Ottawa, August 14th 2004

Mr. Erwin Cutler
Minister of Justice
248 Wellington St.
Ottawa   K1A 0H8

Dear Mr. Cutler:

I clear $648 in Unemployment Insurance and the Justice
Department takes 1/2 of that in family support payments
leaving me with $324 to live on for the month. My ex-wife
is not in financial need earning about $50K per year: she
has a home and has just bought a new car.

This action by your Department is not only senseless,
heartless, it is both immoral and illegal. In fact, it constitutes
a crime according to Article 228 of the Canadian Criminal
Code, Criminal Negligence Killing of the Mind, and con-
travenes Articles 7 (The Government promises to look after
our security.) and 12 (It promises to protect us from cruel
and unusual punishment.) of the Canadian Charter of
Rights and Freedoms. My rent is $650. I cannot pay my

I believe I'm the victim of Mafiosi Government. Here's why.
The Canadian government bureaucracy like that of any
Commonwealth country [being freemasonic-based muni-
cipally, provincially (except in Quebec), and federally with
Attorney Generals, judges, and Crown Attorneys being
nearly all Freemasons and with every government agency,
department, ministry, college, university, and hospital 
being run by its own internal mafia in my opinion, and 
given the fact that only one province respects our Canadian 
constitution with regards to official bilingualism] does 
not respect the Rule of Law and is illegitimate.

My party, the Égalité Party of Canada plans to change 
that by DEcriminalizing the Government: at ALL levels! 
It is determined to put an end to what it regards as 
freemasonic gangsterism once and for all.

The Government run by a person whose company never 
paid Canadian taxes obliges me to ask fellow Canadians 
for their financial support.

Kenneth Selin
704-125 Stewart St.
Ottawa   K1N 6J3
B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Admn.,
B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) magna cum laude
Leader of the Égalité Party of Canada 
Vote Égalité 
or doN'T vote!