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Subject: "Canada is a POLICE State." (President/Party 
                 Leader of the Égalité Party of Canada)

RCMP Commissioner
The RCMP commissioner - apparently - "intentionally"
MISINFORMED U.S. authorities regarding Mr. Mahar Arar,
a Syrian a Canadian with dual-citizenship. This led to
Mr. Arar being sent to a prison in
Syria to be tortured
after the plane he was on landed in the U.S.A.

gravity of the situation is this: when Police target
citizens and victimizes them with impunity the country
where this happens is a Police State.

"Death squads" run by the Police is an extension of
this kind of behavior.

RCMP Commissioners have always been "dumb"
according to the President/Party Leader of
Égalité Party of Canada. He came to this conclusion
when he first met the RCMP Commissioner back in
the 1970s.

The "current one", he feels, is an embarrassment to
country as he represents what has to be assumed is
a DOUBLE-CROSSING POLICING culture in existance
at the highest levels in the Police Forces in Canada.

His staying at his job just confirms this to be *THE
NORM* and confirms that Canada truly is a POLICE
State where the Police can do whatevern with impunity.

Police Chiefs as Mafia Bosses

The key to understanding Canada as a Police State
state lie in the hiring practices of the Police according
to the President and /Party Leader of the Égalité Party
of Canada.

He believes the Police "intentionally" hire people with
little, if any, post-secondary education, they must be
somewhat angry, and they must afraid of losing their
high paying job.

This "ideal profile" allows Police Chiefs to act as *mafia
bosses* who will have their police personnel .lie in Court
and fabricate evidence - if necessary - to get convictions
without "due process".

These "bogus cases" give the appearance that the
judicial system is working.

Do the "realy professional crooks" come before the
courts? No. They're too sophiscated to catch.

Do the crooks in Gov't come before the courts?


There is no Police force no intelligence agency that
looks for crime in the Gov't.

So if your life aspiration is to be a professional crook,
where do you want to be? In the Gov't.

In a Police State the Gov't is run by crooks.

So who can the Police go after to put in jail?

The mentally ill.

One such case is the case of James Brian found
dead a November day in 2004 in the highly over-
crowded Ottawa Detention Centre after being taken
from the Ottawa mental institution for trying to bite
someone there at the back of the head. (He had
been a psychiatric patient for some 30 years, a
person who according to the Law is incapable of
criminal intent. This is a PERVERSION of the
Canadian administration of justice for which the
Ottawa Police Chief was responsible. The incident
was reported in the local newspaper. Why was
he NOT forced to resign over this incident?
Because Canada is a "de facto" Police State.

The homeless hounded by undercover cops.


Drug dealers and their clients.

Johns and prostitutes.

The poor. (Especially those of the visible
minorities like our First Nation Peoples.)

Immigrants who don't know the law
and their rights.

In a Police State would you expect the
judicial system to be legitimate? No.

When cases with little or no merit are brought
before the courts solely based on the excuse
that the law was broken, it can be said that the
Police, judiciary, and Crown Attorneys are
conspiring to to defaud the taxpayer. It's
RACKETEERING by Gov't officials accor-
ding to the President/Party Leader of the
Égalité Party of Canada.

In a Police State the Gov't officials act as
if they are ABOVE THE RULE OF LAW.
In Canada this is true of all those involved
in the judicial apparatus according to him.

This is all the more evident when one realizes
that the whole Gov't Apparatus
like in any other Commonwealth country. It is
therefore NOT SURPRISING to find that every

hospital, college, university, Gov't agency,
Police Force, intelligence service, military
base etc.
has its own "inside" mafia.

Canada is a Police State because its Gov't
could NOT be any more crooked than it al-
ready is as far as the President/Party Leader
of the Égalité
Party of Canada is concerned.

No "Due Process" = Judicial "Fraud"

When the Police do NOT respect "due process"
and the
Crown Attorney's Office work together
hand in hand with
the Police in order to *ENSURE*
a guilty verdict, they
commit a crime, JUDICIAL
of a crooked, Police
State Gov't.

Keep the People Fearfull

A Police State keeps the People *frustrated*
by making impossible to get redress from
the Gov't when they have been abused or
taken advantage of the Gov't. A blatant
example of that in Canada is THE GROSSLY
that push people from their homes.

The policing is oppressive as breaking the
law is the only justification needed to lay
charges: ciminal intent, "due proces", and
mitigating circumstances are irrelevant
in cases where there will be NO JURY.

This way THE STATS for the Police and
the Judiciary look good and allows them
to command HUGE BUGETS. It's all about
the money in the opinion of the President,
Party Leader of the Égalité Party of Canada.

In a Police State the People are NOT treated

the judicial system, legl aid, Crown Attorney
Offices, jails (200+ in Canada), probations
officers, half-way houses, security guards, etc.
This is BIG BUSINESS that is *OUT OF CON-
TOL* in a Police State.

What agency is making sure the taxpayer is
getting value for his tax dollar? Zip.

A more appropriate (reduced) level of funding
of our judicial system would mean MORE MONEY
and SERVICES like creating places for our
youth in our towns and cities where can go
and do things in their spare time so they don't
get in trouble with the Law in the first place.

Do we really need in Canada an extensive network
of UNDERCOVER COPS among the visible minorities
that are poor? This has them believing they live in
a Police State. (For example, by the African-Canadian
barber shop at the corner of Besserer and Dalhousie
Streets there is a surveillance camera to remind these
folk they are BEING WATCHED.)

The FIRST political meeting of the Égalité Party
of Canada was held across the street where that
barber shop used to be when it was called
Caramel Cuts. That was on October 4th 2004.
Among all the black people present other than
the President/Party Leader of the Égalité Party
of Canada guess who else was present? A
white undercover cop.

How does the Gov't JUSTIFY this kind of *HEAVY

Does it NOT make them feel they are living in a Police
State? You bet.

That kind of policing is "oppressive" and "demeaning".

A Police State (like an abusive teacher) does NOT

This is selective, overpolicing of a visible minority that

Malicious Prosecution


Whenever "due process" which is an integral part of
the Rule of Law is ABSENT, the case "automatically"

becomes one of MALICIOUS prosecution no different
than those of Nazi Germany. People are being framed
by the State. Such a state is a Police State.

In a Police State the accused is unofficially considered
guilty at the outset and therefore, *DUE PROCESS* is
considered *NOT NECESSARY*.

The person charged is brought before a judge (There
is *NO JURY*.) and found guilty. The non-existance of
criminal intent and the existance of extenuating circum-
stances that justify the breaking of the law are considered
irrelevant. The only consideration given is whether the law
was broken. The Police and the Crown Attorney will say
that a conviction is justified. That is all that is needed for
a judge to render a guilty verdict. That is how a Police
State operates. This is how the judicial system conducts
itself in the view of the President/Party Leader of the Égalité
Party of Canada. Therefore, Canada is a Police State.

He thinks the manner in which SPURIOUS CASES are
treated NOT only brings
the administration of Canadian
justice into disrepute, but *DELIGITIMIZES THE CROWN*
suggests that Canada like the U.S.A. and Mexico should
become a republic.

Conspiracy to Defraud the Taxpayer

UNNECESSARY COURT CASES (people charged without
being given warnings, without any knowledge of the law,
without giving them a chance to settle the matter outside
in two (2) ways.


BUDGETS of the Police, judges,
and Crown Attorneys.

Such *CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR* by the Judicial Arm of
the Police, and the General Attorneys in Canada
provides irrefutable evidence
that Canada is *TRULY*
a Police State according to the President/Party Leader
of the Égalité Party of Canada.

Who are the *main beneficiairies*? Some 60,000
Freemasons that run the Gov't
bureaucracy feed
at the GRAVY TROUGH in Ontario among them
judges, lawyers, and Crown Attorneys. He alledges
the Police State style of gov't is built for them.

He wants a Royal Commission to look intoat the
relationship between Freemasons and corruption
in the Gov.t.

First Criminal Case: No "Due Process"

The Ottawa Police layed phoney harassing phone call
without "due process" over 10 years ago. After
"plea bar-
gaining", getting a conditional discharge with
a one year
probation, and brought back before the judge
for the most
ridiculous of reasons, the judge concluded
that "the exten
uating circumstances" (His ex-wife refused
to respect court-
ordered access.) meant that the whole
matter belonged in Family Court.

This the President/Leader of the Égalité Party had told
over half a dozen Police PRIOR TO the laying of the

After having had an abusive probation officer and
after having spent thousands of dollars in lawyer, he
felt BETRAYED BY THE STYSTEM as it could all have
been avoided had the Police respected "due process".

Tthe Ottawa Police refuses to compensate him

This negative experience with the System among many
others has him believing that Canada has always been
a Police State from the get go and Canadian history bears
this out.

Second Personal Case: No "Due Process"

A. Family Court

It was alledged he made a "15-second call" to his
ex-wife at her place of work contravening a 14.5
year temporary court order which stipulates he is
to no contact with her at her place of work. It does
NOT say that he is NOT to call her.

It is important to note that the Police said in Court
there was no
recording of the call. Given that his
phone line is being tapped for quite some the
Police had to know that he was innocent.

Or they did having a recording of the conversation
and intentionally lied in order to have him incriminate
himself even further thus ensuring a harsher sentence.

How he see it is either way the Police were playing
games in order to ensure a guilty conviction which
is what the Police do in a Police State.

The alledged call was something to this effect: "Hi Ag,
I meant to leave a message on you answering machine.
Let Leo know that I can see him tomorrow because
I'm NOT working. By the way what is John doing these
days." She says, "He doing fine." and hangs up.

He had NOT seen his son, Leo, for about a year.
The court order stipulates that he can call his
children once a week and see them on Saturday.

He does NOT have their address nor does he have
their phone number. Rarely, does he ever see his
three (3) children and NEVERr at Christmas, New
Years Day, and Easter: only a few times in the
summer if he's lucky. He NEVER knows when
or if they will come over. Sometimes they'd call
saying that they'd come, but then other things
get in the way.

Ironically, in the court order there is a mutual
non-harassment clause. Who is harassing
who? He pointed this situation out to his
probation officier whose response was: "You're
NOT a baby."

Clearly, his ex-wife was using the Court to
harass him and the Police was going a long
with it.

In fact, 14 years ago just after the court order
came into effect his wife wrote him a 1-PAGE
LETTER declaring that she had NO INTENTION

When he was about to show the Justice of the
Peace *THE LETTER*. The Crown Attorney bullied
the Justice of the Peace saying that she was NOT
to look at it because what had to be determined
was whether he had broken the law or NOT and
nothing else.

Acting on his own behalf he pointed out to the
Justice of the Peace that the Police laid the
charges without respecting "due process" and
that the whole matter was consequently a case
of mailicious prosecction.

The Police confirmed in Court they did NOT
repect "due process" in this case.

CROWN* in order to ensure a concition.

This contravenes Section11 of the Canadian
Charter of Rights and Liberties which states:
"Any person charged with an offence has the
right d) to be presumed innocent until proven
guilty by a fair and public hearing by an inde-
pendent and impartial tribunal."

The person presiding was a justice of the
peace NOT a fully qualified judge who would
have been able to make sure the tribunal
was as impartial impossible.

By putting a less qualified person in charge
of the Court proceedings than a fully qualified
judge a guilty verdict was assured which was
the case.


This acting in bad faith behavior by the Gov't
is evident in its dealings with the First Nation
Peoples. It NOT NEW.

Child access remains unresolved because
the person presiding was a Justice of the
Peace and NOT a Family Court Judge.

Consequently, he still has no way of com-
municating with his children.

Was this FAIR? No.

Is tis how a Police State behaves? Yes.

B. Criminal Court

What is SO BIZARRE in this criminal case is the
"so-called" incriminating evidence is in French
the investigating detective does not under-
stand any French.

The President/Party Leader of the Égalité Party of
Canada has asked the Office of the Ottawa Police
Chief for a French-
speaking detective as he him-
self is French-speaking. Nothing doing.

The whole affair could have been avoided had
the Police requested that he take the material that
his ex-wife finds libelous be taken off the Internet.
He would have willingly complied.

Instead the Police lay charges without "due process"
making the whole affair much more serious than it is.

The Police charge him with LIBEL, but the information
is TRUE.

His wife called him on a summer day in 1984 at
the Senate of Canada where he was a permanent
employee to say that she was involved in an incident
at work involving NON-CONSENTUAL SEX.

Only later did he come to realize what his wife had
said and she was being sexually exploited at work
because as a couple their sexual life had become
almost non-existant.

When he realized the situation she was in, he
told her to go to the Police and lay charges of
rape and sexual exploitation.

She works at the Rehab which was at that time
part of the Ottawa mental institution, the Royal
Ottawa Hospital. The response of her boss was
to oblige her to have her husband incarcerated
in that mental institution for a 30-day psychiatric
evalution in August 1987. There he was told that
what went on with his wife at her place of work

Having worked over a decade in more than
20 Gov't ministeries on 70+ temp assignments
with 15+ temp agencies he has come to realize
that where there is a lot of money there is a
density of Freemasons and A CULTURE OF
no one wants to talk about.

He thought his wife's predicament at work to
be highly irregular. In fact it's commonplace

It's SO RAMPANT that the President/Party
Leader of the Égalité Party of Canada wants
a Royal Commission headed by a *NON-
FREEMASON* to look into the matter.

It's NOT surprising that his wife's boss was
in his view A BIG TIME CROOK. While the
Head of the Psychology Department at the
Rehab he had AT THE SAME TIME a private
consultation practice just down the road from
where he worked to which he'd refer Rehab
clients to. And NOT far from there was a STRIP
TEASE JOINT, the Den, which as moved a
little farther away and now calls itself the Nu
Den. Guess who the main clientel at noon is?
Hospital workers.

(Right next to the Rehab is the Ottawa Hospital
with a .5 billion dollar budget, the Children's
Hospital of Eastern Ontario, and the Faculty
of Medicine of the University of Ottawa along
with other health-based facilities.)

His ex-wife keeps him from seeing his children
and does NOT dare to even see him nor speak
to him for fear of losing her job. Her boss even
obliged her as an added precaution to see a
psychiatrist after leaving her husband who
would ask if she or her children were seeing
her ex-husband.

This is NOT only mind control it psychological
terrorism of a *crooked* Police State that has
put an end to his marriage as far as he is

Interestingly, the Ottawa Police WORKING JOINTLY
with the Ottawa Crown
Attorney's Office keep adding
have nothing to do with the charge of libe and are
DEFAMATORY stating that he's MENTALLY ILL.

he does NOT have a psychiatric past. and is a
5-time multilingual University of Ottawa graduate
with a college diploma and French college certificate
who has been self-supporting since leaving his six
(6) siblings and widowed mother at the age of 18.
He also has three (3) children and etwo (2) grand-
chilldren and is a Netpreneur whose company is K+
(http://www.k-x-4u.com). Moreover his letters to
the editors of top high tech magazines in Canada
and the U.S.A. often get printed.

Check out this disclosure report to get a sense of
how *NONSENSICAL* it is.

This is libel, A CIMINAL OFFENCE committed jointly
by the .Ottawa Police and the Crown Attorney's Office
whose intent is to SMEAR and DISCREDIT him. This
is what a Police State does.

He believes everything is being done to ENSURE
VERDICT before a Freemason
judge (without the benefit of jury). These *IMMATERIAL*
DISCLOSURE REPORTS has the effect of simply
making a PARODY of the administration of Canadian

It only serves to confirm that the only way he can have
A FAIR TRIAL is one WITH JURY. The Crown Attorney's
Office has said * repeatedly* that they will NOT agree to
that. Obviously. If his trial is to be fair though it has to be
UNIVERSITY GRADUATES otherwise it will be a kan-
garoo court whose outcome has been PREDETER-
MINED.contravening section 11 of the Canadain
Charter of Rights and Liberties.

On January 26th 2007 his fate, that of the Égalité
Party of Canada and .political choice in Canada
will be on the line at the Ottawa Court House.

The President/Party Leader of the Égalité Party
of Canada is asking POLITICAL LEADERS
worldwide to intervene on his behalf and request
that the Canadian Gov't allows him to defend
himself *properly* before a jury of his peers.

It is the belief of the Égalité Party of Canada
JURY in order to ensure that the tribunal is

Sergeant David Spicer
When asked the definition the Ottawa Police
uses for "due process"
on October 6th by the
President/Party Leader of the Égalité Party of
Canada Sergeant David Spicer of the Ottawa
Police Professional Standards Branch was
unable to answer the question.

When asked what it meant "in his own words",

he refused to give one. [How bright is this guy?
How much (if any) post-secondary education
does he have?]

Does a Police State want OVER PAID smart
cops or dumb cops?

Why is "due process" *NOT* ESSENTIAL when
the Ottawa Police lay charges?


It violates a person's claim of innocence AT
THE VERY OUTSET and the case thereafter
becomes one of malicious prosecution and a

Call Sargent Keith Spice and see whether he

when you ask him for the definition of "due
process" used by
the Ottawa Police.

(Does the Ottawa Police have *any* notion
what that is?
Apparently not. When the
Detective Babcock was asked in Family
Court what it was when on the stand she
was NOT able to answer the question.)

If he does NOT know, ask him to explain it
in his own words IF HE CAN.

Call 613.236.1222 (extension: 5836).

(GOOD LUCK in getting your question


The President/Party Leader of the Égalité Party
of Canada believes
whether it's the Ontario
Civilian Commission on Police Service, the
Ottawa Police Professional Standard Section,
or the Gov't's Ombudsman, they are *ALL*
BOGUS existing solely .to provide the Gov't
with a VENEER OF LEGITIMACY just enough
so the People will NOT realize that Canada is
(when one closely looks at it) a Police State.

He was assaulted by the Ottawa Police, declared
mentally ill by them with no supporting
evidence, harassed by them *many times* in the
past. He complained *many times* in writing to the
Ottawa Professional Standards
Branch and to the
Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services

to be told that they will investigate and nothing
ever really comes of it.

Tthe detective who assaulted him at the time of
his arrest on April 12th 2006 at the Ottawa Elgin
Police Station and who put him in a jail cell for
nearly four (4) hours is no longer with the Ottawa
Police Force. The Police informed him that there
can not be an investigation as the person is not
member of the Ottawa Police Force any longer.
Is this NOT how a Police State deals with such
a situation?

Would the Ombudsman help? The Gov't uses
Ombudsman to provide a "pro forma"
delayed response. It has
been using this tactic
for decades with the First Nation Peoples in the
settling of their land claims. Is this NOT how a
Police State deals with such a situation?

Look at the mess created at Caledonia, Ontario
by the Gov't when it sold land belonging to the
First Nations Peoples to *JUDGES* among
other people. A Police State Gov't does what
it wants paying no heed to the Rule of Law
which is exactly what the Gov't did at Caledonia.

Crown Attorney Budgets: Secret?

How is it that the budget of a PUBLIC OFFICE
like the Attorney General's Office is KEPT
SECRET and NOT there on the Internet for
all to see?

What are they hiding? It MUST BE BIG, VERY,
VERY BIG? Probably SO BIG that if the people
knew there would be a PUBLIC OUTCRY.

Call the Attorney General at 416.326.4600.

Ask to be put
through to the Attorney General's

Ask for their BUGET FIGURES for the past
10 years: this is the money they have put

aside to prosecute Ontarians, *BILLIONS*

of dollars.

getting this information: even
Primier McGinty's Office
REFUSED to give it
out to the President/Party Leader of the
Égalité Party of Canada.


A Police State wants that information to
remain secret which is exactly what the
Canadian Gov't does.

*HOW OPPRESSIVE* is the Judicial State
Apparatus? Those budget figures will tell
the story. And what story do they tell? A
*SCARY* one.

If in the Ottawa area call the Ottawa Crown
Office: 613.239.1200.

If somewhere else, call the Crown Attorney's
Office closest to you just to see what *SCARY
RESPONSE* you get. (Halloween is just
around corner.)

appearance that the System is working,
but it's PROOF that the Gov't is a Police

After working 9 years at the Senate of
Canada and having
worked over a decade
in 20+ Gov't departments on 70+
assignments with 15+ temp agencies,
the President/Party Leader of the Égalité
Party of Canada has come to
the realization
that the Gov't is ROTTEN TO THE CORE:
*WITHOUT EXCEPTION* every hospital,
university, Police force, intelligence
service, crown corporation, and Gov't
agency has its own *INTERNAL MAFIA*
and that the
people who run the Gov't from
the very beginning (outside Quebec)
have been Freemasons (like in every other
Commonwealth country) and because the
judiciary (outside Quebec) has always been
run by Freemasons (like every other Com-
monwealth country) Canada(like every other
Commonwealth country)
is NOT a democracy.

What is THE KEY to understanding the

The DOUBLE-BOOK standard.

There two (2) books: one shown to the
and one that is TOP SECRET.

That is why when there is a change of Govern-
ment, the new party who gets to see the TOP
SECRET ONE inevitably says things are worst
than was imagined.

How long will the Canadian taxpayers be held


A Gov't that hides things is BOTH *crooked*
and *treacherous*.

How is that possible?

There is no police force no intelligence agency

that checks for crime in the Gov't.

That's NOT an an accident: Canada is A CROOKED

Why are there so few - if any - ex-Gov't employees
in Canada's 200+ jails?

*THE BEST PLACE* for a professional crook to
be is the Gov't of Canada.

The President/Party Leader of the Égalité Party of
believes the Canadian Gov't to be SO
CROOKED that no one can do business with it
without being able to bribe Gov't officials. He
believes the problem to be so serious to the
point of becoming THE NUMBER ONE SE-

The Royal Hospital of Ottawa
The President/Party Leader of the Égalité Party
of Canada feels a good example of FULL BLOWN
BRIBING was involved in the approval of the $600+
million extension to the Royal Ottawa Hospital
considered to be the MOST CROOKED DEAL
in the history of the Province of Ontario.

Tthe ex-psychiatric association of Ottawa did
NOT want it as the Royal Ottawa Hospital only
promotes a pharmaceutical-based therapy.

In fact, the the provincial commission on mental
health has been proposing the closures of
psychiatric hospitals in favour of a spread of
safe rooms throughout cities and towns where
paitents can go to when in crisis.

The President/Party Leader of the Égalité Party of
Canada believes the extension to the hospital was
the purchase of the Ottawa NHL Senators Hockey
Club by the owner of a pharmaceutical company.

The PPP deal allows a 15% return by the investors
on their investment which is OUTRAGEOUS given
the low interest rates: a 10-year rate of returen on
investment is less than 5% today and they will get
triple that paid by the taxpayer. Is that a FAIR DEAL
for the taxpayer? NO WAY!

Incarerated there for a 30-day psyhiatric evaluation
by his wife's employer, he can vouch that the hosptal
only promotes a pharmaceutical-based treatment that
allows psychiatrists to get - he believes - a percentage
kickback from the medication they prescribe. This is
NOT racketeering?

In addition, the psychiatrists uses the mental hospital in
order to entice patients to participate in pharmaceutical
experiments for which the psychiatrists get BIG MONEY
which goes unreported.

Ottawa Hydro
Ottawa Hydro is owned by the City of Ottawa. So why is
Is it NOT to hide the OUTRAGEOUS SALARIES of the
excutives and all THE SELF-DEALING that has been
reported in the local media?

The President/Party Leader of the Égalité Party of
believes that THE REAL REASON for Ottawa
Hydro being a private
corporation rather than a public
corporation is municipal gov't that is CROOKED

*NO* Rule of Law in Canada
Because the Gov't does NOT respect the Canadian
Constitution when it comes to recognizing "fully"
(2) Canadas (a French one and an English one) it
does NOT respect the Rule of Law.

A promise was made to French-Canadians in
return for their participation in the war of 1812
that the'y be able to live in French everywhere
in Canada and is the main reason was Louis
Riel handed The West over to Canada instead
of the U.S.A. which he could easily have done.

At the time of Confederation the Constitution
was meant to ensure a BILINGUAL CANADA.
Yet, ONLY ONE PROVINCE respects the
Constitution, the Province of New Brunswick.

If the Gov't cared about the Rule of Law, all
Canadian public institutions at all levels of
Gov't would have always been bilingual. In
fact, the Provinces of Ontario and Manitoba
went out of their way to ban French in the
schools which was ENTIRELY ILLEGAL
because it went against the Canadian

So why was it done? Even back then Canada
was a Police State.

When the Gov't
does NOT respect its own con-
stitution, there is NO RULE
OF LAW. Instead,
there is a Police State.

Gov't Crime-Prevention Force Needed
When Gov't is run by crooks it means taxes will
go up while services and social programs
the axe.

The Égalité Party of Canada intends to create the
Information Agency (CIA) run by University
educated FORENSIC AUDITORS with police enforce-
ment powers whose purpose will be to DECRIMINALIZE
the Gov't at all levels and check for signs of criminality
in order to ensure "clean" and "open" Gov't thanks to

The Égalité Party of Canada = *CLEAN* Gov't
With clean gov't Canadians and no one stealing from
the publice purse there should be enough money in
the public treasury so that Canadians can enjoy six
(6) weeks of paid vacation like the Europeans, FREE
post-secondary education, forgivable student loads,
a guaranteed income, a $20 minimum wage and
basic dental, life, disability, and employment insur-
ance in addition to medicare.

Only a *clean* gov't can be trusted and the only party
that can deliver on that is the Égalité Party of Canada.
It promises to redistribute the wealth so that EVERY-

To achieve its goal of *clean* gov't the Égalité
Party of Canada will ensure Canada:
1. becomes a 100% financially transparent democracy;
2. has *clean* gov't;
3. has budget surpluses.


In order to ensure that Canada is a democracy the
Égalité Party of Canada will debench all FREEMASON

(Apparently, the first Prime Minister of Canada,
John McDonald sent a telegramme to the judge
in charge of Louis Riel's trial saying that the
Gov't of Canada wanted a conviction. By the
way, Louis Riel was elected twice to the House
of Commons and then was BARRED from en-
tering the House of Commons after he, a Father
of Confederation, gave The North West Terri-
tories to Canada. He was also exiled five
(5) years from Canada which cause him to go
to the U.S.A. where he .became an American
citizen all thanks to HIS UNFAIR TREATMENT
at the hands of the Canadian Gov't. History
teaches us that even back then the Gov't of
Canada was treachersously acting as a Police

For a country to be democratic
there are
TWO BASIC CONDITIONS that have to be
met: people have to be able to vote and
the judiciary must be INDEPENDENT from
the rest of the Gov't.

Canada is NOT a democratic country because
the judiciary is run by FREEMASONS like
other branch of the Gov'.

This has allowed the Gov't to *squash* the French
language outside of Quebec.

It has also allowed the Gov't to implement a policy
of *genocide* of Canada's First Nation Peoples.
In the 1930s whenever First Nation women were
admitted to a hospital (for whatever reason) the
Gov't had a law obliging the hospitals to tie their
reproductive tubes so they could not have any
more children. The Gov't has opted for a passive
genocide by having them live in unhealthy third
world conditions on the reserves.


The Égalité Party of Canada will DESIGN GOV'T
so there is NO CORRUPTION be doing three
(3) things:

1. create the Canadian Information Agency (CIA),
    a group of
University-trained FORENSIC AU-
POWERS whose job will be to oversee the
activities all Gov't agencies at ALL LEVELS
of Gov't in the public and parapublic sectors;

2. make sure ALL COPS have university degrees and
    that Police Chiefs have Ph.D.s that see policing as a
    social service (SMART POLICING should reduce court
    cases, the size of the Police Forces, and the Judiciary
    by two thirds
(2/3s) allowing for BILLION DOLLARS IN
    SAVINGS to go towards providng THE

3. have all Gov't financial decisions and those
     them identified online along with their present
    and past associations to organizations outside the

    Gov't like the Freemasons, Club Richelieu, Knights
    of Columbus, Islamic Brotherhood, etc.along with
    those benefiting from their
decisions and their as-
    sociation with third parties so the public can see
    for themselves where their tax money is going.

    Irregularities will be
reported online along with the
    remedial action taken to solve the problem by the
    Canadian Information

The performance of all Gov't agencies will be
evaluated on the ability to deliver budget sur-
at the end of the year.

Gov't Jobs: 50% Women

The Égalité Party of Canada will make sure that
women occupy at least 50% of Gov't jobs at ALL
in both the public and parapublic sec-
tors in order to ensure FAIR TREATMENT and
the EQUALITY of women in Gov't.

A Vote Boycott
CROOKED gov' is BOGUS government *NOT
it by voting? That makes no sense.

If you canNOT vote for the Égalité Party of Canada,

the President/Party Leader of the Égalité Party of
Canada urges Canadians to NOT VOTE.

Victim of Police State Terrorism

The President/Party Leader of the Égalité Party
of Canada, a 5-time
multilingual "magna cum
laude" University of Ottawa graduate has
Gov't in the
following ways:

1. On April 27th 2005 30 minutes after calling
    the Ottawa Chief of Police
Office requesting
    that he be reimbursed for a "malicious criminal
    prosecution case"
going back 10+ years, the
    Ottawa Police 4-person unit was sent to his
door. An eye witness noticed they
    had with them a stretcher and an oxygen tank
    and they came in an *unmarked* police car.
    They were *authorized to have him
    in the local mental institution, the Royal Ottawa

    See their libelous report regarding
this matter
    posted online:
    Their 7-page report is filled with nothing but lies.
    This is a typical *treacherous* Police State
    response. The truth about the incident is of
    no importance. The Police "spun* their own
    story that took half a year to fabricate.

    The President/Party Leader of the Égalité
    Party of Canada suspects the RCMP,

    CSIS, and US intelligence services had
    PRE-PLANNED THIS because it happened
    within 30-minutes though the report states
    differently - of course.

    This is just another "brazen" example
    according to him of how the Canadian
    Gov't is willing to conduct
itself as a
    Police State.

2. He strongly feels there is a *coordinated*
    surveillance apparatus
keeping an eye on
    him a the GPC Call Centre where he worked
    doing phone surveys mainly for the Gov't.

    When he visited the Head Ottawa Office of
    the U.S. company that he worked work for,
    GPC Research, at their 222 Queen Street
    location he saw what he considered to be
    classic *white shirt* CIA agents.

    Polictical choice runs
against the grain of
    a Police State which bent on maintaining
    the status quo.

    Canadians who have tried initially to create
    a political party reported *immediate* inter-
    fere from the Canadian intelligence agency
    whose ties with the U.S.A. is viewed already
    with suspicion.

    Canadian history bears this out. When the
    Parti Québécois was created the RCMP was
    immediately involved often acting illegally.
    The 1985 Royal Commission on Police wrong-
    doing threw some light on this matter.

3. In November 2005 Revenue Canada
    EMPTIED his bank account aledging
back taxes of over 10 years ago
    when he was a University student. He
    claims that he did NOT owe Revenue
    Canada any money at all as he was a
    student and had all the tax deductions
    student is entitled including his child
    support payments. He met with Revenue
    Canada officials in the past regarding
    the matter.

    Repeated calls for help to the
Office of
    Prime Minister Paul Martin and the Office
    of the Minister of
Revenue Canada,
    Mr. John McCallum did NOT result in
    the much needed money being put

    In fact, in a face to face meeting, the
    Revenue Canada collection agent
    said that decision to empty his bank
    account came was due to the fact
    he had created
a political party and
    that decision was made "very high
    up" in
the Gov't.

    How long will the Canadians put up
    taxes going continuously up and
    services going continuously down
    before they get fed up of being had
    what amounts to be (in the view of
    the President/Party Leader of the
    Égalité Party of Canada) hoodlums,
    racketeers, and gangsters?

    The the Crown promises them good
    gov't and what do they get?
A double
    -dealing gov't that is based on lies,
    false promises of an immediate so-
    lution, secrecy, and even scandal.

    Creating a Royal Commission run by
    a Freemason judge who will invariably
    WHITEWASHES the Gov't by
    there was NO EVIDENCE of malice
    nor any evidence to suggest there
    was criminal intent is an *OLD
    CANARD* that will NOT do.

    Canadians deserve a Gov't
that looks
    good and smells good *BY DESIGN*
    and the only political party that wants
    to deliver on that is the
Égalité Party
    of Canada.

4. On January 1st the President/Party
    Leader of the Égalité Party of
    found a 1cm round white plastic face

    camera that blended into his alabaster
    living room ceiling.

    When he
went on the roof of his apartment
    building just above his living room ceiling,
    he noticed that the roof tiles had been
    displaced. He showed this to his sister
    the very same day.

    The RCMP *repeatedly* refuse
to investigate
    saying that it's an Ottawa Police matter.

    He has since then found six (6) in all lined up
    in a row with 18" spacing between.them.

    The smoke detector he has is EXACTLY
    LIKE the one sold by SPYTRONIC
. No one

    else on his apartment floor seems to
    have it.

    HIDEOUS although it a common practice
    in a Police State. The founder of the Polish
    Solidarnosc Movement, Lech Walesea,
    had the same problem.

5. A little later the superintendent in his
    apartment building was *UNEXPECTEDLY*

    The new one looks like, acts like, and talks
    like an undercover RCMP cop.

    The President/Party Leader of the Égalité
    Party invites the public to come and meet
    with this character at 125 Stewart Street,
    three (3) blocks from Rideau Street up the
    hill to the left off King Edward.

    This new superintendent has locked both
    doors leading to the roof. The reason he
    says he took this action was that people
    were being taken there to see the displaced
    roof tiles. Though this constitutes a fire hazard,
    he says that he
has *his orders*. (From whom?
    The RCMP commissioner?)

    Ever since the President and Party Leader of
    the Égalité Party of Canada has lived there
    since September 1977), those doors have
    NEVER been locked. People living in the
    building say they feel less safe because if a
    fire breaks out and they canNOT go down-
    stairs to the lobby they will be stuck.

6. On Sunday April 9th 2006 Detective Babcock
    left hiim a message saying that she came to
    arrest him, but he was NOT home: this message
    is *strange* as he knows he is under surveillance.

    On Wednesday April 12th 2006, he was asked
    at 7:40 a.m. to be at the Ottawa Police Station
    within 20 minutes in order to be
arrested and
    then let go.

    Surprisingly, he was assaulted when arrested

    and put in a jail cell for nearly four (4) hours for
    having said that it was a very serious matter to
    arrest a political leader. The Police obviously
    felt provoked by such a statement. Again, this
    is a typical Police State response.

    Then, when he was "being processed" there
    was a 6' cop *repeatedly* telling
    present that he had been on Parliament Hill
    saying he was the Prime Minister of Canada.
    This is an old Police State tactic that is meant
    to ridicule and provoke a reaction. This kind
    of derision is VERBAL ABUSE and it's all part
    and parcel of the dynamics of a corrupt, Police
    State according to the President/Party Leader
    of the Égalité Party of Canada.

7. At his August 30th 2006 Family Court trial
    in Nepean when walking up and
down the
    hallway just outside the court room, there
    was what he considered to be an undercover

    RCMP cop starring him down from over the
    counter at the end of the hallway.

    He believes their was quite possibly RCMP
    involvement with the Ottawa Police and the
   Crown Attorney in securing a guilty verdict.

    We know from the
1985 Royal Commission on
    Police wrongdoing that the RCMP did attempt
    to* repress* the Parti Québécois political party.

    Has anything changed?

    That is highly unlikely as Canada has remained
    a Police State run by a secret men's society, the
    Freemasons. Corruption is rampant to the point
    that there is in many places a culture of sexual
    exploitation of women which he saw a first hand
    and no one dares talk about according to the
    President/Party Leader of the Égalité Party of

November Municipal Election Boycott
For those wanting to PROTEST HIGH TAXES
and INADEQUATE SERVICES being offered
by a Police State Gov't,
the President/Party
Leader of the Églaité Party of Canada encou-
rages them to *BOYCOTT* the November
municipal election.

Take a stand: DON'T VOTE!




becoming a member of the Égalité Party of
Canada: a lifetime membership is ONLY $2


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Please help.


Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A.(Psychology), B.A. (Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) "magna cum laude"
President/Party Leader
of the Égalité Party of Canada

Let's DEcriminalize Gov't: AT ALL! LEVELS.

DÉcriminalisons le Gouv. : à TOUS ! les niveaux.

ABAJO los criminales en el Gobierno: a ¡TODOS! los niveles.
Para mi partido político
pido la protección de nuestra Señora de Guadalupe.