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"I found him" ^_^

"^-^ i luhh you."

"i don't need U."

me + you = <3 :)

"True Love Waits"

"Lets Go Dancing"

"i can still feel you"

"You Fascinate Me!"

"My soul loves you."

"u can't control love"

"You make me smile."

"Kick start My Heart"

"Resistance is futile"


"i deserve 2be with u"

"You're beautiful to me"

"You Belong With Me."..=)

"I LOve Youuu Babee." <3<3

"TWO HEARTS in love."

"Won't you fly with me?" (:

"you know you love me"[]


"To know me is to love me!"

"She gets lost in his eyes ... ."

"I'll Make Your Head Spin."

"You're just my cup of tea."

"nothing compares to you"

"Can't stop thinking of you" <3

"the best you'll never have"


"I need you so much closer."

"~Jealousy is a compliment~"

"i need you so much closer."

[ you make me believe baby ]

"FoUnD maH pErfEcT maTch"

"~you should let me love you~"

"so where does this leave us?"

"You still crumble at my name" <3

"I want to see you dance again"

"The best thing about me is you."

"you can't break a broken heart"

"... every time i hear your name"

"& I'm right where you want me."

"Want no others but you, Babe" <3

"You Are My Sweetest Downfall"

"can i take you everywhere i go?"

"Baby, I'm nothing but bad news."

"She's the girl I can't live without." <33

"It's so strange to be without you."

'this is a dance without the steps"

"My heart says ... My heart says ..."

"Love like you want to be Loved!"

"i'm happier now that you're gone ... "

"who could ask for anything more?"

"You Are The Waves In My Ocean" :)

"I got what yuh neeeeed aaaah yea!"

"You're the only song I want to hear."

"will you still love me in the morning?"

"Oi. It saddens me that he failed me."

"Rawr Means I Love You In dinosaur" <3

"Can you feel your heart beat racing?"

"A wife is the GLORY of her husband."

"Laughter is the only way to my heart."

"i'll steal the diamonds from your eyes"

I need you like a heart needs a beat

"let me take you to my favourite place"

"I fell in love, in love with you suddenly"

".: Wish I Could Be Part Of Your World :."

"the fight for you is all i've ever known ..."

"when i'm with you nothing else matters" <3

"What If - Say - I'm Not Like The Others?"

"You are the music while the music lasts."

{if only i had eight arms to hold you with}

"I can see your star shining down on me"

"everything's gonna be all right, rockabye"

"And so, the lion fell in love with the lamb"

"I love you almost as much as Jesus does!"


"over a year later, and you still make my heart race."

"I. Never. Knew. A. Luh, Luh Luh, A. Love. Like. This."

"I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down."

saw so many pretty face before, but then i saw you .... <3

"jealousy is nothing more than the fear of abandonment"

"Hey, hey everything's okay, I love you more than I can say."

  we're so worth it!" (L)

  can you blow my heart up?"

"I think
  I love you" :]


"that kiss
  tastes like summer."

  Don't let them break you."

"i love him
  so much" ♥

"Ton amour
  est aussi précieux que l'or." French

“Two Loves,
  One Heart." <333

"Without love
  I won't survive."

"When you go,
  don't think I'll make you try to stay."

"You are mine.
  And I am yours."

"don't play me.
  it aint kwl" =/

"Stuck On You
  Till The End Of Time"

"you got to give
  to get"

"like bubblegum,
  you've lost your flavor"

"you're the light
  that makes my darkness disappear."

"date like a man
  so you don't get played like a bitch"

"Take me home.
   I don't wanna be alone tonight."

"I close my eyes
 and all I see is you."

"break my heart
  i'll break your face"

"You'll always be
  my distraction ... ."

"Dance in the rain,
  ignore all the pain" <3

"YOU are soo weird.
   i love it."

".Love is an Illusion ...
   I am ur Illusion."

"but i never told you,
  what i should have said ... "

"medically speaking:
  you're adorable"

"Wonder if he knows,
  he's on my radar"

"Love is a small word
  with a big fucken meaning"

"~you're my chocolate,
   my sweetest chocolate~" <3

"when you're with her...
   i hope you're thinking of me."

"i am not into the idea
  of being without you"

"in the thundering rain
  you stare into my eyes"

«love is the only thing
  that has kept me believing»

"today i had a thought ...
  what if i had never met you?"

"Really wants a bunny
  to Love" <3

"my door's always open:
  feel free to walk out"

"you shot across my sky
  like a meteor."

"I'll be like your medicine,
  you'll take every dose of me."

"i know i need something,
  but i know it's not you."


"hold me like Snow White
  and love me like Juliet"

"All this rock and roll, Baby,
  only time will tell."

"Everything means nothing
  if i ain't got you."

"i'm gonna break your heart
 & get away with murder"

"no ones makes me happier
  than he does" :)

“We’re miles and miles apart,
  but I’m still holding onto your heart.”

"When does ANY party start?
  When you get there!"

"I never wanted anything other
  than to be your everything." <3

"I'll Make Every Second Count
  When I'm With You" < 3

"Beauty Only Gets Attention,
      but Personality Captures the Heart"

"After All The Things You Said ...
  I Love You Was My Favourite ... "

"Even through the darkest days,
  this fire burns, always."

"I'm stupid enough to fall for you,
  now i'm your responsibility" (8)

"The best thing to hold onto in life
   is each other." - Audrey Hepburn

"You always come back just in time
   to remind me what I'm missing..."

"If he's stupid enough to walk away,
  be smart enough to let him go."

*do you hear me calling out for you? ...
  but you keep on walking away*

"always treat your woman like a lady,
  never get too old to call her baby"

"you could become my one and only
  or my one in a million-th mistake"

"Can you feel your heart beat racing?
  Can you taste the fear in her sweat?"

"worried about where the story begins
  and where the rest ends"

"Why are you holding on to something
  that isn't there?"

"J'espère être en mesure d'enrichir ta vie
  autant que tu enrichis la mienne." French

"find a heart that loves you at your worst
  and arms that will hold you at your weakest"

"Just watch my wildest dreams come true:
  not one of them involving you."

"i could be stuck here for a thousand years
  without your arms to drag me out"

"LOVE gives a person the power to destroy you ...
  But TRUSTING em not to!"

"There are many things that can catch your eye ...
   but there are only a few that can capture your heart!"

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person,
  but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly" <3

"-What Happens When He's Your Prince Charming,
    But You're Not His Cinderella?-" </3

"I'd rather break my ankle into fifty thousand pieces
  than cause you any pain." <3

"People say that Disney world is the happiest place on earth,
  they obviously have never been in your arms."


  I just hate
  how much I luv you" (L)

"you know
  that there are no other two hearts
  closer than ours"

  im so happy
  i found you!"

arrow"forget love ...
  forget you ...
  impossible" <3

"i'd be crazy
  to not follow you
  where you lead"

"After a while,
  you just want to be with that one person
  who never fails to make you smile."

*just bε truε,
 αnd thεrε's nothιng
 I won't do for yu* ♥

"falling in love
  with you again

"I won't give in,
  I can't give up,
  on this love"

"Too much junk
   in more then just my trunk
   for just any boy to handle!"

"its a love story,
  just say yes" <3

"&& the truth is
  I wish I could explain
  what I see in your eyes."

"Dance dances,
  take chances
  and make romances"

"I tried to be chill,
  but you're so hot
  that I melted." - jason mraz

"i'll be your dream,
  i'll be your wish,
  i'll be your fantasy."

"; if i had to choose;
   a way to die;
   it'd be with you ;" <3

"I love you forever
  and having you so many times
  just leaves me wanting more ... ."

"the way you move
  ain't fair
  you know"

"she can have you,
  i aint lookin' at you no more,
  i'm lookin' past you."

"all girls really want
  is someone
  to want them back"

~Look into my eyes
  and you will see the world
  that I live for.~


"its a love story, baby.
  just say
  YES" <3

"I don't want you to go,
  I'll eat you up,
  I love you so."

"you can't stop this girl
  from falling more in love
  with you."

"you are my inspiration
  my strength
  my Opa"

"You're better then the best,
  I'm lucky just to linger in your light,
  Cooler then the flip side of my pillow ..."

"Entwine your hands in mine
  and kiss the world

"you gotta whateva it is babe ...
  that just makes me say
  i love u!"

"Ever Love Somebody So Much,
  You Could Hardly Breathe
  When You're With 'Em?" <3


"the stars lean down to kiss you ...
  and I lie awake and miss you ...
  pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere."

"if that boy dont love you by now,
  he will neva eva,
  neva eva love you ..." ♫♫♫


"& now I miss everything about you.
  Can't believe
  that I still want you." ♫ ♪

"Dios completo mi proposito en la vida
  cuando te creo a ti !
  te amo !" Spanish

"sick n tired of tryin to save
   the whole world,
   i just wanna spend my time bein your girl"

"You don't ever stop loving someone.
   It's more a matter of learning to deal with the pain
   of not having them anymore."

"i never thought i'd find someone to be mine ...
  lord knows i was right,
  cause you just crossed the line."

"If the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence,
  maybe yours needs a little more tending ...

  u know
  i'm crazy
  over u." <3

"1 way
  2 say those
  3 words ...
  I love you."

"Don't Say
  i L0VE Y0U
  unle$s Your Heart Beat
  Tell's You 2."

  what we were,
  who we were ...
  when this all started"

*most of all,
 i hate the way
 i don't hate you
 at all*

"- in the end,
  when life has got you down ...
  you've got someone here
  that you can wrap your arms around." <3

“i'm standing
  in heaven
  when i'm
  with you”

"talking to you
  just makes my day
  soo much better" =)

"I got the point
  that i should leave you alone,
  but we both know
  that i'm not that strong."

"being in her arms
  is like Disney Land;
  the happiest place
  on earth" <3 mmm mmm mmm :)

"I love you forever
  and having you so many times
  just leaves me
  wanting more ..."

*you were my cure
  and ii was your disease,
  ii was killing you,
  you were saving me* (L)

"let me be the one
  who calls you,
  all the time"

"There aint a price
   you can put on a girl
   who knows just what to say
   when you need to hear it the most"

"U had a good girl dat was a keeper,
  didn't kno how to treat her.
  So silly boy get out my face,
  why do u like the way regrets taste?"

[]I feel like Dorthy,
    all the guys I meet
    are either Brainless,
    or Cowards.[]

arrow"when you're young,
  not much matters.
  when you find something that you care about,
  then that's all you got."

"love ya when ya right,
  love ya when ya wrong,
  love ya when ya weak,
  love ya when ya strong"

"the silence isn't so bad,
  till I look at my hands
  and feel sad,
  'cause the spaces between my fingers
  are right where yours fit perfectly."

"He gives me butterflies ...
  it's in my mind
  & flOws dOwn
  right tO my tOes!

"i found a reason for me,
  to change who i used to be,
  a reason to start over new,
  and that reason is you."

"Despite their differences,
  they had one thing in common:
  they were crazy
  about each other."

"it's like an angel came by,
 & took me to heaven
 cause when i stare in your eyes,
 it couldn't be better"

"I promise I'll never leave you,
  I'll never break your heart,
  This love is locked
  with an air tight seal."


"Love won't be tampered with,
  Love won't go away.
  Push it to one side
  and it creeps to the other."

"i am walking forward with you
  having my love in your hands
  & i am trusting
  that you nvr let it go."

"I promised i'd never leave you,
 & I never did.
 You said goodbye
 all on your own." </3

"one boy can love a million girls,
  but it takes a MAN
  to love one girl
  a million ways"

"with nothing solid under my feet
  you marvel
  why my mind
  takes to the heavens ..."

"when it all starts coming undone,
  Baby, you're the only one
  I run to.
  I run to you."

"in love with the cutest guy ever, Baby.
  i'll never let you go.
  you're my Romeo.
  i love you, Baby." :)

"If the days won't allow us to see each other,
  memories will,
  and if my eyes can't see you,
  my heart will never forget you."

"i'm not comfortable with how this story ends ...
  we were lovers
  and now
  we're not even friends."

"We are each of us angels with only one wing,
  and we can only fly
  by embracing
  one another."

"i've been waiting my whole life for a someone like you
  to go
  and pick me up
  and take away my blues"

"let me
  sleep in your arms.
  let me
  breath this clean bright light
  surrounding you."


"A girl in love
  is dangerous,
  but a girl with a broken heart ...
  that's a fucking scary!!"

"So let's face it
  this was never what you wanted.
  But I know it's fun to pretend now.
  Blank stares and empty threats
  are all I have."


"should i love you?
  who knows?
  all i know is I do
  and that you are the best thing
      thing that's ever happend to me.
  I love you"

"b 4 one can 4get one...
 1's eyes must 4get 1's face
 1's ears must 4get 1's name
 1's heart must 4get that she loved that person
 more then her own life."

"You dun have to love me ...
  you dun even have to like me ... ,
  but you WILL

"take me above your light,
  carry me through the night,
  hold me secure in flight
  & sing me to sleep

"I wanna grow old with you
  I wanna be looking in your eyes
  I wanna be there for you
  Sharing everything you do
  I wanna grow old with you"

 The Moon Once said to me,
  "If love makes you cry,
  why not just leave your lover?"
  I looked back at the moon and said,
  "Would you ever leave your sky?"

"Everyone wants to be your sun,
  but not me.
  I want to be your moon
  so I can light up your darkest moments
  when your sun isn't around." <3

"The meeting of two personalities
   is like the contact
   of two chemical substances;
   if there is any reaction,
   both are transformed." - Carl Jung

"Destroy the curse that fell upon me,
  I know u have the power!
  I've seen your power and influence that u get
  while doing it!
  or us ..."

"Everything I need is right here by my side.
  And I know everything about you.
  I don't wanna live without you ... .
  i am so happy
  he is mine!"

"I turned left,
 She turned right,
 I had her all to my self,
 I say Baby wats ur number,
 Yuh got my heart beat and
 ur dha drummer"<3[8]

"it's completely
  impossible to find someone
  who won't hurt you.
  so find the one
  who makes the pain
  worth while ..."

"Men are like a fine wine.
  They start out like grapes.
  It's our job
  to stomp on them
  until they mature into something
   you would have dinner with"

"Imma hurt cha real good baby.
  No escaping where to start
  Once I'm in
  I own your heart
  There's no way to ring the alarm
  So hold on"

"Love knows no limit to its endurance,
  no end to its trust,
  no fading of its hope;
  it can outlast anything.
  Love still stands
  when all else has fallen."

"SMiLE ,


"You said
  i was all you would ever need;
  so why
  did you need her too?
  Was i not
  good enough
  for you?"

"I'm a little weird.
 We're all a little weird.
 Life's a little weird.
 And when we find someone
 who's weirdness is compatible with ours,
 we join up in mutual weirdness
 and call it love."

"You Had Me.
 Then, You Left Me.
  I Wanted You,
  But I Lost You.
  But In The End,
  We Found Each Other
  And Now,
  Lets Say
  'I Do'."


"Never let go"

"Lets fall in love."

"kick start my heart" :D)


"love is the movement."

"Footprints on my Heart"

"you're my key to survival."

"Don't talk to me that way"

"Love is friendship set on fire!"

"Just let the lovin' take a hold"

"I want to make you feel good."

"You can be the reason I'm alive."

"Aimer, c'est la moitier de croire!" - Victor Hugo French

"enjoying every moment with you"

"i only think of you 24 hours a day"

"looking for a man to grow old with"

"You gotta have confidentence, Baby"

"... falling for him faster and faster ..."

"i want you to know that i'd die for you"

"Maybe we should speak our mind, Baby"

"Mind over Matter GOT YOU coming to me!!"

". . . when he's around, nothing else matters."

"i'll just pretend to hug you until you get here"

"I know you're out there, somewhere out there ... ."

"I Have a Bad Craving For The Taste Of Your Lips"

"Philophobia - Fear of falling in love or being in love."


  you make my heart go boom boom boom ( L )"

  YoU MaKe Me BeTTer!"

"I am me!!
  Your approval isn't necessary!!"

"It'S jUsT mE
  lOVe Me!!"

"Promise Me
  Tomorrow starts with You"

"You got me ...
  No need to wonder why" <3

"guess what ...
  i lovee youu ( L )"

"When you go,
  don't think I'll make you try to stay."

  even when you don't sneeze."

"When you go,
  don't think I'll make you try to stay."

"breathe me in;
  i'm forever."

"6 billion souls
  and sometimes all you need is one"


"Hard to come by,
  Harder to hold."

"Where words fail ...
  music SPEAKS."

"I was so alone:
  you were all I had." <3

"sad that its over,
  but happy for a new beginning"

"I built you a home
  in my heart."

"Nothing feels right
  when I'm not with you."

"The memory of you
  marks everything I do."

"everytime i look at you,
  i go blind"

"I love my boy friend,
  he makes me happy" :)

"Come live in my heart,
  and pay no rent"

"he fell in love with a girl,
  but shes in love with her world"

"wrapped up in blankets
  and lost in your kiss"

"I would have invited you,
  but I thought you would come ... ."

"Don't let your walls down.
  You might fall in love"


"you never were expendable,
  you always made me feel alive"

"with my last and final breath,
  i'll still be singing to you."

"The word out on the streets
  that the fire in your heart is out."

"i'm addicted to the way i feel
  when i think about you"

"waiting for [yOuu] to realize:
  i'm the only one for y.O.u.u" <3

"~Sometimes being a bitch
    is all a woman has left. ~ Dolores Claiborne"

"I don't want to be your world:
  just your favourite part." <3

"i don't know why i fight for you
  this way."

"& when it gets to be too much,
  i'll be there for you."

"will you be my corona and lime,
  and i will be your main squeeze?"

"If you believe in love at first sight,
  you never stop looking."

"your the voice i hear inside my head,
  the reason that im singing ..."

"Lesson 17 - People need love the most,
  when they deserve it the least."

"Either come at me with something to say
  or don't come at all."

"Why is it that the hardest guy to get over
  is the one you can't get?"

"I cant believe its been a year without you,
  i miss you so much bby"

"will you be by my side for the rest of my life?
  will you love me until the day I die?"

"i believe that we can be extraordinary together ...
  rather than ordinary, apart."

"you make me want to dance in a field with bunnies
  and hug you"


  you shine so bright,
  and i would just dim your star."

"you and i
  were livin
  like a love song"

"I will love thee
  until the Sun grows cold
  and the stars grow old." :)


"I tried to be chill,
  but you're so hot
  that I melted."

"Standing so close
  knowing that it kills me
  to breathe you in"

"Are your legs tired
  cuz you've been running through my mind
  all day?!"

"S'aimer soit-même,
  c'est se lancer dans une belle histoire d'amour
  qui durera toute la vie." French

"when we were lovers,
  we were kissers,
  we were holders of hands"

"My greatest gift to you
  is a dance floor
  free from insecurity."

"You know you're in love
  when you see that someone
  & all the world disappears."

"At first I didn't believe him,
  but now as the days go on
  I keep falling even harder for him."

"If you live to be a hundred,
  I want to live to be a hundred minus one day,
  so I never have to live without you."

"I'm head over heels for you.
  I won't ever stop loving you,
  no matter what anyone says."

"No man is worth your tears ...
  and the one who is
  will never make you cry!"

"push me up against the wall ...
  and kiss me
  like you mean it" <3

"For my will is as strong as yours,
  my kingdom as great,
  you have no power over me."

  there is nothing in this world
  that would stop me
  from loving him.~*~."

"The spaces between your fingers
  were created
  so that anothers could fill them."

"Lucky is the man who is the first love of a woman,
  but luckier is the woman
  who is the last love of a man."

"Do you love me
  because I am beautiful,
  or am I beautiful
  because you love me?"

"Love is Hard Work,
  but its the Best Thing
  that You'll ever Work for
  in your Life"

"If i had to choose
  between loving u and breathing.
  I would use my last breath
  to say i love you"

"the day won't break
  for goodness sake,
  the sun won't shine
  unless your mine."

"If you loved someone,
  you'd be willing to give up everything for them,
  but if they loved you back,
  they'd never ask you to." (:

"Cause everytime we touch,
  I get this feeling.
  And everytime we kiss
  I swear I could fly."

"Distance between two hearts,
  is not an obstacle,
  rather a great reminder,
  of just how strong true love can be."

"First date would be a nice dinner or bar
  where can talk:
  you have your wine
  and i have my Jack denial."

"i smile,
  i play coy,
  but inside, Baby,
  you're just
  my little toy."

"Love is when you take away
  the feeling, the passion, and the romance
  in a relationship,
  and find out
  you still care for that person."


  NOT HIS FEET (where some men expect us)
  BUT FROM THE SIDE (to be equal)...
  UNDER THE ARM (to be protected)
  AND CLOSE TO HIS HEART (to be loved)"

"It's your voice, perhaps.
  It's so familiar.
  It's like a ...
  it's like a voice in a dream ...
  it comforts me
  when I am alone."

"when you've got the person
      that makes you smile no matter what,
  and when u are around them
  you can't wipe that grin off your face,
  you should know by then
  they are perfect for you"

"femme fatale"

"Get ur freak on!"

"Sexecute the Plan"

"Im the you can't have!"

"Love will save the day."

"ii got you on my radarr"

"You're what gets me off!!"

"What are you looking for?"


"I never had someone like you"

"you know you love him when ..."


  Is But A Number"

"Shut up
  and dance!"

"Let's see
  where this could take us."

"it's simple.
  you are out of your mind."

"Don't think
  we're not serious."

"can't figure out
  how you stole my heart ... ."

"don*t yu know
  that yur toxic?"

"If you want him,
  come and claim him!!!"

"i have to step up
  my game"


"Why walk
  when you can dance?"

"Can't Wait
  to Have His Last Name!"

"J'ai juste besoin de toi
  pour rêver ..." French

"i'll make your heart jump
  like it was on cocaine"

"If i'm a star,
  then, my guy is the sky!"

"It's not over Baby.
  It's not the ending."

"You have Bewiched Me
  Body and Soul"

"It don't mean a thing
  if it ain't got that swing."

"I'm gonna be his star

  that lightens up his day" <3

"my world still turns
  when your not around"

"because you're mine,
  i walk the line."

"i'll be your sunshine
  if you'll be my rainbow!"

"do you wanna come over
  & kill some time?"


"Buy Me A Plastic Ring
  And Tell Me That You Love me."

"if you want better things,
  i want you to have them"

"Since you've been gone,
  it's not the same."

"theres a fire in your eyes
  and i hope you let it burn into your heart"

"Don't you know who I am?
  I'm the real thing with low-key sensibilities."

"if u find that special someone
  don't let them go"

"Im not just sayin' Im the best.
  Im just saying Im incredible."

"If it's not keeping you up nights,
  then, what's the point?"

"People get stuck in moments.
  Hearts break and don't fix easy."

"Deux choses ne peuvent se cacher:
  l'IVRESSE et l'AMOUR."

"it's better to have
50% of something
100% of nothing"

"If you were going to make me cry,
  at least be there to wipe away my tears."

"A Man Always Wants to Be A Women's First Love,
  But A Women Wants A Man to Be Her Last Romance."

"You know i could have held you in my heart forever
  and it still wouldn't have been long enough."

  They dont love you
   like I love you."

  When the happiness of another
  is essential to your own."

   that he's no PRINCE CHARMING,
   But there's something in him."

"Sit down,
   tell the boss
   whats on your mind."

"..pick me ...
   .choose me ...
   .love me ..."

"I'm a keeper
  and in time
  you'll realize it too."

"Stay With Me ...
  This Is What I Need,

"And my body
  would never again
  touch the ground."

"Love is a dream
  that comes alive
  when we meet."

  what searching for
  is right where u left it"

"I like FAST men,
  FAST cars,
  and FAST food."

"It's those days
  I wish I had you
  right here in my arms"

"Say what you mean ... .
  Mean what you say ... .
  No games."

"I find my paradise
  when you look me
  in the eyes"

"No man is worth your tears,
  and the one who is
  won't make you cry."

"Never walk into a room like you own it.
  Walk into a room like you don't give a damn
  who owns it."

"Everything I know about breaking hearts,
  I learned from you -
  It's true."

"He keeps me functioning each and every day
  Without Him,
  I dont know where id b!"

"I will give you a kiss everytime you make me smile,
  i will give you a thousand
  if you stay a little while." =)


"A pretty girl
  without a smile,
  you're denying the world
  the beauty it deserves."

"I told myself I won't miss you,
  but I remember,
  what it feels like
  beside you."

"One cannot think well,
  love well
  or sleep well
  if one has not dined well." - Virginia Woolfe

"i thought i told you
  that we won't stop ...
  and if you don't know,
  now you know"

"LOVE conquers all
  even in dark places
  and that is when
  LOVE shines the most!"

"too little
  too late,
  your chance has come
  and gone"

"You know
  you love it
  when I'm lost
  in the sauce."

  bring me ur dreams.
  Make him
  the cutest
  ive ever seen!"

"U cried.
  The relief it bought u
  was small.
  I smiled ...
  and hid it all."

"You know you're in love
  when you can't fall asleep
  because reality
  is finally better
  than your dreams."

"i've got my eyes
  set on you.
  i think its every time you walk into a room
  my heart skips a beat
  and i have you"

  Someone Will Walk Into Ur Life
  And Make U Realize
  Why It Never Worked Out
  With Anyone Else."

"I love how you kiss.
  I love all you're sounds.
  And Baby,
  the way
  you make my world go round."

"I wrote your name in the sky,
  but the wind blew it away.
  I wrote your name in the sand,
  but the waves washed it away.
  I wrote your name in my heart,
  and forever it will stay."

"When you miss me
  just look up to the night sky
  and remember,
  I'm like a star;
  sometimes you can't see me,
  but I'm always there."

"No one can make me cry,
  make me laugh,
  make me smile
  or drive me mad,
  like he does.
  It's like a curse that is the cure.

"Better or worse,
  one things for sure
  it's real love.
  And i don't know
  what i'd do
  if i lost it."

"a mighty pain
  to love
  it is,
  and tis a pain
  that pain
  to miss,
  but of all pains,
  the greatest pain
  it is to love,
  but love in vain."

"Love is a force more formidable
  than any other.
  It is invisible -
  it cannot be seen or measured,
  yet it is powerful enough
      to transform you

  in a moment,
  and offer you
  more joy
  than any material possession could."


Steno-K+ Notation