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"giddy up"

"Pop N Roll"

"lets get it on"

"Yes, we DID." ;)


"It feels so right"

"What I like ???"

"It feels so right."

"Sexecute the Plan"

"Mi Casa, Su Casa ..."

"it's all in the cheekz."

"you put that where?!"

"Better than chocolate."

"Pop goes the weazel!"

"[ I'll be your afterparty.]"

"Let Me See You Stripped"

"spooning leads to forking"

"Anyone Want Some Candy?"

"Just let the lovin' take a hold"

"I'm right where you want me."

"Need directions to my house!"

"I want to make you feel good."


"Warning : i scream when i come"

"Loosen up my buttons, Baby ... ."

"Warning : i scream when i come"

"Give Into The Sweet Temptation"♥

"Let's go make out with her friends."

"just give her a kiss worth dying for"

"you just haven't earned it yet, Baby"

"...It's Only Good When You Finish..."



"& he's to blame for the smile across her face."

"~~ALWAY GIve Your Man What He Craves~~"

"When that bitch bends over i forget my name."

"The reason why you're gunna wanna take me
  home tonight"

"Kiss Me.
  i'm Drunk!"

"Oh, DANG!
  Let's BANG!"

"Keep it Fresh

"It sure be nice
  if you would roll with me."

"Wanna curl up
  by my fire?" ;)

"Cummon Baby,
  let's wake the dead."

"Brace Yourself:
  We Were Born For This"


"if you're feeling lucky,
  come and take me home"

"Just turn up the music
  and forget about everything"

"You've been a bad boy,
  now go to my room!" ;)

"when i say, 'want some?'
  y'all say, 'more!'"

"Betcha Can't Do It Like Me.
  Nope! "

"do you wanna to come over
  & kill some time"
"masturbating to animal porn
  and eating Nachos ...."

"If you don't like my peaches,
  don't you shake my tree."

"Let Me Show You What Love Is,
  Let Me Show You How To Move Your Body."

"watch the way my body moves,
  feel the rhythm melting you"

"When you can stop, you don't want to.
  When you want to stop, you can't."


  you can have
  whateverrr you liiiiKee."

"Shut Up
  && Kiss Me
  Like The Antidote's Under MyTongue!"

"hey baby,
  i llike your pants,
  but they would look better on my floor."

"Wat u want
  is juss b4 u ...
  open up ya eyes"

"Let's have some fun,
  this beat is sick.
  I wanna take a ride on your disco stick." ;)

"it started out with a kiss,
  how did it end up like this ...
  it was only a kiss."

"Boys are cheats and liars,
  they're such a big disgrace ...,
  but BOY do I love sex!"

"Who you think you fuckin' with?!
  You fuck with me,
  you fuckin' with the BEST!"

"The oposite sex is the most dangerous
  and addictive drug out there,
  and the high
  is unlike anything else."

"hair pulling,
  neck biting.
  back scratchin:
  *i love it all"

"doin' the bulldance.
  feelin' the flow.
  workin' it.
  workin' it."

"My head's in heaven,
  my soles are in hell;
  let's meet in the purgatory
  of my hips & get well."

"I still try to buy cute underwear,
  but not too cute,
  what do you think
  got me into this mess?"

"A cat falls into water
  and a rooster laughs.
  Moral of the story ...
  a wet pussy
  makes a cock
  feel good"


"ballin' "

"désert" French


"It's time."

"Ride me."

"Blow Me!"

"i'm sweet."

"watch me."

"Follow me."

"Mad Fer It!!"

"cuddle now?"


"O This is fun"

"in your pants" ;)

"You're Lovely."

~ Sexy Mama ~

"it's party time"

"Are you ready?"

"She's Wicked" ;)

"sexcited! Haha"

"i had to have it"

"Yum smoothie!"

"sweetly blissful"

"i like it like that" ♥

"-gettinnggg ove-"

"Fuck me harder"

"Larger Than Life."

"kiss me electric"

"i like trees, a lot"

"It smells like girls."

"irresistibly wrong"

"Beißen Sie mich." :) German

"Sit on it and Spin."

"..Helloo, sexface.."


"She likes it rough."

"allergic to clothes..."


"let's have some fun"

"You Know The Drill"

"keep on suckin me"

"starved for attention"

"I wanna rock, ROCK."

"Look what happened!"

"love men that sparkle"

"If it's loving you want?"

"Take my hand tonight..."

"im just a love machine."

"& all it takes is a kiss;;" ♥

"Need some distraction?"

"Get your ass over here."

"- here comes da boom -"

"I'm going straight to Hell."

"Beautiful and untouched"

"Your Sex Is On Fiiiiireee"

"there is some kiss I want"

"I can make your bed rock"

"i wanna lick sum pussyy!"

"I can make your bed rock."

"I'll have the 10 inch special"

"Give me some skin, Honey."

"Must BE a HEAVENLY sin"

"Girls just wanna have FUN!"

"A dirty book is rarely dusty"

"the last thing on your mind..."

"... finally knows what I want."


"Anybody wanna play with me?"

"You'll Thank Me For This Later."

"& i'll savor every moment of this.-"

"once i start i cannot stop myself"
"oooh Baby... lol that was... nice." xD

"Take Me Down To Paradise City"

"this summer is going to be Ballin!"

"The best things in life are EDIBLE!" <3


"I need to feel your warm body on me"

"let me take you to my favourite place"

"i love the smell of geek in the morning"

"you're as fake as the moans you make."



"I Get My Kicks Below the Belt, Sunshine."

"if you were an apple, you'd be delicious" ;-)

"You've got lips I could spend a day with..."

"WiSh i CouLd ShuT mY pLaYbOy MoUtH!!"

"can you orgasm through nipple stimulation?"

"professionally trained to do mouth to mouth"

"i need a tongue between my legs...! right now!"

"When is SeX DIRTY? Only when it's done
  RIGHT!" :o)

"Who doesn't dream to indulge in every spasm
  of lust?"

"could you please tell your pants it's not polite
  to point?" (x

  what fun we have"

  they can't do it like me"

  you know i'm worth it."

  only you can make me feel this way" <3


  do it deeper."

  u look so fucking good tonight!"

  grab your guns." <3

"oh dang,
  let's baaaangg."


"And you,
  your sex is on fire ..."

"I'm sorry,
 am I touching your ass?"

  and untouched."

"Rawk out
  with your Cawk out!"

"Fuck Me!
  Im Famou$!!"

  you're not safe here."

  I got it if you need it"

"Why walk,
  when you can dance?"

"Further up
  and further in..."

"lets jus say,
  i'd give it to you in the bum"

"dig me now.

"And i'm just
  a girL ... . "

"Should I go?
  or should I Stay?"

"It's not pretty
  being this easy"

"That was Fun.
   let's NEVER do that again!!!"
"don't be afraid,
  i won't bite hard ..."

"A little crowed
  as we're singing in the shower tonight"

"Show me love

"it's never too late
  for you & i" ♥

"tell me lies later,
  come and see me ..."

  you only live once."

"i'm on my knee
  looking for the answer."

"When I go down,
  I'm going down in style."

"keep me filled in
  & i swear i'll come"

"'cause i'm a gypsy',
  are you coming with me?"

"do the hellen keller
  and talk with your hips"

"i keep my distance...
  but you still catch my eye":)

"you just never know
  until you do"

"Dip me in chocolate
  and call me dessert"

'I know you want me,
 you know I wancha'

"when it comes 2seX,
  i'm all 4the rhythm method."

"if we sleep together,
  would it make it any better?"

"Cuzz ii Neeed iit All ...
  Now iiz Thaat Sooo Haard."

"if you c4n r34d th15
  u r34lly n33d t0 g47 L41d"

"come here, rude boy,
  boy, is it big enough?"

"you wanna get inside;
  then, you can get in line."

"I'm the thing that goes
  bump & grind in the night..."

"Sex is a part of nature.
   I go along with nature."

"sweetening the snatch
  of the sunrise"

"If you're going my way,
  I'll walk with you."

"whiskey's on the rocks
  while your sister's on my mouth" ;)

"let's keep the fire tame,
  but we'll keep our hands hot"

"You think you're a man -
  you are only a toy!"

"Could u wisper in my ear
   the things u wanna feel?"

"I'll play your favorite song,
  Darlin' ... ."

"Love is like a bomb, Baby.
  C'mon get it on."

"Miserable weather outside!
  Who wants to come warm me up?" Hahaha

"When that bitch bends over
   i forget my name"

"my apple bottom lookin rite.
   i kno u wanna bite!!"

"you said you never meant to ...
  Sweetheart, you never mean to"

"You up for a little yeeee haw
   in the hay?"

"I haven't seen you around here
  in a while."
"I'd like to eat her like ice cream,
  maybe dip her in chocolate."

"All you need in life is a dirty mind
  & someone to share it with."

"Suis le mouvement de mes lèvres
  et je t'amenne au paradis." =) French

"J'veux pas t'mettre sous les spots ...
  Mais t'es cliché HOT" French

"It's NOT true that I had nothing on.
  I had the radio on." — Marilyn Monroe

"Fool man climb tree to get cherries
  wise men spread limbs."


"Do you wanna see my baseball card
  collection? ...
  It's in my bedroom."

  I Like it!
  I I I Like It!"


"fuck this,
  i'm going to bed
  to dream about cock and balls"

  Touching my body may drive
   you insane...
   but it's worth the risk." ;)

"I cannot live ...
  i can't breath ...
  unless you do this with me ... ."

"Could u wisper
  in my ear
  the things u wanna feel."

"humanity keeps
  chug-chuging along
  thanks 2these 3words: 'let's make
  out.' "

"there's treasure
  for watever buttons
  u can undo"

"Instead of Guns,
  This sex starved babe is packing
  But she'd like to see your weapon."

"I tried to be chill,
  but you're so hot
  that I melted."

"You up for a little
  yeeee haw
  in the hay?"

"i get it when i want it
  'n i get it when i need it...
  don't fuck wit tha bitch
  when she's HORNY!!"

"i'll make it pop like a drum
  Most bitches typical...
  i'll show u somethin new..."


"it's not what you wear that matters ...
  its how you take it off
  that counts."

"wicked temptress knows how to please;
  the priestess roars
  get down on your knees."

"Just because you'll get drunk enough
  to kiss one of your girlfriends once
  doesn't mean that your bisexual or gay.
  It just means that your dumb."

"1 way
  2 say those
  3 words ...
 'I love you.' "
  when it's love,
  if it's not rough,
  it isn't fun."

"if i lay here,
  if i just lay here,
  would you lie with me
  and just forget the world"

"I've Got Lips...
  You'v Got Lips...
  Let's Get Together
  And Use Them Lips"

"Let Me Show You
  What Love Is,
  Let Me Show You
  How To Move Your Body"

"Floats like a butterfly,
  Stings like a bee
  and fucks like a rabbit
  trippin on E!!"

"Now, a question of etiquette:
  -- as I pass,
  do I give you the ass
  or the crotch?"

"Keep telling me you got a girl,
  but she can't do what I can.
  Let me show you
  what you've been missing."

  I like it,
  oh yes!
  I like it,
  I,I,I like it.":)

"im gonna write
  go canada
  on my chest
  and flash everyone
  we drive by"

"A woman asked me
  if I preferred legs or breasts.
  I said
  I prefer shaved pussy.
  I guess that answer isn't accepted
  at KFC."

"I Party Like a Rockstarr,
  Look Like a MovieStarr,
  Play like an AllStarr,
  FUCK like a PORNSTARR...
  Baby, Imma Superstarr." LOL ;)

"the reason why i can't find a cure
  for this disease
  is because it does not exist.
  i am it.
  it is me.
  and we die together."

"When you came in,
  the air went out.
  And every shadow filled up with
  I don't know who you think you
  But before the night is through,
  I wanna do bad things with you."

"♥--i wanna give you a hug,
       but a hug leads to a kiss.
       a kiss leads to lick,
       a lick leads to a suck,
       and a suck leads to a fuck.
       SOOooo come give me a hug." (:

"I don't really care where you live at
 Just turn around, boy,
 let me hit that
 Don't be a little bitch with your chit
 Just show me
 where your dick's at."

"Drop pants,
  not bombs.
  Break dance,
  not hearts.
  Condoms are cheaper then guns.
  Make love
  not war." <3

"I LUVE MATH.......?
 SEX is like MATH,
 you Add the BED
 and pray
 you don't MULTIPLY!!"


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