Press Release

N.B. : je n'ai pas pu prendre le temps de traduire ce Communiqué de presse.
___ _Veuillez m'en excuser. Bonne année !

January 1st 2006


Egalite Party Leader finds 1cm camera in living room ceiling.
He will ask RCMP to investigate that and the missing online
postings and ONLINE LIBEL committed by UNKNOWN

He's calling for a *FULL* RCMP INVESTIGATION.

He will also ask Prime Minister Paul Martin to STOP harassing him

and ask the Governor General to ask Prime Minister Paul Martin to
STOP harassing him.

A copy of the Press Release is being sent to the Governor General



1. The Gov't sends the Ottawa Police 4-person psychiatric unit with
__stretcher and oxygen tank to his apartment door on April 27th 2005.
__Police have NOT responded to *OFFICIAL* complaint.

2. Gov't FREEZES his bank account and EMPTIES it claiming

__back taxes of a decade ago tough his has earned LESS THAN
__$13,500 in 2005 and LIVES *BELOW* THE POVERTY LINE.

3. GOV'T AGENTS take his postings to Newsgroups OFFline.

4. Egalite Party Leader finds 1cm-diameter camera in living room

__ceiling on January 1st 2006. He believes Gov't agent to be living
__in sole 8th Floor apartment directly above him. He found roof tiles
__directly above his apartment where the camera was found were
__ostentatiously removed.

Background Info
Kenneth Selin has FIVE university degrees from the
University of Ottawa and is a multilingual "magna cum
laude" university graduate and ALMOST FIVE others.

After working NINE (9) years at the Senate of Canada

he was able to singlehandedly get the Public Service
Alliance of Canada on Parliament Hill in 1984 though
he still lost his job as a result of wrong-ful dismissal.

He is currently developing an Internet business from

which he has ONLY earned $10 in 2005.

To find out ABOUT ONE (1) of the "KEY" newsgroups

messages taken offline go to:

Contact Info

704-125 Stewart Street
Ottawa, ON
Canada K1N 6J3


Signature Info

Kenneth Selin (say'leen) 

B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm.(Honours) "magna cum laude"
President/Party Leader 
of the Égalité Party of Canada

Let's DEcriminalize Government: 
at ALL! levels.