Did u no?
In a survey of 20-29 years old,
94% said they agreed with this 
When u marry, u 
want your spouse 2b
your soul 
mate, 1st+foremost.


To think is easy.
To act is hard.
But the hardest thing in the
is to act in accordance with your thinking."

    - Johann von Goethe, German Poet+Philosopher


"Too long a sacrifice
can make a stone of the heart."

    - William Butler Yeats

tip:  impress him/her
            with a 
Haiku, an ancient 
            Japanese poetic form



tip: yelling, nagging, name 
actively ignoring 
           r all forms of 



tip: a guy who corrects others, 
           2 surpass
others is an alpha
           (dominant) male



In the 2001 movie, Chicago, the
husband of rich Chicago socialite
caught in bed with two women
says to his wife:

Come on, Doll!

Are you going to believe what you see
or what I tell yah?


Did u no?
Telltale signs of cheating: 
- s/he picks fights
- starts criticizing u
- goes 2work earlier
- buys u unexpected gifts
- does u
unexpected favors
- bcomes uncommunicative
- starts 2look
+act differently
- comes back from work later
- his/her sexual behavior

(The 1 b-ing cheated on
 needs 2
*rekindle* the 
by acting super 
b as loving as
 really sexy.)




dating Muslims

dating Catholics


"The art of love...
is largely the art of persistence."
  - Albert Ellis


"There is hardly any activity, any enterprise,
  which is started with such tremendous 
and expectations, and yet, which 
so regularly as love."

   - Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving

Love does make the World
go round.

"It starts with a love attraction that
leads to a commitment, a decision
2love in sickness+health - forever!

But first, he has to ask her.

Secondly, she has to say YES!

It's her yes that gives love a chance

The magic of love is that people do
commit+their commitment does NOT
waver because they r committed 2love
freely bound by that decision 2love
that person more than any other 4

And so begins the story of love ...

The 2 become 1.

She becomes a mom, he a dad.

Together, as a famil, they celebrate 
their love.

That's the story of love that is 
passed on from generation 2generation."

- Kenneth Selin (say'leen)


let him b yourKing
let her b yourQueen of another hearts
Steno-K+ Notation